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Dalstrong High-Precision Black Titanium Coated Professional Tweezers - 12"


Extend your reach in the kitchen with the new 12” extra-long, black titanium-coated precision tweezers by Dalstrong.

Featuring a refined grip with over 100 extra-large groves, strategically and thoughtfully engraved on either side of the stainless steel exterior to ensure maximum grip and sturdy hold, with additional interior micro-teeth embedded in the tips that are specifically engineered and optimized to hold even the most delicate, intricate, and slip-easy foods. The tips of the tweezers are perfectly aligned and equipped with extra wide spacing between prongs for easy manipulation of larger foods as well as very small garnishes, while also improving hand dexterity. Crafted of high-carbon stainless steel for maximum durability, a handsome midnight-black, non-reflective titanium-nitride coating adds corrosion resistance and toughens the tweezers, while enhancing sophistication and functionality that is sure to turn heads in any kitchen.

Dalstrong’s extra-long precision tweezers are your trusted hand in the kitchen for cooking, roasting, and plating, that will stand the test of time when exposed to heat, liquid, and awesomeness. Cook and plate with confidence with the Dalstrong High-Precision Black Titanium-Coated Professional Tweezers.

Please note, shoppers located outside of the U.S. may be subject to tariffs and duties and are responsible for any country-specific tariffs and duties, charged by your government to the purchasing party for importing items. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to having you as part of the Dalstrong family.

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