A Complete Guide To Becoming a Knife Collector

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Are you fascinated by the world of kitchen knives, from folding ones to fixed blades? If you're a budding knife enthusiast, embarking on a journey to create your very own knife collection can be thrilling and rewarding experience. In this guide, we'll walk you through the vital steps to help you get started in building a diverse and impressive set of kitchen knives or extend your love for classic knives.

1. How To Create A Knife Collection

A photo of the 24-Piece Knife Block Set | Vanquish Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong on top of a wooden board.24-Piece Knife Block Set | Vanquish Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong

We're going to explore the awesome world of knives together, using some cool words that people use to find info about knives on the internet. So, get ready for a fun journey into the land of folding knives, swiss army knives, a bread knife, chefs knives, fixed blades, and more! Let’s make your knife racks all that more happening. 

Choosing Your First Knives

Alright, let's kick things off by talking about the different types of knives you can collect. Imagine having a collectable pocket knife that folds up or a strong fixed blade that stays put. These are just two types of knives you might want to consider. There are also special ones made of Damascus steel, which has wavy patterns that make the blades look super cool!

Exploring Styles That Pop

Now, let's get into the styles of kitchen knives. Ever heard of Bowie knives? It's this awesome knife named after a legendary guy, and it looks really cool. And there's another one called a trench knife, which is like a superhero knife ready for action! Don't forget about the Scottish dirk – it sounds fancy, right? And, of course, an elegant set of steak knives, swiss army knives, chefs knives, and more. These styles give your collection a unique and exciting vibe.

Picking Quality Blades

When you're starting your collection, think about getting knives from famous makers like Dalstrong. Whether it’s a simple bread knife, knife companies like Dalstrong create limited editions knives that are like treasures! Look for classic knives made from Japanese and Damascus steel blade – they're super sharp and tough. Also, check out everything from kitchen knives to steak knives for extra strength.

Thinking About Everyday Use

Your collection should have kitchen knives for different jobs. Whether it’s steak knives, butcher knives, or chefs knives. This could also include some that are great for survival adventures, while others are perfect for everyday use. We call these EDC knives – Every Day Carry. So, make sure your collection is like a toolbox with the right knife for every task!

Displaying Your Collection

Imagine having a special place to show off your knives. That's where a display comes in handy! You can organize your knives in a way that looks awesome, like a work of art. Consider displays with wooden handles or shiny mother-of-pearl accents – they'll make your collection look even more impressive.

2. How To Store Your Knife Collection

A close-up photo of the 24-Piece Knife Block Set | Vanquish Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong24-Piece Knife Block Set | Vanquish Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong

Choosing the Right Storage

Okay, so you've got these fantastic knives, right? The first thing to think about is where to keep them. Consider getting a special storage place, like a display case or a cool box. You can find ones that match your type, and they'll keep your knives safe from dust and scratches. Wooden handles and mother-of-pearl accents not only look fancy but can also add a touch of elegance to your storage space.

Organizing Your Collection

Once you have your storage spot, it's time to organize your knives. Think about putting them in a way that looks neat and shows off each blade. You can arrange them by size, type, or even by the stories they tell – like a museum for your knives! A well-organized display can make your collection look super cool.

Protecting Your Blades

Your knives are like your buddies, and you want to keep them safe, right? Make sure they're not bumping into each other. You can use blade guards or sheaths to protect the edges. This way, your knives won't accidentally scratch or nick each other when they're hanging out in the storage space.

Considering Temperature and Humidity

Knives like a comfy environment, just like we do. Keep an eye on the temperature and humidity in your storage space. Extreme conditions can affect the blades, so try to avoid places that are too hot, too cold, or too humid. Your knives will thank you by staying sharp and ready for action!

Regular Check-Ups

Just like going to the doctor for a check-up, your knives need a little inspection too. Take a peek at them every now and then. Look for any signs of rust or wear. If you see something not quite right, fix it up. Regular check-ups will keep your knives in tip-top shape for all your future adventures.

Securing the Storage Space

Lastly, think about keeping your storage space safe and sound. If you have little brothers, sisters, or curious pets around, you want to make sure they can't get to your knives. Consider a locked storage option to keep your collection secure and out of reach. Safety first, knife enthusiast!

