//Call of Duty Kitchen Tools

A forked tip, a built-in bottle opener, and a razor’s edge. The pitmaster can slice, skewer, flip, and transfer food from board to grill or pan, and quench your thirst along the way ...


Thread the needle between flesh, skin, and bone. Narrow, flexible 6” blade for cleaning and fileting fish and butterflying chicken.


Versatile, reliable, tried-and-true. A curved blade for rock chop perfection. Genuine Call of Duty terrain lamination.


Carry up to 60 knives, or use it as an everyday lifestyle bag. This extremely versatile, customizable bag is a limited edition.


Get the 411 on this 141-inspired board. This board is easy to transport, and the black Rubberwood stand makes it compact and easy to store.


Ready to rollout? This culinary rucksack has space for all the essentials, with 22 knife pockets. Adjustable strap and quick access rear pocket.


Get the essential 8” Chef Knife as well as two knives only available as part of this set: the 7” Santoku and 4” Paring knife. Rubberwood and steel block.


Playing with fire? Don’t get burned. This ultra-premium leather apron is a limited edition, highly collectible & functional item.


Fully adjustable MOLLE system kitchen apron. A subtle built-in bottle holder and opener are included in this heavy-duty water-repellent waxed canvas.


Featuring the coveted Damascus skin pattern. Cleave through beef, poultry, pork, or tough-skinned veggies. Stand included.

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//Our partnership

Why did we enter into this partnership?

For the fun: Dalstrong believes in making really cool stuff and having fun doing it. We have a strong warrior ethos and a strong fun ethos and this partnership reflects that.

For the Community: Call of Duty has a strong community and so does Dalstrong. We believe in building community, sharing interests and knowledge, and creating fun, collectible items for our community.


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Because we love games: A lot of our products are already video game inspired, and we couldn’t resist the temptation to work with such an epic game as Call of Duty.

Because it’s different: Nobody else in the culinary industry is doing anything like this or breaking into this world at all, and we like to zig when others zag. We’ve never been about the white shirt chef, we’re here for real people who really cook.


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