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Every Day Is A School Day

“Every day is a school day in a kitchen.” This is a line we all know and love to repeat, but in reality how many of you take it seriously? One of the best, easiest and most consistently available ways to continue to learn is to read. Reading is a way to quickly instill new ideas and concepts in your mind; refresh yourself on past ideas or teachings; learn what your counterparts elsewhere are doing; or even find out something related to your field you may never have dreamed of.


I generally have a couple of open books, articles, and websites going at any given time. Many are simply industry blog type websites that tell me what others are working on. Some are in depth books on the theories of leadership or personal relationships and everything in between. Right now, beside the computer as I type this is “Servant Leadership” by Robert K. Greenleaf. This is one that I have read through a couple times, and occasionally like to flip through one or two of the essays on their own and make myself think how the concepts apply to me in my current settings.


Then on my web browser is a tab for a resources web page – it’s a for profit deal so I am not going to give them a plug here, but it has articles and interviews and so forth… I am reading an interview with a chef I have a great deal of respect for. I like to get in her brain and see how she sees similar foods that I use differently than I do and how her personal experiences got her to that point.


SO, chefs, do you live by learning daily? Is everyday truly a school day? If yes, do you incorporate downtime reading into your bag of tricks to stay sharp and current? If so, I would love to know what you are reading and why? What keeps you sharp as a tack and a step ahead of the game? Many times you will see people ask for a playlist for the kitchen… well, here, I am asking for a reading list.


TIA -Cheers.

Chef Adam Scott for Dalstrong




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