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Dalstrong 7.5" Professional Slotted Fish Spatula


The Dalstrong 7.5” Flexible Fish Spatula is crafted using a singe piece of premium, anti-corrosion stainless steel and equipped with a thick military grade G-10 fiber glass resin handle that is engineered for superior hand control, grip, dexterity, and comfort. Constructed with a precisely angled front edge, and a thin, almost-sharp lip great for navigating crowded pans and sliding under delicate foods securely without damaging them. Designed with five wide slots that add flexibility and allow excess oil to drain off quickly, while still being sturdy enough to lift heavier foods and scrape off crusted foods. The Dalstrong 7.5” Flexible Fish Spatula is the perfefct light weight multi-purpose culinary tool for flipping and removing delicate fillets of fish, flipping pancakes, grilling burgers and thick steaks, transferring cookies from baking sheet to cooling rack, breaking up ground meat, flipping grilled cheese sandwiches and more.

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