Dalstrong vs. Misen Knives : Companies On The Cutting Edge

Dalstrong vs. Misen Knives

Dalstrong vs. Misen Knives : Companies On The Cutting Edge

Dalstrong started in 2014, has set out to provide reliable knives at affordable prices with bold, inspiring designs.

Misen started in 2015 on Kickstarter, wants to provide minimalistic and affordable knives for all home chefs.

In this article, we'll discuss similarities and differences in both companies that are making a mark in the kitchen knife industry.

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    1. Dalstrong and Misen Knives Company Overviews

    In a world full of reinventions, both Dalstrong and Misen set out to bridge the gap between traditional and modern knives. Dalstrong started with our CEO, David Dallaire, in 2014. David is a true connoisseur and mastermind for all things design. He is someone who is constantly inspired by art, history, music, and most importantly, innovation – the core foundation of Dalstrong's values and motto – "There Are No Limits." 

    Misen started on Kickstarter back in 2015 and has grown immensely since. Misen's CEO, Omar Rada, wanted to create a knife that offered quality at an affordable price compared to other knife companies. He wanted to incorporate this without compromising on the standard or value of a Misen knife.

    If you find yourself at a crossroads between choosing from Dalstrong or Misen, well, rest assured, you're going to land yourself a professional knife regardless of your choice. Let's dive deeper into this topic and discover what both Dalstrong and Misen have to offer with their classic knives. 

    2. Dalstrong Knives

    Eleven knives in a row against a white background displaying each of Dalstrong's knife series

    Dalstrong has managed to plant its feet firmly on the ground with a remarkable variety of knives, cookware, and apparel. They check all the boxes when it comes down to engineering a high-quality knife. But, let's talk more about the features that helped them mark their place at the top of premium knife competition. 

    The company has a distinct range of knives within the Shogun series, a fan favorite, which offers an ultra-premium Japanese steel make, with a precision-forged blade and a razor-sharp edge. 

    They also have everything from classic chef's knives to paring knives, and even oyster shucking knives. This 8-inch chef knife from the infamous Shogun series helps achieve precise cuts on cucumbers, carrots, and sweet potatoes for meal prep. This chef knife is one of Dalstrong's best-selling and versatile products, due to its exceptional grip, cutting precision, and durability. 

    People eat with their eyes first, which is deeply rooted in every single chef knife at Dalstrong. The Shadow Black Series is a fine example of that perfect balance. Striking in its appearance, the chef knife is a show stopper.

    Like our CEO, our team at Dalstrong seeks inspiration from every aspect of life. Interestingly enough, the Shadow Black Series was inspired by the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter jet. It is built with an ergonomic grip and black titanium nitride coating to ensure durability and resistance to corrosion.

    What stands out in Dalstrong's collection of knives is the distinct look from series to series and their range. We've got you covered if you're looking for a particular knife such as a paring knife, serrated knife, bread knife, utility knife, or a striking steak knife. 

    Dalstrong also has a substantial range of stainless steel products that aren't limited to knives alone, but cookware sets too.

    And if you're looking for a quick fix for your kitchen arsenal, they've got a knife set waiting for you. For instance, you can grab a steak knife set that is made with premium Japanese steel and is perfect for adding an edge to your kitchen. 

    Dalstrong embodies its motto "There Are No Limits" by kicking it up a notch with an insane range of aprons, whetstones, BBQ cutting tools, and cookware sets that you would not find at Misen Knives. 

    3. Misen Knives

    misen knife laying on white counter

    Misen and Dalstrong started around the same time as one another. But Misen's approach within the culinary space is different from Dalstrong's. If you, like most, prefer variety in the culinary area, Misen's kitchen Knife collection could seem limited in some ways. 

    While Misen knives are breathtaking in their appearance, they seem to fall short when it comes down to offering different blade lengths or knife types for other needed functionality, such as slicing large briskets or a Thanksgiving Turkey. If you're looking for a knife or knife block that makes a statement, many feel that Dalstrong would be the better choice.

    Two of Misen's best-selling knives are the Short Chefs Knife and Misen Chefs Knife, which are workhorses in their own right. While the Misen chef knife isn’t created with ultra-premium material, it is made with AICHI AUS-10 steel that is hardened at 58+ Rockwell, which offers an impressive cutting ability, and provides a great edge, too. The sloped bolster is an added bonus. 

    Misen is known for not being too expensive as they want to build a reputable knife brand without having to attach the word 'premium' to it. 

    Misen has a limited line of products that are made with stainless steel. The cookware bundle and steak knife set are the only exceptions to this. If you're a home cook who is fond of stainless steel cookware with a knife blade to go with it because of its durability, Misen may not be the best choice. 