Read about how to clean a knife, here.

3. Pros And Cons Of Collecting Knives

A photo of the 18 Piece Colossal Knife Set with Block | Gladiator Series | Knives NSF Certified18 Piece Colossal Knife Set with Block | Gladiator Series | Knives NSF Certified

It's time to explore the pros and cons of being a knife collector, using some awesome words that knife fans like to use online. Let's dive in!

The Pros of Knife Collecting

Cool Factor

    Okay, let's be real – collecting knives is just downright cool. Imagine showing off your collection to family and friends. Folding knives, fixed blades, and maybe even some Japanese steel and Damascus steel blades – your collection is like a treasure trove of awesomeness! So, display them with pride on your knife blocks. 


      One of the best things about collecting knives is the incredible variety. You can have a pocket knife for everyday use, Bowie knives for a touch of adventure, and even special editions that are like rare gems. Your collection reflects your personality, and there's a knife for every mood and occasion.

      Learning Cool Stuff

        Collecting knives is not just about having a bunch of cool-looking blades. It's also a journey of learning. You get to know about different knife makers like Chris Reeve and Kershaw. You explore the world of materials like Damascus steel or Damascus blades, and you become a mini-expert in the language of knives. How cool is that?

        Building a Community

          Being a knife collector means you're part of a cool community. Read our Dalstrong chef's blog for the most incredible recipes and to talk all things knife. You can join forums, talk to other collectors, and share your passion. It's like having a bunch of friends who love knives as much as you do. Plus, you get to keep up with the latest knife trends and releases from top knife companies. 

          The Cons of Knife Collecting

          Budget Blues

            Let's face it – collecting knives can sometimes hit your piggy bank. Quality knives from renowned makers and special editions might cost a bit. It's essential to set a budget and stick to it. You don't want your awesome collection turning into a financial adventure.

            Storage Struggles

              Having a bunch of knives is amazing, but finding the right place to keep them can be a challenge. Storage solutions like knife blocks and display cases are fantastic. Plus, you need to make sure your knives are safe from scratches and bumps. It's like playing real-life Tetris with your collection.

              Temptation Trouble

                When you're a knife collector, the temptation to keep adding to your collection is real. New releases, limited editions – it's hard to resist! But hey, remember to stick to what you can afford and what fits into your collection theme. Too many knives can lead to clutter!

                Maintenance Moments

                  Your knives need some love and care. Regular maintenance, like sharpening and checking for any signs of wear, is crucial. It might feel like a chore at times, but taking care of your knives ensures they stay in top-notch condition for all your cutting adventures.

                  4. Must-Have Dalstrong Knives To Add To Your Collection

                  1. Chef's Knife 8" | Shadow Black Series

                  Chef's Knife 8" | Shadow Black Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong

                  Elevate your culinary experience with Dalstrong’s chefs knives. This workhorse boasts a finer tip, ideal for tasks like coring tomato stems and makes a great addition to your classic knives. The ultra-sharp 7CR17MOV-X steel blade, coated in non-reflective titanium-nitride, offers remarkable durability and corrosion resistance. The G10 handle, resistant to heat, cold, and moisture, provides a secure grip and makes a fine addition to your knife racks. With its hand-polished spine and balanced full-tang construction, this knife promises unparalleled performance.


                  • Engineered for exceptional grip and optimal maneuverability, the blade's sleek design has sharp, aerodynamic lines.and maneuverability.
                  • Striking design inspired by the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter.
                  • Ruthlessly sharp, hand-sharpened edge for precise cuts.
                  • Tapered design and tall blade height for resilience and knuckle clearance.
                  • This stunning kitchen tool make excellent collector knives. 


                  • The unique design may not appeal to those seeking a more traditional look.
                  • The non-reflective coating may not be every cook’s cup of tea.

