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What Trends Does 2018 Have In Store?

It is that time of year…
Every year we get to read through the predictions of every expert out there to tell us what is going to be the new “thing” for the coming year. Honestly I have been looking at them over the last few weeks and like always they are always all over the place: Mexican and Chinese Regional; delivery & take out; “fine-casual”; colorful foods*; vegan as center of pate; comfort foods; in house sauces, etc; “Street Food” everywhere; affordability; savory desserts; hyperlocal; social and enviro friendly*; tacos… all kinds of tacos.
That list is about 1/3 of all the claims that I have read in the last 2 or 3 weeks. It seems that everyone and their brother can write an article and fill column space with the utmost ludicrous claims of upcoming trends. And trust me, the ones I listed are very much on the normal side of WTF. Those with an * mean “what does that even mean” and are the outer fringe of what I wanted to actually repeat.   Reading the “experts” in our industry really puts me off. Not only are they very rarely correct, they are not even looking to those that are in the grind daily.

So now we want to hear from you – what is coming? What trend should we be preparing for in 2018?

- Chef Adam Scott for Dalstrong 



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