Jonathan Scolnick

Jonathan Scolnick

Jonathan Scolnick is an educator and writer living in Buenos Aires. Born in Philadelphia, he has called Champaign, Brooklyn, and Medellin home. Jonathan likes learning about culture through conversations over the dinner table. He can always be tempted by generous portions of delicious food at economical prices served at authentic spots with little fanfare. When cooking at home, he is liberal with the garlic and spice. Though he is still learning how to prepare the ideal stir-fry. In short: fresh fruit over candy. Red wine over white. Coffee taken black.

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How To Cut A Mango

The mango seed is a flat oblong pit in the center of the fruit. The task is to use your paring or chef knife to cut along the sides of the pit, cutting the mango cheeks from the seed. 

9 Mins

Best Kiritsuke Knives

Japanese knives are known for being ruthlessly sharp and exquisitely well-made. The Kiritsuke knife is no exception. Whether you are a professional chef, someone learning to make Japanese cuisine at home, or an aspiring chef looking for a uniquely styled chef’s knife, the time has come to learn a...

10 Mins

How To Cut Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit, also known as pitaya, or strawberry pear, is an aesthetically spectacular, tropical fruit with numerous health benefits and a delicious taste. It comes from the dragon fruit tree, which is part of the cactus family. Now that I know what it is, how do I cut it? Find out...

11 Mins

7 Ruthlessly Sharp Knives For Butchers

The thick, steel blade of a butcher knife allows you to cut through your meat without chipping or breaking the blade. Some of these steel blades have a small curve to them, offering you the flexibility of a boning or filleting knife. This added maneuverability allows you to get...

13 Mins