What Makes Dalstrong The Best Brand For Knives – Battle Of The Brands

Gladiator Series 5-pc knife block on a beautiful white table with a white sink on the background.5-Piece Knife Set with Modular Block Gladiator Series

If you’ve been searching for knife sets or quality kitchen knives, you’re at the right place. There are plenty of knife brands out there that are carving their place in the culinary world, and hey, it can get a smidge confusing. 

I’m elated to talk to you about them and educate you on how to choose the best brand that caters to your personality, budget, and culinary skills. And, don’t fret – This blog will help both, home cooks and professional chefs. So, let’s get right into it. 

1. What Are The Top Knife Brands? 

A photo of all the Dalstrong Knife Series handles next to each other.

Some of the most incredible knife brands in the world today are Dalstrong, Zwilling, Shun Cutlery, Victorinox Knives, and Wüsthof. Regardless of the brand that you decide to go with, rest assured, you’re going to land yourself a professional knife that looks and feels opulent. Here’s everything you need to know about these brands. 


In 2014, David Dallaire, a true connoisseur of the culinary world, launched Dalstrong to build a much-needed bridge between prestigious cutlery and knife aficionados. David is inspired to the very core of his existence by music, history, and art, which reflects in Dalstrong’s versatile collection of forged knives – Truly embodying Dalstrong’s motto, “There Are No Limits”. 

Dalstrong is distinct in many aspects, the most important being the standard of knives and kitchenware that is consistently put out. Whether it’s a striking magnetic knife block set or a single professional knife you’re looking for, the list remains endless. 

Alongside the finest of kitchen knives, you can find premium-quality cutting boards, kitchen knife sharpeners, honing rods, stock pots, and skillet frying pans. 

Not only are they made with the highest quality of materials and multiple types of steel, but they’re designed and engineered to represent a certain niche and a specific group of people. Dalstrong’s knives are manufactured in the knife capital of China, Yangjiang. 


  • Top-notch customer service. 
  • Lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee. 
  • Consistently launching new collections. 
  • Offers 15+ collections to choose from to fit your mood and aesthetic.


  • Vivacious blades that can be overwhelming for the minimalist. 
  • A dynamic, but young player in the world of culinary. 


Launched in 1731, Zwilling was founded by Zwilling JA Henckels, a knife-maker and enthusiast in Germany. Today, Zwilling has an undeniable history of knife smithery. Their knives have an ergonomic handle that is available in 5 different colors. Although, the blade material they use is limited to German steel. 

Zwilling knives are used by professional home cooks and chefs who know their way around busy kitchens. Zwilling, similar to Dalstrong, offers a premium range of knives in their Zwilling Pro line. Zwilling Pro has a good variety of budget-friendly options. They offer both, stamped knives and forged knives. 

There are a variety of brands under Zwilling, such as Henckels, Staub, Miyabi, and Ballarini. Zwilling’s knives are made in Japan and Germany, whereas Henckels’ knives are manufactured in Spain, China, and India. They currently have 8+ knife collections. Learn more about Zwilling here.


  • A rich tradition of knife-making that dates back over 3 centuries. 
  • Great variety for knife handles.
  • Modern and classy designs. 


  • Considerably more expensive than Dalstrong. 
  • The use of softer steels strips away the blade’s sharpness quickly. 
  • Does not offer premium packaging that is pleasing to the eye which is underwhelming for those that eat with their eyes first. 
  • Quite traditional in its designs if you’re looking for something more vibrant. 

Shun Cutlery

Similar to Dalstrong, Shun Cutlery is yet another young brand in the cutlery world, but they have a rich history that dates back to the 20th century. Shun Cutlery is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and is owned by the KAI group. They have a good variety of kitchen knives, razors, BBQ sets, and kitchen accessories. 

Shun Cutlery made its way into the western market in 2002. They’re known for producing hand-made premium-quality knives in Seki City, Japan. The blades on the Shun Premier knives are hammered by Tsuchime, which is a kind of blade finish that gives knives a rustic appearance. 

Shun knives, especially the shun classic chef knife, are known for their glossy appearance and are one of their most famous knives. However, Shun knives are only made with Japanese steel. They currently have over 9+ knife collections. To know more about Shun, you may read more info here


  • The company has a rich tradition of knife-making that dates back to the 20th century. 
  • The knives are hand-made by skilled artisans. 
  • Their knives have cutting edges that retain sharpness. 


  • Shun Cutlery falls a little short when it comes to its community presence. 
  • Significantly more expensive than Dalstrong’s knives and overall knife collection.
  • Reviews suggest that the knife’s blades often chip when cutting hard foods. 
  • Limited variety. 


