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United by Smoke

United by Smoke tells the story of the 205 Pitmasters working together to prepare and serve barbecue to the participants of the 9/11 Heroes Run benefitting Travis Manion Foundation, a veterans service organization.

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How Your Knives Can Benefit From Honing Rods And Whetstones
Honing rods and whetstones aren’t only designed for kitchen knives, but also for easy scissor sharpening, which is always a bonus if you use knife sets with a pair of kitchen shears. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about knife sharpening tools to keep them protected!
Battle Of The Boards – Wood Or Glass?
Wood cutting boards have always been as staple as rice is in my household! But, why are these boards gaining a surge of popularity compared to glass cutting boards? Two major reasons – Wood cutting boards are generally more durable, safe, and sustainable. And secondly, for aesthetic purposes. 
Santoku Knife: The Blade Of The Three Virtues
Japanese designed several specialty knives to fulfill each culinary task with the precision and grace required by Japanese cuisine. They came up with Nakiri knives for vegetables, Kiritsuke knives for fish, and Santoku knives… for everything.