Pan-Fried Oyster Mushroom Recipe You Can Make In Just 7 Steps

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Quick Steps Overview: Pan-Fried Oyster Mushroom Recipe

  1. Set up the cooking station
  2. Add butter to a skillet
  3. Add mushrooms
  4. Flip the mushrooms
  5. Season and cook
  6. Remove from heat 
  7. Adjust seasoning and serve

    Have you ever wanted to try something new but didn’t because it would just be too much effort? 

    Then here’s what you need- Oyster Mushrooms! A star in the veggie society, not only are oyster mushrooms a great replacement for your boring old button mushrooms, but they are also ridiculously easy and quick to cook. Read on to discover some oyster mushroom recipes that will help spruce up your dinner with little work and full-on joy! 

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    1. What Are Oyster Mushrooms?

    Before we get to the recipe, let’s get to know oyster mushrooms a little bit better. These delicate mushrooms have an almost sweet flavor with a slightly seafood-y taste (the name makes sense now, doesn’t it?) and have meaty texture that is a little drier than button or cremini mushrooms. They also stand up well to frying, so you can put it on the pan or into an air fryer. 

    While there are many types of mushrooms, pearl oyster mushrooms and king oysters are the most popular. What you need to know about them is that pearl oyster mushrooms form as a cluster of a large base and king oysters are the larger single mushrooms that you sometimes spot at your local grocery store. 

    It can be more difficult to find oyster mushrooms but trust me, they are worth the effort. They taste great all by themselves or make for a great side dish with steak, roasts, soup, and stew. You can also sautee a few oyster mushrooms and add them to your pasta or fried rice to change it up a little. Stuffed mushrooms and oyster mushroom pate also make for a great starter. They also pair well with juicy pork chops.

    2. How To Prepare Oyster Mushrooms? 

    At your local grocery store, you might find oyster mushrooms that come on a larger stalk or stem with several mushrooms sticking out from it or you might find big individual oyster mushrooms.

    If you find the former, use a sharp knife to remove the individual mushrooms from the base. The large base can be discarded. Remember, that the stems of larger oyster mushrooms can be a bit tough so you can also cut that off. The small stems are fine to leave intact. 

    To clean oyster mushrooms, wipe them down with a damp paper towel or very quickly run them under cold water. They absorb too much water so don’t rinse them too much. 

    3. Tools You Will Need To Cook Oyster Mushrooms

    Oyster mushrooms are very easy to cook and require some basic pantry staples but with the right tools, you can make the prep a breeze as well. Here’s what you’re going to need: 

    1. Cutting Board: A sturdy cutting board will help you prep hassle-free, with little to no mess.

    Corner Teak Cutting Board- Teak Wood | Dalstrong

    Corner Teak Cutting Board- Teak Wood | Dalstrong

    Speaking of sturdy cutting boards, this one is a game-changer. This beautiful cutting board is made with 100% natural teak wood and is engineered to assist with everyday chopping and cutting tasks. The material of this cutting board is known for its impressive moisture resistance and durability.


      • The board is designed to save space and is easy to store on your kitchen counter. 
      • As opposed to traditional wooden cutting boards, the end-grain fabrication prevents gouging in the board by allowing the wood fibers to spring back easily.
      • The unique checkered construction of the board also offers a slip-resistant surface that absorbs impact, making sure that your knife stays sharp for longer. 
      • The surface of this cutting board is also bacteria resistant making it a hygienic surface for your cooking tasks.


      • While this board is easy to maintain, it does require some effort like making sure it is not soaked for long periods, scrubbing it with soap and warm water after use, and drying it immediately with a towel. The board also requires monthly oiling. 
      • While the wood of this board is highly durable, it is not intended for hot surfaces. 
      2. Sharp Knife: Oyster mushrooms have tough stems. To be able to separate the mushrooms from the base with speed, precision, and minimal effort, you are going to need a razor-sharp utility or any other short blade knife. 

        Utility Knife 5”- Phantom Series | Dalstrong 

        Utility Knife 5”- Phantom Series | Dalstrong

        Here’s a knife that is a great addition to your kitchen arsenal. The scalpel-like sharpness of the blade allows you to prep smaller vegetables like mushrooms and even fruits with ease and comfort. 


