Finding The Best Camping Knife For You

A photo of a hand carrying the Chef's Knife 8" Night Shark Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong.Chef's Knife 8" Night Shark Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong

The pleasant evenings are upon us, and it’s the perfect time to hike, trek, or camp. If you’re a camping enthusiast who likes to carry out the entire package from setting up a tent to catching your dinner, this blog will help you find the perfect camping knife that will be your best culinary partner. So, let’s get right into it.

1. What Is A Camping Knife?

A photo of the Curved Boning Knife 6" Night Shark Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong with fish on top of a wooden boardCurved Boning Knife 6" Night Shark Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong

A camping knife is an essential tool used for various tasks while camping and engaging in outdoor activities. Its flexible design and strong construction make it suitable for cutting, slicing, and performing other tasks needed in wilderness settings. The history of camping knives dates back to ancient times when early humans used sharpened stones and later crafted blades from various materials to aid in their survival.

History of Camping Knives

The concept of a camping knife can be track down to prehistoric times when humans began using rudimentary stone tools for cutting and hunting. As civilization progressed, metalworking techniques emerged, leading to the production of more sophisticated knives made from bronze, iron, and eventually steel. These early knives served not only as tools for outdoor task like camping, hunting, and fishing but also as weapons for defence.

Present-Day Camping Knives

In the present day, camping knives continue to be an essential part of any outdoor enthusiast's gear. They are designed to be reliable, versatile, and compact for easy portability. One of the prevailing trends in camping knives is the increasing use of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel and carbon steel, to ensure better edge retention and corrosion resistance.

2. Types Of Camping Knives

A photo of the 3-Piece Knife Set Boning Knife, Hook Knife, Mini Cleaver | Night Shark Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong on top of a wooden board.3-Piece Knife Set Boning Knife, Hook Knife, Mini Cleaver | Night Shark Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong

    Fixed Blade Camping Knives

    Fixed blade knives are sturdy and reliable tools with a non-folding, robust blade. They are known for their durability and are ideal for heavy-duty tasks like chopping wood, building shelters, and food preparation during camping trips.

    Folding Knives

    Folding knives are a compact and versatile solution for camping. They can be folded easily so the blade can be safely tucked inside the handle when not in use.

    Bushcraft Knife

    Bushcraft knives are specially designed for wilderness survival and hunting. They usually have a fixed blade with a strong, full tang build and are ideal for tasks like carving, whittling, and creating fire sparks.

    Hunting Knife

    Hunting knives are designed for hunting trips! They typically have a strong, sharp blade with a drop-point shape for achieving precise cuts and skinning.

    Swiss Army Knife

    Swiss Army knives are multi-tool camping knives that come equipped with various tools, such as can openers, screwdrivers, scissors, corkscrews, and a ruthlessly sharp blade.

    chef knife laying beside chopped foodChef's Knife 8" | Delta Wolf Series

    Knives with Stainless Steel Blades

    Stainless steel blades are popular for their corrosion resistance and ease of maintenance, making them suitable for camping in wet and humid conditions.

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    Tactical Knife

    These knives often have a rugged design, partially serrated blades, and ergonomic handles.

    Drop Point Blade Knives

    Drop point blades have a curve on the back of the blade, which offers a robust tip for puncturing tasks. This blade shape is versatile and ideal for camping.

    Partially Serrated Knives

    Some camping knives come with partially serrated blades, which basically have a plain edge and some serrations along the blade. This offers more versatility for cutting tasks like slicing and deboning.

    Carbon Steel Blade Knives

    Knives with carbon steel blades are known for their exceptional edge retention and sharpness. However, they require more maintenance to prevent corrosion.

    3. What To Look For In A Camping Knife

    A photo of a hand filleting a fish using the Butcher Knife 10" Night Shark Series | NSF Certified | DalstrongButcher Knife 10" Night Shark Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong

      Blade Type

      Consider the type of blade that suits your camping activities. Fixed blade knives are normally more robust and reliable for heavy-duty tasks while folding knives offer compactness and ease of carry for everyday use.

      Blade Material

      Pay attention to the blade material, such as carbon steel or stainless steel. Carbon steel blades offer excellent edge retention, while stainless steel blades provide corrosion resistance and easier maintenance.

      Blade Shape

      Choose the blade shape that best suits your needs. Options like DROP POINT BLADES offer versatility for general tasks, while serrated blades are handy for cutting rope and other tough materials.

      Handle Material

      Look for a camping knife with comfortable and durable handle material. Options like micarta or rubber provide a secure grip even in wet conditions.

      Tang Type

      Opt for a full tang knife, where the blade extends through the handle, as it ensures better strength and durability.


      Consider the sheath material, such as kydex or leather, to securely carry the knife during your outdoor adventures.

      Brand Reputation

      Choose reputable brands like Benchmade, Spyderco, ESEE, and Gerber StrongArm, known for producing high-quality camping knives.


      Depending on your needs, consider knives with additional tools like fire starters or integrated whistles for added utility in survival situations.

