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Chef's Knife 9.5" Scorpion Series | Dalstrong ©

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The Scorpion Series 9.5” Chef knife is a longer chef knife with a slightly curved belly and a stinger-like tip, ideal for rock-chops, long slices and even skinning and portioning meat. Hardened with cobalt for increased durability, and resistance to the acids, salts, and other corrosives of kitchen life. Versatility and ruthless efficiency make this blade an essential for every serious chef’s knife bag. If you can only take one knife, make it this all around workhorse.

There’s a time and place for convention. This isn’t it. This is a mutiny against the mediocre. A knife series that stands with the kitchen mavericks and culinary outlaws. A new breed of high-performance culinary tools for slicing up the rulebook.

Crafted of hazardously sharp Japanese V12 Ultra Steel, manufactured exclusively for Dalstrong, this fierce blade is rated at 60+ Rockwell Hardness for effortlessly cuts. With 69 layers of steel for enhanced strength and durability, strike without hesitation. Honed to a razor’s edge at 8-12 degrees, this is next-level cutting power in your hands.

The Japanese V-12 Ultra steel is specially crafted for increased hardness and markedly improved corrosion resistance. Added cobalt gives it greater wear resistance and durability to withstand the heat of the kitchen. Comparable to VG-10, this steel is an all-around performer in strength, sharpness and corrosion resistance. We’ve finished it with a nitrogen cooling process to highlight the intricate spiral “Sandstorm” Damascus pattern.

Get the grip to match your grit. Aluminum mesh cages back the red and black resin handle, shaped to fit your fist. Blitz through high volumes of work without wearing on your wrist. The sloped, partial bolster gives you a comfortable pinch grip for both precision and speed in the kitchen. The scorpion tail in its distinctive downward arch encloses a full tang blade. Break conventions, with this series that locks together beauty and boldness.

A custom black polyurethane leather sheath with an outlaw spirit protects your blade when not in use. The biker-chain snap closure promises security when on the move or when stored. 

Strike Now.


The Blade

  • All-new, custom curated Japanese V12 Ultra steel, exclusive to Dalstrong and specially crafted for increased hardness and markedly improved corrosion resistance.  
  • 69 layers of steel finished with a nitrogen cooling process to highlight an intricate spiral “Sandstorm” Damascus.
  • Added cobalt for wear resistance and hot hardness to withstand the heat of the kitchen, rated at 60+ Rockwell Hardness.
  • Hand sharpened to 8-12° per side and emblazoned with a laser-etched Dalstrong logo.
  • Built for professional use, stain resistant and easy to clean.

The Handle

  • Structurally sturdy + strong impact resistance to withstand even the most vigorous slicing, dicing, and cutting.
  • Resistant to both extreme hot and cold temperatures for long-term durability.
  • Premium red and black resin reinforced with honeycomb aluminum mesh for durability.
  • High-tensile strength for maximum stability under rigorous action. Shock absorbance for added endurance, comfort, and grip.
  • Superior scratch resistant material maintains polished, glossy finish, with a beautiful mosaic end rivet on the full-tang blade.
  • Withstands erosion from chemicals, acids, or harsh conditions. 


  • Scorpion Series 9.5" Chef Knife 
  • Dalstrong Leather Sheath
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