Cooking Set: Here’s Why Every Kitchen Needs One

Avalon cookware on a sophisticated white counter with black tiled back splash.The Avalon Series 12 Piece Cookware Set

Quick Overview: Top Cooking Set Options For You

  • 12 Piece Cookware Set- Oberson Series | Dalstrong
  • 6 Piece Cookware Set- Oberon Series | Dalstrong
  • 12 Piece Cookware Set- Avalon Series | Dalstrong

Whether you are setting up a whole new kitchen or revamping your existing one, when it comes to investing in new cooking equipment, it can get pretty confusing. The numerous cookware brands can leave you clueless about what to pick for your kitchen. 

Recently, I noticed a rapid rise of different cookware sets, some of which boast a combination of different types of materials like stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, and copper. It is important to know that faulty cookware can be damaged by high temperatures or ruin your overall experience through poor heat conduction. It can also transfer flavors and stains that are rather stubborn and difficult to clean. 

To help you decide, I rounded up some of the best cookware sets that will not only bring sophistication to your kitchen but will also prove to be very versatile. But before we get into the options, let me tell you why every kitchen needs a cooking set!

Oberon Cookware on top of a beautiful silver stove with white backsplashThe Oberon Series 6 Piece Cookware Set

1. Why Do You Need A Complete Cooking Set? 

When setting up a kitchen, you have two options: buy your cookware individually or in a set. Simply put, a cookware set is a bundle of all the essential kitchen tools one could need. Check out why you need a cooking set below:

  • Buying a cookware set turns out to be more affordable than purchasing individual cooking items.You can get great deals on cookware sets and be able to save money in the long run. 
  • Apart from being an economical purchase, buying a cookware set means that you get an aesthetic matching set of cookware in different sizes. This also adds sophistication to your kitchen. 
  • You won’t have to buy individual pots and pans and worry about forgetting an essential pot or pan. 
  • Cooking sets also make a great gift for every type of occasion, from a wedding to a housewarming. It can also make a great fathers day gift if you have the type of dad who loves cooking up a storm. 
  • If you are someone that likes uniformity, then matching pots and pans are what you need. 
  • It makes for easy storage, which is why cooking sets are perfect for small kitchens.Very often, cooking sets are designed in such a way that you can stack them up and store them in only a small space in your kitchen.

2. Difference Between Cooking Set Materials

Now let’s take a look at some cookware materials and understand why some of them perform better than others. 

Stainless Steel Cookware

Stainless steel is a very popular cookware material that you would probably find in every household. Stainless steel is actually an alloy made of metals like steel, carbon, and chromium. The reason this is called “stainless” steel is because of its ability to resist corrosion.

While this is an excellent choice for cookware, its inability to conduct heat well can be a point of concern. You must make sure you choose stainless steel cookware that has an aluminum or copper core. Without this, you might land up with cookware that cooks unevenly. 

Some advantages of stainless steel cookware are:

  • Durable
  • Relatively pocket-friendly 
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Maintains luster for a long time 
  • Doesn’t react to food
  • Warp-resistant

Cast Iron Cookware

You can call cast iron an ancient cookware metal because it’s been used to create pots and pans for hundreds of years. If you ask someone who uses cast iron cookware, they will absolutely swear by it for its exceptional cooking ability. However, they will also tell you that it is no easy-going metal. It requires less effort to keep it working the way it should. 

Cast iron skillets, pots, and pans are also insanely durable, and it is also not impossible to find cast iron cookware passed from one generation to the next.  These types of cookware are heavier than most other types and can also rust easily unless seasoned. 

Some advantages of cast iron cookware are:

  • Extremely durable
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Excellent heat retention

Aluminum Cookware

This metal is used in approximately 50% of all cookware manufactured today because of its impeccable ability to conduct heat quickly and evenly. However, this is a soft metal and can scratch or dent easily. 

Sometimes it also reacts with foods. This is why you usually find aluminum sandwiched between layers of other metals. Stainless steel cookware with a layer of aluminum offering will help you enjoy the benefits of both materials. Aluminum cookware is often made with a nonstick coating to make sure food doesn’t stick to the pot or the pan and remains unburned. 

Some advantages of aluminum cookware are: 

  • Excellent heat conduction
  • Relatively lightweight, so easy to handle
  • Easy to clean

Copper Cookware

Professional chefs love this kind of cookware, and it is mainly because of its excellent heat conductivity.  Copper cookware is generally quite expensive; that's why it is not often seen in many home kitchens. This is another metal that is often sandwiched between layers of other materials like stainless steel. 

This metal conducts heat very well, which means it heats quickly and adjusts to changes in temperature, like going from low heat to high heat and vice versa,  just as quickly. This allows greater control over your cooking. While cooking sets of this material are very good at their job, they require regular polishing, which makes them slightly high maintenance. 

Some advantages of copper cookware are: 

  • Cooks food evenly
  • Distributes heat quickly
  • More responsive to temperature change 

Nonstick Cookware

Nonstick coating is durable and effortlessly releases even delicate foods like eggs and pancakes. Little or no oil is required when using nonstick cookware, which is why they are a good choice for low-fat or nonfat dishes. Depending on the primary material (which is mostly aluminum), most pieces are ideal for use on any type of cooktop, including induction. 