      4'' Paring Knife | Delta Wolf Series | Dalstrong ©

      Size and Weight

      Ensure the knife's size and weight are suitable for your camping style, as you'll want a knife that is easy to carry and maneuver.


      Select a camping knife based on the specific outdoor activities you plan to engage in, such as hunting, bushcraft, or general camping tasks.

      Blade Steels

      Take note of the blade steels used in the knife, as certain steels offer superior performance in edge retention and toughness.

      Lock Mechanism

      If you opt for a folding knife, check for a good locking mechanism to keep the blade securely in place during use.


      Consider your budget and find a camping knife that offers the best value for your money while meeting your requirements. 


      Look for a knife with ergonomic features to ensure a comfortable and secure grip during extended use.


      Choose a versatile camping knife that can handle a broad range of tasks, from food preparation to wood processing.

      Intended Use

      Consider whether the knife is meant for everyday carry (EDC), survival situations, or specialized outdoor activities like rock climbing or hunting.

      4. 7 Recommended Dalstrong Knives For Camping & Adventures

      1. Night Shark Series Fillet Knife 4.7"| NSF Certified | Dalstrong

      Fillet Knife 4.7" Night Shark Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong

      Night Shark Series - Blade 

      Unleash precision and speed with the Night Shark 4.7" Fillet Knife by Dalstrong. Its short, agile blade effortlessly maneuvers around bone, joints, and skin, making it perfect for fileting, trimming, skinning, deboning, descaling, and butterfly cuts. The ridges along the spine provide added control and pinch grip strength, ensuring a seamless culinary experience. Crafted from rust-proof 7CR17MOV stainless steel with an ink-black titanium coating, this knife is built to withstand the harshest kitchen environments while maintaining its sharp edge.

      Night Shark Series - Handle

      Easy to clean and stain-resistant, the handle features a fierce blue streak with a matte black design. Complete with a ballistic nylon sheath featuring belt-loop straps, this fillet knife is the perfect companion for your adventurous camping experiences.


      • Sharp blade for working around stubborn cuts and bones.
      • The ink-black titanium coating on this knife makes it a rust and corrosion-resistant knife, perfect for harsh weather in when camping.
      • Comfortable and textured handle with a deep index finger choil for a secure grip, even in wet conditions.
      • Perfect for home cooks and seasoned chefs looking to invest in a solid camping knife.


      • Some users may find the 4.7" blade length too short for certain filleting tasks.
      • The knife's compact size may not be suitable for larger cuts or heavy-duty use.

      2. Night Shark Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong

      Butcher Knife 10" Night Shark Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong

      Introducing the Night Shark 10" Butcher Knife by Dalstrong, the ultimate tool for breaking down large meats like moose, deer, and elk. This versatile knife effortlessly slices through beef, pork, poultry, fish, and other meats with its sharp and hard 7CR17MOV stainless steel blade that is coated in ink-black titanium for added strength and corrosion resistance.

      A Butcher Knife Perfect for Camping 

      The curved tip and blade divots ensure frictionless cuts, while the ergonomic, textured handle with a deep index finger choil provides a secure grip even in wet conditions. Embark on culinary adventures with this apex predator of knives, backed by Dalstrong's renowned craftsmanship.


      • Sharp and durable and ideal for harsh rain or thunder as it won’t hold onto rust or corrosion. 
      • Firm grip in rain and humid conditions without slipping and sliding. 
      • This knife can work through a variety of meats.
      • Hand-sharpened to a precise 16-18° angle using Dalstrong's Diamond Detailing (D3) method for excellent cutting performance.


      • Some chefs may prefer a different blade material.
      • The knife's size and weight may be too large for those looking for a compact and lightweight camping knife.

      3. 3-Piece Knife Set (Night Shark Series)

      3-Piece Knife Set Boning Knife, Hook Knife, Mini Cleaver | Night Shark Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong

      Embark on your hunting and cooking adventures with the Night Shark 3-Piece Knife Set by Dalstrong. This versatile set includes a gut hook knife, boning knife, and mini rocking cleaver, offering everything you need to skin, clean, bone, and slice your prey. 

      The ergonomic and textured handles provide a comfortable and secure grip along with precise control during delicate cuts. With sheaths that can strap to a rucksack or belt, these knives are your ultimate companions for any adventure.


      • An all-inclusive set with everything you will need to cut, slice, and de-bone meat. 
      • Rust-proof and robust blade that can take on stubborn cuts of meat. 
      •  Convenient to carry and store. 
      • Aesthetically appealing to look at, perfect for the camping enthusiast.


      • Some chefs may prefer additional knives or other specialized tools in the set.
      • The mini rocking cleaver's size may be small for heavy-duty chopping tasks.

      4. Curved Boning Knife 6" Night Shark Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong

      Curved Boning Knife 6" Night Shark Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong

      Unleash the precision and power of the Night Shark 6" Curved Boning Knife by Dalstrong. The semi-flexible, curved blade is perfect for expertly boning meats, pork, poultry, and fish, allowing you to work around bones effortlessly and maximize the amount of meat you keep. The pointed tip pierces through joints and tendons with ease, while divots along the blade prevent friction.