        • This versatile blade excels at a wide range of culinary work, from slicing, trimming, and sectioning to more fine and precise challenges such as coring and peeling. 
        • The blade is ice-tempered which enhances its resilience and provides it with superior edge retention. 
        • The knife is very easy to clean, maintain and store. 


        • If you work with large and chunky fruits and vegetables regularly, you might want to go for a bigger blade. 
        • While the knife is easy to maintain, it is not dishwasher safe, which means you have to clean it by hand after each use to make sure the blade remains sharp for a long time. 

        Serrated Utility Knife 6”- Shogun Series | Dalstrong

        Serrated Utility Knife 6”- Shogun Series | Dalstrong

        Looking for a blade that can help you do it all, then be it slicing loaves of bread, sandwiches, pastries, sausages, cheese, and soft and hard fruits and veggies like mushrooms, tomatoes, avocados, limes, oranges and so much more.


        • The blade of this knife is designed to work with soft-textured foods, allowing you to create uniform slices without tearing the flesh of vegetables like mushrooms. 
        • The blade is precisely tempered to minimize surface resistance for buttery smooth cuts. 
        • The knife is also highly impervious to heat, cold, and moisture, providing it with strength and life-long durability. 


        • This knife comes with a heavy price tag which might not make this everyone’s first preference 
        • The narrow blade of this knife does now allow you to scoop and transfer the food from the cutting board to the pan or the plate. In that can you can go for a wider bladed knife. 
        3. Saute Pan: Whether you want to cook up some creamy mushroom pasta or saute some oyster mushrooms to go with your steak, this pan is designed to cook anything you place in it evenly and quickly.

          12” Saute Frying Pan- Oberon Series | Dalstrong

          12” Saute Frying Pan- Oberon Series | Dalstrong

          Take a look at this 3-ply aluminum core cladded cookware that is designed to help you create magic in the kitchen. This high-performing, medium-weight, and ultra-functional cookware is built to last a lifetime. 


          • This pan boasts impeccable conductivity to quickly heat up and evenly cook a wide range of foods, from thick protein to delicate vegetables like mushrooms.
          • The pan excels at browning and braising foods and the 18/10 stainless steel used to make this pan enhances its durability. 
          • It is oven and broiler safe to up to 600 degrees F. The pan is also freezer, dishwasher, and refrigerator safe.


          • It does not have a non-stick coating which might cause some food to stick to the bottom of the pan if cooked for long hours. 
          • The all-steel handle of this pan tends to get very hot on use. You might need a kitchen glove or oven mitt to transfer the pan from the gas to the table. 
          4. Apron: It is always a great idea to keep an apron around to save yourself from unwanted kitchen splatters. 

            The Gandalf | Dalstrong

            The Gandalf | Dalstrong
            The lightweight apron is designed to function as smoothly as it looks.


            • The apron comes with an adjustable neck strap, an easy-tie waist, and 3 front pockets to assist you while you cook up a storm in the kitchen. 
            • The gray denim apron is built to last and is very simple to maintain. 
            • It comes with a water repellent coating that dramatically prolongs the lifespan of the apron. 


            • If you are a seasoned chef, you might need an apron that is thicker and loaded with pockets. In that case, you can take a look at this one
            • The light color of this apron might not appeal to those chefs that spend most of their time in the heat of a professional kitchen. 

            4. Recipe: Pan-fried Oyster Mushrooms

            Prep Time: 5 Mins
            Cook Time:
            10 Mins
            15 Mins
            Servings: 4


            • 1 pound Oyster Mushrooms (cleaned and cut evenly)
            • 2 tablespoons Butter (or Garlic Butter)
            • 1 tablespoon Olive Oil
            • 2 Garlic cloves (smashed) 
            • Salt to taste
            • Black Pepper to taste

              Cooking Instructions:

              1. Set up the cooking station. Gather all the tools and ingredients mentioned above before you get started. Clean oyster mushrooms before cooking them.
              2. Add butter to a skillet. Place butter and olive oil in a skillet that is set over medium-high heat.
              3. Add mushrooms. When the butter is melted, add the mushrooms to the skillet in one single layer. Cook the mushrooms for 2 minutes, or until golden.
              4. Flip the mushrooms. Flip over the mushrooms and add the smashed garlic cloves to the skillet.
              5. Season and cook. Reduce heat to medium-low. Season the mushrooms with salt and pepper. Continue cooking the mushrooms until they start to brown.
              6. Remove from heat. Once the mushrooms are golden-brown from both sides, remove the pan from heat.
              7. Adjust seasoning and serve! Adjust salt and black pepper to taste, and adjust accordingly. Enjoy pan-fried oyster mushrooms as is or serve as a side with your favorite dish.

                5. Nutritional Value

                It is a little-known fact that oyster mushrooms are commonly used in traditional medicine because they have a lot of health benefits. From healthy fiber and protein to antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, oyster mushrooms are good for your heart, gut,  immune system, and more. 

                Pan-Fried Oyster Mushrooms



                Total Fat


                Saturated Fat


                Trans fat














                Vitamin A


                Vitamin C 




                6. How To Store Oyster Mushrooms?

                • To store leftover crispy fried oyster mushrooms, place them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. They will keep for 3 to 5 days. 
                • To freeze leftover mushrooms, cool them completely and then pack them into freezer bags. Press out as much air as possible before sealing. You can now freeze these for up to 6 months. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator before reheating. 
                • To reheat oyster mushrooms, Place mushrooms in a skillet over low heat. Allow them to cook until heated through, turning and stirring occasionally. 

                  7. Serving Suggestions

                  This is a super versatile side dish that pairs magically with almost anything. For a vegetarian meal, you can pair these mushrooms with a potato recipe like mashed potatoes, salad, or quinoa for a delicious plant-based dinner. For a healthier version of oyster mushrooms, you can also use the air fryer  for some crispy fried oyster mushrooms. Some other great dishes that pair well with oyster mushroom recipes are

                  • Eggs: Simple fried or scrambled eggs go perfectly with pan-fried oyster mushrooms. You can also make an easy bacon and cheese frittata to go with the mushrooms. 
                  • Steak: Mushrooms or even stuffed mushrooms and juicy steak go hand in hand. You can top this with garlic-pepper sauce or any other sauce you like. 
                  • Chicken: Garlic and thyme butter chicken or chicken fried rice with flavorful spice mixes also pair very well with this side. 
                  • Pork: A tender roasted pork tenderloin or juicy pork chops go phenomenally well with these mushrooms. 
                  • Mushroom Soup: Oyster mushroom soup is also another great way to enjoy these mushrooms.
                  • Spices: You can also steer away from the garlic and thyme seasoning and throw in some spice mixes to add a boost of flavor.  
                  • Stir Fry: You can also replace button mushrooms with oyster mushrooms in a stir fry, soup, and stew to make it healthier.   Burgers: Oyster mushroom pate is also a great way to make burgers healthy, guilt-free, and delicious.  

                  8. Frequently Asked Questions

                  What does oyster mushroom do for the body?

                  Oyster mushrooms are a popular type of mushroom linked to several health benefits. Other than being highly nutritious and super popular in the veggie society, they may also promote heart and immune system health, encourage healthy blood sugar control, and provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. 

                  Is an oyster mushroom a psychedelic?

                  Blue oyster mushrooms are an edible type of pearl oyster mushrooms. They have a large blue cap and grayish gills that connect the stem and cap and are easy to identify. They are culinary mushrooms with no psychoactive effect and are enjoyed worldwide. 

                  Is the oyster mushroom toxic?

                  Oyster mushrooms are generally regarded as safe to eat and are grown and sold commercially. 

                  Which oyster mushroom is the tastiest?

                  One of the better-tasting types of mushrooms out there is the Golden Oyster Mushroom. With the help of some basic pantry staples, they are very easy to cook.

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                  Pan-Fried Oyster Mushroom Recipe You Can Make In Just 7 Steps

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