Need a Knife Block Without Knives? Say Less!

A photo of the Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood BlockDragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block

Knife blocks or knife holders are an essential kitchen accessory made to securely store and organize a variety of kitchen knives or even your favourite knife sets.These compact storage solutions offer several benefits that home chefs and professional chefs can appreciate. In this article, we will explore what knife blocks are, their significance in the kitchen, and why you should consider having one to keep your cutlery in top condition.

1. What Are Knife Blocks and Their Benefits?

A photo of the Universal Knife Block 23 Slots | Dalstrong

Universal Knife Block 23 Slots | Dalstrong

Knife blocks are excellent countertop storage ideas for holding and protecting the sharpness of your favourite knives and their blades. Not only is a knife block incredibly portable and durable, but it is also a fantastic tool to hold other kitchen tools like ham slicers, kitchen shears, or metal tongs!

Most knife blocks consist of a wooden block with vertical slots or magnetic strips where the knives are inserted, keeping the blades safely covered and the edges away from potential damage. So, whether it’s a Damascus knife, bamboo knife, or German Knife, they can all call their knife stand home.

The Benefits Of Knife Blocks

Improved Safety

One of the primary reasons to invest in a knife block is to enhance kitchen safety. Placing knives in a drawer without proper storage can lead to accidental cuts while searching for the right knife. With a knife organizer, the blades are stored securely in individual slots, reducing the risk of injuries.

Blade Protection

Knife blocks provide a safe haven for your knives, protecting the blades from chipping, dulling, or premature wear caused by contact with other utensils or hard surfaces. Keeping knives in knife organizers ensures they maintain their sharpness for longer, promoting consistent cutting performance.


In a bustling kitchen, counter space is valuable real estate. Knife organizers are designed to be compact and space-efficient, allowing you to keep your knives within easy reach while keeping your countertops tidy and organized. They’re also incredibly easy to clean. 

Organized and Accessible

Searching for the right knife in a cluttered drawer can be frustrating and time-consuming. A knife holder offers a well-organized solution, allowing you to see and access each knife easily, streamlining your cooking process.


Knife blocks can hold a variety of knife types and sizes, which makes them incredibly versatile, compact, and even portable which is ideal for professional chefs and home chefs on the go.

2. Why You Need A Knife Block In Your Kitchen

A photo of the Universal Knife Block 23 Slots | Dalstrong

Universal Knife Block 23 Slots | Dalstrong

High-quality kitchen knives are an investment for any home chef or seasoned chef. A knife organizer ensures they remain in top condition, safeguarding their edges and longevity. Here are some reasons why you need a knife holder in your kitchen to simplify your culinary challenges.

Convenience and Efficiency

With your knives and knife sets neatly arranged in a knife block, you can easily grab the right tool for any culinary task, saving time and effort during meal preparation. Did I mention that they’re also incredibly easy to clean?

Safety for All

Families with children or pets need a secure storage solution for their knives. A knife block keeps sharp blades out of reach, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring a safe kitchen environment.

Elevate Kitchen Aesthetics

Knife blocks come in various attractive designs, complementing your kitchen decor and adding a touch of style to your cooking space, all while being a dream to display and incredibly easy to clean.

Read about how to clean a knife block the right way. here.

3. Types Of Knife Blocks

A photo of the Universal Knife Block 18 Slots | DalstrongUniversal Knife Block 18 Slots | Dalstrong

There are plenty of knife blocks out there to choose from which can be a smidge confusing. So, here’s a rundown of some popular types of knife blocks.

Magnet Knife Blocks

Sleek and modern, these blocks use strong magnets to hold knives securely in place, providing a striking visual display of your cutlery.

Wooden Knife Blocks

Classic and timeless, wooden knife blocks add warmth and elegance to any kitchen, making them a popular choice for traditional and contemporary kitchens alike.

Universal Knife Blocks

Perfect for those with diverse knife collections, universal blocks feature flexible or wider slots and rods that can accommodate various knife sizes and shapes.

Drawer-Integrated Knife Blocks

Ideal for space-saving, these innovative blocks are designed to fit inside kitchen drawers, keeping your knives concealed and within easy reach.

4. Must-Have Dalstrong Knife Blocks

Dalstrong has a wide range of knife blocks to choose from, but if you’re looking for knife blocks without knives, here are three spectacular knife blocks to choose from. Spoiler alert – one of them is coming soon and you’ve got to bag it.