                  2. Kiritsuke Chef's Knife 8.5" | Shogun Series ELITE

                  Kiritsuke Chef's Knife 8.5" | Shogun Series ELITE | Dalstrong

                  Introducing the Shogun Series Elite 8.5” Double-Bevel Kiritsuke – a culinary masterpiece combining the precision of a Japanese yanagiba and the versatility of the best chef’s knives. Its double-bevel design makes it accessible for all, while maintaining the lethal beauty of a sword-shaped tip. The ultra-premium Japanese AUS-10V 'super steel' core, nitrogen-cooled for enhanced durability, promises scalpel-like sharpness and enduring edge retention. The meticulously crafted G-10 Garolite handle offers military-grade strength, impervious to heat and moisture, with an ergonomic design for superior control. This knife, adorned with Dalstrong’s Tsunami Rose pattern, is the epitome of culinary excellence.


                  • Double-beveled for user-friendly performance.
                  • Stunning Tsunami Rose pattern and engraved lion head logo for aesthetic appeal that also makes exceptional collector knives.
                  • Unrivaled sharpness and durability for your cooking tasks. 
                  • Ergonomic handle with a copper mosaic pin for superior control and durability.


                  • The high-end features may not be necessary for casual home cooks.
                  • The intricate design might require extra care during maintenance for long-term durability.

                  3. Chef's Knife 8" | Frost Fire Series

                  Chef's Knife 8" | Frost Fire Series | NSF Certified Dalstrong

                  Unleash your inner culinary artist with the chefs knives from the Frost Fire series, a sleek and powerful addition to your kitchen knives. With a razor-sharp edge at a 16-18° angle per side, effortlessly conquering any culinary challenge, this white resin handle is enclosed in aluminum mesh, offers an ergonomic grip for tension-free precision. Lightweight and agile, the Frost Fire Series promises a ideal balance of style and functionality, making every culinary experience a delightful adventure.


                  • Unique 'frosted' look with a sandblast finish for enhanced non-stick properties.
                  • Slender, ergonomic white resin handle enclosed in aluminum mesh for a stylish and durable grip.
                  • Lightweight construction for enhanced agility and comfort.
                  • 7-layer high-carbon steel with added cobalt for exceptional sharpness and durability as collector knives.


                  • The unique design may not appeal to those who prefer a more traditional look.
                  • Some users may find the slender handle less suitable if they prefer a bulkier grip.

                  4. Paring Knife 3.5" | Shogun Series ELITE

                  Paring Knife 3.5" | Shogun Series ELITE | Dalstrong

                    Meet the Shogun Series 3.5” Paring Knife, a precision specialist with a small narrow blade for detailed culinary tasks. Precision-forged with 67 layers of SUS410 damascus steel blade cladding, this knife ensures unrivaled strength and stain resistance. The cryogenic tempering enhances its crystalline structure, providing scalpel-like sharpness with remarkable edge retention. The prosaic copper mosaic pin, mirror-polished bolster, and engraved end-cap add refinement. Agile, balanced, and military-grade durable, this knife is a paring perfection.


                    • Precision-forged Japanese AUS-10V 'super steel' for unparalleled performance.
                    • Tsunami Rose blade pattern and lion head logo for a striking aesthetic appeal.
                    • Ergonomic G-10 Garolite handle for superior hand control and durability.
                    • Mirror-polished bolster and copper mosaic pin for added refinement.


                    • The 3.5" size may be limiting for those who prefer larger paring knives.
                    • The intricate design may require extra care during maintenance for long-term durability.

                    5. Santoku Knife 7" | Valhalla Series

                    Santoku Knife 7" | Valhalla Series | Dalstrong

                      Embrace the power of the Valhalla Series 7" Santoku Knife, where Eastern tradition meets Viking might. The high-carbon, 5-layer steel blade, hand-sharpened to a razor-sharp 8-12 degrees on both sides, promises triple-threat versatility. The sandblasted finish adds an elegant touch to this warrior's tool. This knife is your battle companion and a spectacular addition your collection of classic knives. The prosaic design withstands extreme temperatures, offering enduring strength, comfort, and a commitment to quality.


                      • Triple-threat versatility for slicing, dicing, and mincing with ease.
                      • Elegant celestial resin handle with stabilized wood and stainless steel bolster for otherworldly power.
                      • The perfect addition for modern kitchens and collector knives.
                      • Valhalla-embossed leather sheath for warrior-worthy style and protection.


