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#1000 / #6000 Grit Combo with Oak Storage Box Portable Whetstone Kit | Dalstrong ©

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You take great pride and care in your knives and tools. Protect your investment by ensuring proper maintenance and sharpening of your blades with the Dalstrong Portable Whetstone Set. At Dalstrong, we understand the love you have for your knives, so we designed this portable kit to guarantee that your cherished knives maintain their long-lasting scalpel-like edge and remain in peak performance while you're on the go.

Convenient yet classy, our double-sided whetstone made of premium Corundum can be safely carried wherever you go in it's sleek and solid oak wood storage box. With both #1000 and #6000 grit stones in one, always be ready to sharpen and refine all of your knives to polished perfection - making the Dalstrong Portable Whetstone Set an excellent kitchen companion for adventurous chefs on the move. 

  • Conveniently Portable 
  • Premium single whetstone with double side grit 
  • #1000 grit to sharpen
  • #6000 grit to polish
  • Premium top grade Corundum 
  • Stylish Oak Wood Storage Box 
  • Engraved Dalstrong logo
  • After Service Care
  • Whetstone Sharpening Guide
  • Premium Packaging

Not confident in your sharpening abilities? We’ve got you covered. Follow our thorough step by step Whetstone Sharpening Guide  for detailed instructions, or take advantage of our dedicated after-service care.


- #6000/#1000 Grit Combo Sharpening Stone

- Non-slip Silicone Mat

- Oak Storage Box