1. Double-Sided | Walnut Wood | Dalstrong

Dragon Spire Magnetic Block Double-Sided | Walnut Wood | Dalstrong

This exquisite storage solution features premium, powerful magnets on both sides of each column, ensuring a strong, safe, and secure hold for up to 12 knives/knife sets or other metal instruments like spatulas and spoons. The hygienic and space-saving design is easy to clean, leaving no room for bacteria or debris accumulation.


  • Spacious and sturdy so your knives can stay as resilient and clean as you’d like.
  • The open-air design makes it incredibly easy to clean from time to time. 
  • This space-saving wooden block offers practical storage for your cutlery collection and can last you for decades.
  • The inspiring 6-column design of the Dragon Spire wooden block adds an artistic touch to your kitchen counter, proudly displaying everything from your bamboo knife to your traditional kitchen knives and enhancing your kitchen decor.


      • Knives and metal tools not included in this knife set.
      • If you’re a home cook with a modern, but minimalist approach, this knife block might not be the perfect fit for you. 

      2. Universal Knife Block 23 Slots | Dalstrong

      Universal Knife Block 23 Slots | Dalstrong

      Crafted from premium ash wooden blocks that are sourced from the USA, this meticulously designed block blends form and function seamlessly. Its aluminum alloy rim and hot-stamped Dalstrong logo add a touch of style to your kitchen counter, while the ample knife slots cater to all your essential kitchen knives, scissors, honing rods, and even eight steak knives.


      • This knife holder exudes durability, flexibility, and beautiful wood grain, making it a stunning addition to your kitchen decor.
      • With ample knife slots for all your essential kitchen knives, scissors, and honing rods, this block keeps your cutlery within easy reach, streamlining your cooking process and enhancing efficiency.
      • The addition of eight steak knife slots offers convenient storage.
      • This block set is designed with top notch quality and practicality for your kitchen.


      • If you’re not already equipped with 23 knives, this knife block can feel a tad bit incomplete.

      3. Universal Knife Block 18 Slots | Dalstrong

      Universal Knife Block 18 Slots | Dalstrong


      Create a safe and stylish haven for your knives with the Dalstrong “Basecamp” 18-slot Universal Knife Block. This exceptional block is the ultimate alternative to a traditional knife holder ensuring your knives are well-protected while adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen.


      The thoughtfully designed knife slots cater to all your essential kitchen knives, including 8” chef knives, bamboo knives, or 7” Nakiri, 9” Carving Knife, 7” Santoku, 6” Boning, 9” Bread Knife, 6” Filet Knife, 5” Santoku, 5” Utility Knife, 5.5” Utility Knife, and 3.5” Paring Knife. Additionally, the knife stand provides dedicated spaces for scissors, honing rods, and six steak knives, making it a versatile and indispensable kitchen accessory for home chefs and professional chefs


      • Made with premium American ash wood for a robust appearance.
      • With 18 thoughtfully designed wider slots, the knife stand accommodates a wide range of essential kitchen knives, ensuring easy access and organization.
      • The block's design allows for secure storage of scissors, honing rods, and six steak knives, making it a versatile storage solution for all your cutlery needs.


      • Effortless to clean and maintain for a hassle-free experience.
      • The Dalstrong logo and lion head badge elevate the block's appearance.
      • Wide slots to hold all of your favourite knives.


      • If you prefer storing your knives in a drawer, this knife block holder might not be an essential for you. 
      • The block may not be the best fit for folks with a compact kitchen or counter space.

      5. Frequently Asked Questions

      Should knives be in a block?

      Knife storage solutions like knife stands, knife blocks, and knife holders are highly recommended for organizing and securing your valuable knives. The use of a knife block ensures that your knives are protected from damage, easily accessible, and displayed neatly in your kitchen.

      Why are knife blocks important?

      Knife blocks or knife holders are vital kitchen accessories with numerous advantages. They safeguard your knives, preventing edge damage and maintaining their sharpness for extended periods. Besides, knife blocks offer convenience by keeping your knives within reach, streamlining meal preparation, and presenting an appealing display in your culinary space.

      What is a knife block called?

      A knife block is also referred to as a knife holder, knife organizer, or knife storage block. This indispensable countertop tool comes with wider slots or magnets to securely store and organize a wide range of knives, making it an essential addition for passionate home chefs and professional chefs.


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      Need a Knife Block Without Knives? Say Less!

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