While this cookware is truly worth investing in, they scratch easily, which is why you must always use silicones utensils or buy nonstick pans and pots that are safe for metal utensils. 

Some advantages of nonstick cookware are: 

  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Most of them are oven-safe up to 500 degrees F. 

3. What Pieces Should You Look For In A Cooking Set?

Let’s check some of the different cookware materials that you should have in your kitchen cupboards. 

A nonstick skillet

Every kitchen should have a 10-12-inch nonstick skillet.

Depending on how many people you have in your household, you’ll want to get either a 10” skillet that is perfect for two large pieces of meat, or a 12-inch skillet, which can fit three or four smaller pieces. If you prepare complex meals often, you might want 2 of them. 

    A sauté pan

    Sauté pans are ideal for cooking one-pot dishes since they have higher sides compared to skillets, which allows for more food and more movement like stirring and sautéing. When you’re cooking stir-fries, pasta, meat, or veggies, you will find yourself reaching out for the sauté pan, so without a doubt, this is a 100% kitchen essential. I suggest you go for a pan with a lid as you may require that in some recipes. 


    You need a saucepan or two in your kitchen. You can keep a small, 2-3 quart saucepan for things like rice, gravy, and single-serve pasta or noodle meals and keep a large saucepan for group dishes. 


      I agree that this will take up some space in your kitchen cabinet, but sometimes a large stockpot can get the job done like no one else. From creating broth to brining a thanksgiving turkey, there are multiple ways of using stockpots. Another stockpot hack is to stack other cookware inside it to condense storage.

      4. Is Nonstick Cookware Set Safe? 

      Nonstick coatings are known to keep food from sticking to the pot or pan and help make cleaning up easier. However, you must remember that these coatings don't last forever. Eventually, they lose their stick-resistant properties. This might not bother you if you bought an inexpensive pan, but it can be very disappointing if you've invested in an expensive set. 

      While there is no evidence that these coatings are harmful to use when cooking, they can release fumes if overheated. This usually happens if you pre-heat a nonstick coating or use it over very high heat. 

      5. The Best Qualities To Look For In A Good Cooking Set


      This is the first thing to consider when buying cookware since it affects both the price and the performance. There are some cookware pieces made for clay or stovetop-safe ceramic materials, but those tend to be specialty items rather than cookware you can use every day. You can also find nonstick ceramic cookware, but not everyone prefers that material. 

      Cookware is made of different types of metal, with stainless steel, aluminum, and copper being the most common. While some cookware is entirely made from one type of metal, it is not unusual to find cookware made from two or more metals. 

      The type of metal cookware is made of dictates the way it is maintained. Some materials are tougher than others. When it comes to performance, different metals react differently when they come in contact with heat. Copper is very responsive to cast iron that retains heat very well. Every metal has its own special heating properties. 

      Metals that are responsive gain and lose heat rapidly as you adjust the stove temperature from medium heat to low heat or high heat to low heat and vice versa. Responsiveness is important when cooking foods that can overcook quickly. 


      The nonstick interior coating prevents your food from sticking, while uncoated tends to be better for searing meats and handling high heat on the stove and in the oven. Some cookware has an exterior coating that tends to be more decorative than functional. Check out some of the best nonstick frying pans here.

      Cast iron that has an enamel coating, so it doesn't need to be seasoned as often as a cast iron without the coating. Coated cast iron is corrosion-resistant and can handle acidic foods with ease. However, the downside to any coating is that it can be damaged, which can render the pan useless. 


      The size and variety of the cooking set make a lot of difference. For example, small frying pans are ideal for frying one to two eggs, while large stockpots are perfect for making big batches of stews and soups.

      It really depends on how many people you cook for and how much you want to cook at one time. Some would prefer to use small cookware for individual meals, and others might choose large cookware so they can precook and freeze meals. 


      You can find pots in different shapes and often for specific uses like crepe pans or grill pans. Generally, wide, shallow pans are best for cooking foods where evaporation is required, like reducing the sauce.Tall and narrow pots are best when the goal is to limit the evaporation of liquid, like when you’re cooking pasta. 


      It is common for there to be more pots than lids in come cooking sets since it is likely that some lids will be interchangeable. Most lids are usually made from the same material used in making the pot, so they can withstand the same heat. 

      Some lids are made of glass, which means you can see the food without lifting the lid, but they may not be able to handle the high oven heat.  

      Ease of storage

      Storing cookware is a problem in many kitchens, and it is true that cookware can eat up a lot of valuable space. While sets that can nest will save cabinet space, you will need to grab the whole set to pick one item you want. You want to go for a set that you think will fit best in your kitchen space. To know more about how to store your pots and pans and spare the chaos, click here.

      6. Top Cooking Set Options For You

      1. 12 Piece Cookware Set- Oberon Series | Dalstrong

      12 Piece Cookware Set- Oberon Series | Dalstrong

      Here are gorgeous pots and pans set of 3-ply Alumnim-core cookware that is designed to help you create magic in the kitchen. This is a high-performing, medium-weight, and ultra-functional induction cookware set that is built to last a lifetime. 

