Cleaver Knife

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Something massive this way comes. Kitchens tremble before the mighty Gladiator Series 12.5” Devastator Butcher Knife. Engineered for wreaking total havoc on large cuts of meat and bone, this is the...
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Featuring a distinct, eye catching blade with ample height, for excellent knuckle clearance, scraping, and cutting, the Omega Series 7” Cleaver is a leader in the kitchen when it comes to comfort ...
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The Dalstrong Shogun Series 9” Heavy Duty Cleaver – ‘The Raptor’ is a menacing powerhouse tool of ruthless chopping efficiency. Designed to break down large cuts of meat and poultry, from pork rib...
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Introducing the Phantom Series 4.5” Mini Cleaver. An impressive and high-performing, pint-sized instrument of culinary production. This masterfully engineered cleaver offers impressive control and ...
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