Meat Claws : What Are They And Why Are They A Must-Have BBQ Accessory

A photo of the Dalstrong Meat Shredding Claws with perfectly shredded meat in a ceramic plateDalstrong Meat Shredding Claws

The perfect gift for the die-hard meat smoker in the family. Meat shredding claws are advanced and versatile meat-smoking tools every BBQ-lover needs to smoke delicious meals. Whether you're a professional pitmaster or just enjoy grilling in your backyard, meat claws can help you achieve better results and make the process more enjoyable. In this blog, let's dive more into meat claws, their uses, how to use them, and why they're a must-have BBQ accessory.

    1. What Are Meat Claws & What Are They Used For

    A photo of the Dalstrong Meat Shredding Claws shredding a huge smoked brisket in a wax paperDalstrong Meat Shredder Claw

    Meat claws, also known as bear claws, meat shredders, or pulled pork claws, are a type of kitchen utensil that features meat claws for shredding. They are usually made of quality materials such as plastic or metal, and they feature sharp, curved tines resembling a bear's claws.

    Meat claws are the perfect and the most commonly used tool to shred cooked meat such as pulled pork, chicken, beef, or turkey. They work by allowing the user to easily grip and tear apart the meat into small, shredded pieces. This makes them a popular tool for preparing dishes such as pulled pork sandwiches, tacos, or salads.

    In addition to shredding meat, meat claws can be used to lift, move, pick up, and carry large cuts of meat, such as roasts or turkeys, while they are still hot. They provide a secure and stable grip, making it easier to transfer the meat from the pan or oven to the serving dish. These cave tools are specially created for this purpose, and the work will be so much faster, easier, and cleaner.

    Some other ways in which meat claws can be used include:
    • Mixing and tossing salads or other dishes
    • Holding meat in place while carving or slicing
    • Removing hot items from the grill or smoker or slow cooker
    • Stirring and shredding hot foods like stews or chili
    • Serving foods like pasta or potatoes

    Shredding meat with a couple of forks is often a cumbersome process. Why not make it quick, easy, and fun? These meat-shredding claws will have you ripping through tender meat quickly. Overall, meat claws (also known as meat shredders) are a versatile tool in the kitchen that can help make cooking and serving meat dishes easier and more efficient.

    2. How To Use Meat Claws

    A photo of the Dalstrong Meat Claws with a perfectly cooked chicken on top of a wooden boardDalstrong Meat Shredding Claws

    Undoubtedly, this tool makes outdoor cooking a lot easier for BBQ lovers. As stated above, the many uses of meat claws make them essential for all things grill and BBQ. But for newbies, some might ask how can these claws help on the grill. Well, using meat claws is pretty easy and straightforward. 


    1. Cook your meat as desired. Whether you're smoking a beef brisket, roasting a turkey, grilling a pork shoulder, or doing any outdoor cooking, you'll want to cook your meat until it reaches the desired temperature.
    2. Once your meat is cooked, remove it from the heat source and let it rest for a few minutes. This is to allow the juices to settle and make them easier to handle.
    3. Using a pair of metal meat claws, grab the meat in two different spots and lift it up. You can use the claws to hold the meat steady while you carve it or move it to a different location.
    4. To shred the meat, use the meat claws to pull the meat apart in opposite directions. The sharp tips of the claws will easily tear apart the meat into bite-sized pieces.
    5. Continue shredding the meat until it is fully broken down into small pieces. You can use the meat claws to mix in any seasoning or sauce that you want to add.
    6. Serve the shredded meat on a platter or in sandwiches, tacos, or other dishes as desired.

    Overall, using meat claws is a simple and effective way to handle and shred large cuts of meat. With a little practice, you'll be able to use them like a pro and create delicious BBQ dishes every time.

    3. Qualities Of Good Meat Claws

    A photo of the Dalstrong Meat Claws with a delicious burger on top of a solid surfaceDalstrong Meat Shredding Claws

    When shopping for meat claws, it is important to ensure that you get the best quality there is on the market. There are several qualities to look for to ensure that you get a high-quality product that will last for years. Here are some qualities of good meat claws that you should be looking out for:


    Good meat claws should be made from sturdy, heavy-duty materials that can last long with frequent use without breaking or bending. Look for claws made from materials like stainless steel, heavy-duty plastic, or heat-resistant silicone.

    Comfortable grip

    Meat claws should have an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand and allows you to grip the claws firmly without slipping. Look for claws with nonslip grip or textured grips that provide a secure hold.

    Sharp tips

    The tips of the claws should be sharp and pointed so that they can easily tear through the meat. Dull or rounded tips will make it more difficult to shred the meat effectively.

    Easy to clean

    Meat claws should be easy to clean and dishwasher safe for convenience. Look for claws with smooth surfaces and no hard-to-reach crevices that could trap food debris.


    Good meat claws should be versatile enough to handle a variety of meats, from chicken and pork to beef and turkey. Look for claws with a multi-pronged design that can effectively shred and lift different types of meat.

    Size and weight

    The size and weight of the meat claws should be comfortable for your hand and suitable for the size of the meat you're working with. Claws that are too small or too large can be difficult to handle and may not work effectively.

    By choosing meat claws with these qualities, you can ensure that you get a high-quality product that will make shredding meat easier and more enjoyable.

    4. Must-Have Dalstrong Meat Shredding Claws

     Dasltrong Meat Shredding Claws

    Dalstrong Meat Shredding Claws

    This unique-looking stainless steel meat claw is one of the essential grill accessories every BBQ-lover should own. It is thoughtfully designed for the discerning and for tearing through the flesh of pork, beef, chicken, and more for the perfect pulled sandwiches, wraps, and dips. These meat shredding claws will have you ripping through tender meat quickly and easily. The slip-proof, G10 handle is stain and heat resistant. 

    • These claws are durable and made of solid stainless steel
    • Let's you shred meats without getting burned or melting your tools
    • Features four 7.7-inch precisely tempered razor-sharp prongs per claw.
    • Has an ergonomic handle, which makes using them very comfortable.


    • Very sharp. Don't leave them around kids.
    • Can be a bit difficult to clean after massive amounts of shredding.
    • You might embarrass people around you if you use this to do an impression of a certain Marvel Comics superhero.

    5. Frequently Added Questions

    Can meat claws be used with hot meat?

    Yes, meat claws can be used with hot meat, but it's important to be careful to avoid burns. You can use heat-resistant meat claws or wait for the meat to cool slightly before handling it with regular meat claws.

    Can meat claws be used to shred other foods besides meat?

    Yes, certainly. Meat claws can be used to shred other foods like cooked vegetables, fruits, and even cheese.

    How do I clean meat claws?

    Stainless steel claws can be easily cleaned by hand with soap and water or in the dishwasher. Make sure to remove any food debris from the claws before cleaning.

    Can meat claws be used in the oven?

    Unfortunately, no. Meat claws are not designed to be used in the oven. They are best used for handling and shredding meat after it has been cooked.

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    Meat Claws : What Are They And Why Are They A Must-Have BBQ Accessory

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