      The stunning 3-ply aluminum cladded cookware set boasts impeccable conductivity to heat foods like omelets and scrambled eggs to thick proteins quickly and evenly. Unlike regular aluminum cookware, this bundle of miracles by Dalstrong uses cladding technology to fuse layers of stainless steel that excels at browning and brain food and prolongs the life of the pan, making it very durable. 

      Not only is this cooking set maximally versatile, but its eye-catching design makes it the star of any kitchen. These cookware pieces are also compatible with all stovetops and are optimized for induction. 


      • Brush-finished induction bottom of the pieces enhances the grip that is required for smooth top electric ranges, induction cooktops, and gas stoves. 
      • The includes: 9” Frying Pan, 10” Frying Pan, 12” sauté pan, 5-quart Stock Pot, 8-quart Stock Pot, 4-quart Saucepan
      • Tempered glass lids for all. Basically, it has everything you need to cook for one person to an entire party.
      • Every piece of the cooking set is broiler and oven safe, up to 500 degrees F. They are also freezer, dishwasher, and refrigerator safe.


      • If you have a small kitchen space, storing all of these pieces could feel like playing a game of Tetris. 
      • You might not need so many pieces of cookware if you have a small family. In that case, you can take a look at the 6-piece set I talk about below. 

      2. 6 Piece Cookware Set- Oberon Series | Dalstrong

      6 Piece Cookware Set- Oberon Series | Dalstrong

      Enjoy healthy cooking with non-toxic, non-hypoallergenic materials of this amazing cooking set. Just like its 12-piece counterpart, this pots and pans set is also known for its excellent heat-conducting abilities and can be used as a trusted companion in any of your culinary adventures. This high-performing cooking set is perfect for a family of 2-4 people. 


      • This set includes: 9” Frying pan, 12” sauté pan, 5-quart Stockpot
      • Has perfect-fit tempered glass lids for all
      • Each piece of the cooking set is designed to accommodate the chef’s underhand grip, and the perfectly angled handle guarantees a comfortable and secure hold while cooking. 
      • The lids come with vented holes that serve as a pressure release to prevent the pan from rattling and food from boiling over. 


      • The stainless steel handles of the pieces could get hot if used for long hours. 
      • If you are setting up your kitchen from scratch, I would recommend the bigger set as it covers all your needs. If you already have a few items in your kitchen and just want to add some more pieces, then this is a great option. 

      3. 12 Piece Cookware Set- Avalon Series | Dalstrong

      12 Piece Cookware Set- Avalon Series | Dalstrong

      This set from Dalstrong’s 5-ply Avalon Series is the epitome of stunning design and high-performing, functional cookware that is built to last generations. This cooking set exudes refinement with its luxurious appearance and aspiration to perform. Boasting unrivaled conductivity, every piece of this set allows for precise searing, browning, sautéing, deep-frying, quick boiling, and making sauces and jams.

      A result of painstaking craftsmanship, this pots and pans set rises above the rest with a Copper Core Foundation, which enhances its heat conductivity, control, and responsiveness. The layers of stainless steel also enhance heat retention and preserve the nutritional qualities, taste, and color of foods. 


      • This gorgeous set includes: 9” Skillet, 10” Skillet, 12” sauté pan, 5-quart Stock Pot, 8-quart Stock Pot, 4-quart Saucepan
      • Has tempered glass lids for all
      • The pots and pans are designed for easy transition from cooking on the stovetop to finishing it in the oven. 
      • This is a true heavy-gauge cookware set that will never dent or warp under prolonged heat and give you consistent cooking results. 


      • The price of this cooking set is slightly steep and would not make this everyone’s first preference. 
      • This set comes with all-steel lids that would make it difficult for you to keep a check on the food. 

      7. Frequently Asked Questions

      What should be in a cooking set? 

      Your pots and pans set should include a 10-12” skillet, a sauté pan, small and large saucepans, a stock pot, and sometimes even a Dutch Oven like Le Creuset. Some sets also come with roasting pans and a grill. 

      How to clean stainless steel pans? 

      Pour a few spoonfuls of baking soda on your scorched pan with some water to cover the burnt areas, and boil and simmer until most of the water evaporates. Turn off the heat, wait a few minutes for the pan to cool down, and scrub away the buildup with a nonabrasive sponge, and wash in hot, soapy water. For more tips, click here.

      Is Nonstick cookware set safe? 

      Nonstick cookware is generally safe, though there are environmental concerns around PTFE. When overheated, the nonstick coating of the pan can break down and release harmful chemicals. However, it is very rare that you will find yourself overheating your pans to that extent. 

      Best way to organize pots and pans?

      To organize your pots and pans, you can hang them from pot rails on a wall, hang them from pot rails across the window, or you can also hang them from a pot rack on the ceiling and stack them and store the lids separately. To know more about how to organize pots and pans, click here.

      Written by Himani Vaid
      Toronto-based food nerd turned food storyteller, Himani is a connoisseur of all things delish. Currently, busy thinking about what to eat next.

      Cooking Set: Here’s Why Every Kitchen Needs One

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