      With a comfortable and stain-resistant handle, a fierce blue streak, and a ballistic nylon sheath with belt-loop straps, this knife is perfect for camping.


      • Agile blade for cutting through a variety of meats. 
      • The blade decreases friction which is great for large chopping and slicing tasks. 
      • Robust and sturdy handle that can withstand wet conditions, too. 
      • Rugged and grunge, this knife is pleasing to the eye with its striking midnight blue detailing.


      • Some folks may find this knife ‘flashy’ if they prefer traditional ones instead. 
      • If you prefer a knife without a curved tip, this may not be the one for you. Although, it is a game-changer as it can puncture and cut through stubborn cuts of meat.

      5. Chef's Knife 8" Night Shark Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong

      Chef's Knife 8" Night Shark Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong

      The Ultimate Chef’s Knife

      Introducing the Dalstrong Night Shark 8” Chef Knife, the ultimate culinary tool designed for Michelin chefs stranded on a desert island. This knife is a perfect blend of a straight edge with a curved tip, enabling you to seamlessly rock chop, push cut, and prep a variety of meats and vegetables. The blade hollow ensures a secure pinch grip, allowing you to tackle kitchen tasks with precision and ease. 

      Dalstron’s Diamond Detailing (D3) 

      Hand-sharpened using Dalstrong's Diamond Detailing (D3) method, this knife is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and functionality. The ergonomic, textured handle is everything you need to get the best cuts of meat.


      • Equipped with a straight edge and curved tip for different cutting techniques.
      • Resistant to corrosion and harmful chemicals when out and about during your camping adventures. 
      • Comfortable handle with a sturdy grip.
      • Hand-sharpened using Dalstrong's Diamond Detailing (D3) method for superior cutting performance.


      • If you like working with larger cuts of meat, I would suggest a longer knife. 
      • Not big on camping or cooking outdoors? This knife may not be used at its best potential then.

      6. Fillet Knife 6.5" Valhalla Series | Dalstrong

      Fillet Knife 6.5" Valhalla Series | Dalstrong

      Unleash the power of your kitchen with the Valhalla Series 6.5" Fillet Knife by Dalstrong. Designed to conquer the toughest tasks, this sleek blade is perfect for descaling, deboning, filleting, skinning, trimming, and butterflying fish or any culinary foe.

      Striking Blade Material 

      Forged from high-carbon steel and hand-sharpened to a savage 8-12 degrees, the agile blade effortlessly carves through flesh and sinew, ensuring victory in the kitchen. The elegant resin handle, reinforced with stabilized wood and a stainless steel bolster along with the embossed leather sheath keeps the knife protected.


      • Sandblasted finish for a sharp edge. 
      • Resilient celestial resin handle that offers a robust grip. 
      • Tapered design that is for a perfect balance of hardness and flexibility.
      • Designed with shock absorbance for added endurance and grip.


      • If you’re more on the filleting side of things when camping, I would recommend a fillet knife instead. 
      • The knife's ultra-sharp edge requires careful handling to avoid cuts and bruises.

      7. Boning Knife 6" Delta Wolf Series | Dalstrong

      Boning Knife 6" Delta Wolf Series | Dalstrong


      The Delta Wolf Series 6” Boning Knife is a precision-crafted elite operative, designed for expertly slicing ligaments and connective tissue to remove meat from the bone. The razor-sharp edge allows you to cut without friction, while the black titanium-nitride coating adds to its  toughness and durability.


      The onyx-black coating reduces friction and preserves against corrosion, while the camouflage G10 handle adds both rugged style and durability. The Delta Wolf Boning Knife comes with a leather sheath for on-the-go protection, making it the ultimate companion for your camping adventures.


      • Ultra-thin and razor-sharp 9CR18MOV steel for quick slicing.
      • No friction and added non-stick properties.
      • Camouflage G10 handle offers a solid grip without slipping or sliding.
      • Triple-riveted handle with a multi-purpose loop for stability.


      • This knife could seem a little intimidating but once you get the hang of it, it’s a dream to work with.
      • The ultra-sharp edge requires maintenance and needs to be stored in its sheath to prevent dust or rust.

        5. Frequently Asked Questions

        Which knife is best for camping?

        The best knife for camping is the "camping knife" or "survival knife." These knives are versatile and well-suited for various camping tasks like cutting rope, food preparation, and outdoor applications. Consider features like a fixed blade, carbon steel blade, and durable handle material like a "micarta handle" for a reliable camping knife.

        What knives can you take camping?

        When camping, you can take a "camping knife," "survival knife," "fixed blade knife," "folded blade knife," and "bushcraft knife." These knives are suitable for outdoor adventures and tasks such as cutting, preparing food and handling various camping situations.

        What is the best length for a camping knife?

        The best length for a camping knife typically ranges from 6 to 8 inches. A "6-inch" or "8-inch" camping knife provides a good balance between versatility and portability, making it ideal for a variety of camping tasks, including food prep, cutting rope, and performing heavy-duty tasks.


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