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10 Habits You Can’t Break From Working in Hospitality So Long


  1. You’re eating dinner with your family at a restaurant and you’re hurrying them to finish eating because the restaurant has a waiting list and you feel you need to give up your table to the waiting guests
  2. You answer your cell phone saying, Thank you for calling... how can I help you
  3. While the hostess is taking you to your table, you’re counting how many light bulbs are out in the dining room.
  4. As your entering the hotel or restaurant, you hold the door for everyone to walk in before you enter
  5. Can’t help turning the china over to see who makes it.
  6. You start pre-bussing your own table as you finish eating and keep watching the flow in the dining room.
  7. When looking at the menu, you automatically find the spelling errors,
  8. You see the restaurant is busy and struggling and are restraining yourself from jumping in to help and it’s making you crazy
  9. You can’t help yourself from quizzing the server on the menu and specials just to make sure they know
  10. You cringe when the server or runner brings food to your table and starts auctioning the food... who had the ribeye?

A list all to relatable, sourced by Chef Adam Scott. How many of these are you victim to? What do you find yourself doing while out? #Chef-life for life. 



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