    Speaking of cookware, their bundle consists of two cooking pans, a sauté pan, a saucepan, and a stockpot, Misen's cookware is made with 5-Ply stainless steel and aluminum, which offers excellent heat retention and conductivity. It is a great start for a home chef looking to sharpen their skills. The entire cookware bundle is gas, electric, and induction cooktop friendly. The handles on the cookware set are ergonomic, significantly reducing wrist fatigue. 

    You should note that Misen knives are on the lower end of the price as their products aren't made with premium material such as Damascus, stainless steel, or copper. 

    4. Cost Comparison

    Both of these knife companies offer you a different price range. While Misen knives are cheaper as they aren't a luxury knife company, their cookware sets and bundles are quite expensive. Dalstrong on the other hand offers an affordable range for both knives and cookware bundles. 

    A chef could pick either knife company and not be met with disappointment. However, Dalstrong goes above and beyond by providing you with a knife that is made with premium material, is cost and budget-friendly, and makes a statement with its appearance.

    Not happy with your knife? No problem. Dalstrong offers a 100% money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty against defects. If the quality does not meet your expectations, a refund or exchange is provided. 

    It's inspiring how Dalstrong has managed to create a chef knife for every individual out there by letting its design express personality in the kitchen.

    5. Material Comparison

    Uncooked fish on parchment paper on a wooden cutting board next to a black fillet knife

    Misen makes their blade with high-quality Japanese steel, which makes their Santoku Knife one of the go-to products for their users. They don't promote themselves as a Japanese knife or a western knife brand but as an affordable hybrid of both, This makes them a good contender if you're on the lookout for a classic, but functional knife, like their Misen paring knife, serrated knife, or utility knife. 

    According to one Misen knife review, the downside of their chef knife was that the Misen blades dull far too quickly and have an edge that isn't as robust and sturdy as they expected. So, the point of buying an affordable and good quality knife goes down when you'll need to also invest in a whetstone, which could cost as much as a quality knife.

    I give the edge to Dalstrong on this front since their chef knives are made with ultra-premium material, are cost-friendly, and have blades that don't dull quickly. If you add a whetstone to your order for your blade when purchasing from Dalstrong, your order total won't create a huge dent in your wallet, either. It's almost like killing two birds with one stone. (But not a whetstone, get it?) 

    6. Dalstrong vs. Misen: Differences and Similarities 

    Dalstrong vs. Misen knives comparison table

    7. Dalstrong vs. Misen: Pros and Cons

    misen knife laying beside Dalstrong knife



    • Wide variety of high-quality and durable blades and quality kitchen tools.
    • Their community is amazing. They are heavily invested on social media including their large Dalstrong Elite community. 
    • They post frequently on their Dalstrong blog which includes product recommendations, recipes, and even chef spotlight profiles. 
    • Dalstrong offers a lifetime warranty, 100% satisfaction, and a money-back guarantee.
    • Superior customer service that is knowledgeable and proactive.
    • Variety of knives for any professional chef or aspiring home cook.


      • Some of the knives could be eye-grabbing if you're on the lookout for an ordinary or minimalist approach.
      • The wide range of knives can make it tough to narrow down a favorite. 
      • As a fairly new company, the experience compared to other knife companies could be seen as a con due to the lack of experience. 
      • Also as a new company, Dalstrong is still trying to find its identity, compared to culinary companies that have been around for hundreds of years. (Zwilling or Wusthof for example)



        • Not very expensive.
        • Simplistic approach in terms of design and function.
        • Japanese style knives.
        • 60 day test drive of their knives. 


          • Lacks personalization on social media and customer service.
          • Limited collection.
          • Only offers a simplistic knife design that doesn't truly show your personality.
          • There isn't much room for customization.

            8. Conclusion

            Spiral knife block set on a dark kitchen counter next to some kitchen knives

            In conclusion, both Misen and Dalstrong are built for knife enthusiasts who are looking to give their kitchen arsenal an edge with a high-quality knife. Whichever knife company you choose to go with will ultimately depend on your personality and what traits you prioritize more in a knife or knife company –  Is it the durability, the design, or is it the price? 

            These are questions for you to ask yourself before you make your decision. Either way, both are here to offer you the best of the best when it comes to their unique style.

            And hey, if you ever want to sign up, or read more about our knives or recipes you know where to find us! Check out our blog and I promise, you’ll be on your way to becoming a Dalstrong Pro.

            9. Frequently Asked Questions

            Large chef knife next to four pieces of uncooked beef

            Are misen knives any good?

            Misen knives are made with AUS-10 grade Japanese steel, so you can expect your knife and blade to offer you durability and incredible performance with its cutting edge.

            Where are misen knives located?

            Misen knives are located in New York City in the United States. 

            Are misen knives made in the USA?

            Misen knives are made in China, just out of Shanghai. They make their knife handles and blades with imported Japanese steel.

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