                      • The unique celestial design may not appeal to those seeking a more traditional look.
                      • The 7" size may be larger than preferred for those who prefer a smaller Santoku knife.

                      6. Flexible Fillet Knife 7" | Gladiator Series

                      Flexible Fillet Knife 7" | Gladiator Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong

                        Unleash the power of the Dalstrong Gladiator Series 7” Fillet Knife, your ultimate companion for de-boning, filleting, and skinning fish and poultry. Crafted from high-carbon German steel, this precision-forged blade, hand-sharpened to 16-18° per side, offers optimal sharpness and resilience. With a thin 1.5mm spine, the collector knives is highly flexible and maneuverable, making it an extension of your arm in the kitchen. The imported black G10 handle, triple-riveted and ergonomically designed, ensures maximum comfort and durability. This NSF Certified knife comes with a PerfectFit sheath for safe storage and a travel case for outdoor adventures.


                        • Precision-forged high-carbon German steel for optimal sharpness and wear resistance.
                        • Thin 1.5mm spine for exceptional flexibility and maneuverability.
                        • Ergonomic black G10 handle for comfort, grip, and durability.
                        • Comes with a PerfectFit sheath and travel case for versatile storage options.


                        • The 7" size may be larger than preferred for those who prefer a smaller fillet knife.
                        • The thin spine may require extra care during heavy-duty tasks to prevent damage.

                        7. Nakiri Vegetable Knife 6" | Phantom Series

                        Nakiri Vegetable Knife 6" | Phantom Series | Dalstrong

                          Unveil the Phantom Series 6” Nakiri Knife, an elegant and agile culinary instrument designed for ruthless performance. With a precision-forged Japanese AUS-8 blade at 58 HRC, this knife showcases stealthy motion and exceptional proficiency. The minimal-sized bolster enhances balance, encouraging a comfortable pinch grip. Ideal for bulk vegetable prep, the Nakiri's sanitary build and stunning design make it a standout choice for any culinary enthusiast and as collector knives.


                          • Precision-forged Japanese AUS-8 blade for exceptional performance.
                          • Laminated pakkawood handle with a 'phantom spirit' mosaic for strength and refinement.
                          • Ice-tempered blade with a mirror-polished edge for superior resilience.
                          • Minimal-sized bolster for carefully engineered balance and pinch grip comfort.


                          • The Nakiri's specialized design may be less versatile for general kitchen tasks.
                          • Some users may find the partial tang less preferable compared to a full tang construction.

                          8. Carving Knife & Fork Set 9" | Shogun Series ELITE

                          Carving Knife & Fork Set 9" | Shogun Series ELITE | Dalstrong

                            Elevate your carving experience with the Shogun Series 9” Carving Knife and Fork Set, designed for flawless precision in every slice. The accompanying carving fork with a G10 handle and mosaic rivet complements the set perfectly. The meticulously constructed handle provides military-grade strength and ergonomic comfort. The mirror-polished bolster and engraved end-cap contribute to the knife's perfect balance, making every carving motion effortless.


                            • Precision-forged Japanese AUS-10V blade for exceptional carving performance and as collector knives.
                            • Matching meat carving fork with a G10 handle and mosaic rivet for added convenience.
                            • Beautiful Tsunami Rose blade pattern and lion head logo for a striking aesthetic appeal.
                            • The perfect pair for your barbecue adventures. 


                            • The 9" size may be larger than preferred for those who prefer a smaller carving knife.
                            • The specialized design may make it less versatile for everyday kitchen tasks beyond carving.

                            5. Frequently Asked Questions

                              Is it normal to have a knife collection?

                              Yes, having a knife collection is normal, especially among enthusiasts and chefs. It allows individuals to appreciate craftsmanship, design, and functionality, showcasing various styles and purposes from folding knives to Damascus blades or Damascus steel knives.

                              What makes a good knife collection?

                              A good knife collection should include diverse types like a collectable pocket knife, fixed blades, and specialty knives. It should feature high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and cover a range of functions, meeting both practical and aesthetic preferences.

                              What is a collection of knives called?

                              A collection of knives is commonly called a "knife collection" or "knife set," encompassing a variety of blades, from tactical knives to chefs knives, curated based on individual preferences and needs.

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