Himani Vaid

Himani Vaid

Raised by the 90s in Bombay and currently based out of Toronto, Himani Vaid is a writer by profession, and a foodie by passion. She will go the extra mile for all the things she loves, especially if the thing is a chocolate-covered dessert, a cheese-filled sandwich, or a charcoal-grilled rack of ribs. When she’s not fantasizing about food, you can find her clacking away at the keyboard, daydreaming about acing at life and waving back at her fans, vibing to some strange music, or thinking of sipping on pina coladas on a sunny beach somewhere far, far away.

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The Ultimate Fried Rice Recipe Variations You Can Make At Home

Let’s take a look at some delicious fried rice variations and some quick tips that will give you a lip-smacking bowl of fried rice every single time. 

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