Wüsthof is undoubtedly a famous knife brand that has paved its way into the world of kitchenware. Founded in 1814 by Abraham Wüsthof in Solingen, Germany, the company has been manufacturing knives for over two centuries and is known for its traditional approach when it comes to its versatile craftsmanship. 

Wüsthof has 10 knife collections to choose from, but they are best known for the Wüsthof Classic and Wüsthof Classic Ikon collections. Discover more information about Wüstho here.


  • Experience in knife-making for over 2 centuries. 
  • Well-reputed knives in the culinary world.
  • The knives are equipped with a full tang blade. 


  • Some blades in their collections are stamped. 
  • Limited designs to choose from.
  • Reviews suggest that their knife edge’s dull far too quickly.
  • The knife’s appearance is quite traditional.  


Victorinox was founded in 1884 by CEO Carl Elsener’s great-grandfather, Karl Elsener in Ibach-Schwyz, Switzerland. Victorinox is known for its versatile range of swiss army knives. 

Victorinox has a wide array of product categories such as professional knives, travel gear, fragrances, watches, and household items. Victorinox uses only martensitic steel for its swiss army knives – A high carbon stainless steel that has high amounts of chromium and carbon to resist corrosion. 

The Victorinox Fibrox Pro is one of their popular knives. The brand features 3 natural wood handles – Modified Maple, Rosewood, and Walnut. 

The brand has 3 kitchen knife collections and 6 swiss army knife collections. 


  • Known for their ergonomic handle shape.
  • Offers a secure grip on swiss army knives. 
  • Large and medium-sized knives to cater to different needs. 


  • Reviews suggest that a significant amount of their blades are stamped which has caused dexterity issues.
  • Knives need constant sharpening as they aren’t the toughest of blades as per the Rockwell scale of hardness. 

2. What Makes Dalstrong The Best Brand For Knives

Dalstrong Gladiator Series 18-piece Colossal Knife Block Set on a black wooden table with a few of its knives laid outside of the block on a wooden circular tray.18-piece Colossal Knife Block Set ABS Handles | Gladiator Series | Knives NSF Certified | Dalstrong 

    A tough knife wins the game. Quite literally. 

    Dalstrong’s knives range from 55+ to 62+ on the Rockwell hardness scale – So, not only are the blades sturdy and robust, but they have sharp edges and excellent edge retention. The edge angle on the knives makes it very convenient to sharpen them, too.  

    Are you a lover of all things Grunge? The Shadow Black series couldn’t be a better fit. Looking to amp up your kitchen for all things fall? The Ronin series can give you a hand. Are you a minimalist by heart? The Frost Fire series was made for you. 

    And hey, I could go on, because Dalstrong’s 15+ knife collections are distinct to a tee and cater to what matters to you the most as a knife aficionado – Is it the appearance? Is it your budget? Is it your affinity for the culinary community? There’s something for everyone. 

    Dalstrong has a vivid community presence on social media that is, quite honestly, commendable. If you’re looking for the point of all knives’ existence, this is the place to be. Another factor that makes Dalstrong stand out from its peers is its lifetime warranty – If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, they have quick and proactive customer service to resolve all of your concerns. 

    While Dalstrong has an excellent range of western knives like a carving knife, butchers knife, boning knife, or bread knife, they have impeccable Asian knives made with top-notch German ThyssenKrupp steel, Damascus steel, High carbon stainless steel, and Japanese steel – Truly offering the blend of both culinary worlds. 

    3. How To Choose The Best Brand For Knives 

    Yanagiba Slicer 9.5”- Phantom Series next to a huge serving of sushi on a black platter.

      There are multiple factors for choosing the best brand for knives that work for you. Here’s a quick summary of what they are. 


      We all want a premium knife that looks good, works well and is the embodiment of function meeting form. But, finding a brand that has budget-friendly options is crucial if you’re particular about budgeting in general. 

      You may think that it’s justifiable to splurge on just one expensive knife. But, you need a variety of knives that are suited for different tasks, so finding a brand that has plenty of options to choose from is ideal. 

      Professional knife sets and knife blocks are a great investment, whether you’re a home cook or a seasoned chef. This applies to anyone looking to purchase knives to take their kitchen arsenal up a notch.


      Knife collections consist of quality knives. This includes western knives and Asian knives. Everything from a chef’s knife, carving knife or boning knife to Japanese knives like Santoku Knives, Deba Knives, and Yanagiba knives are considered the “bare minimum” for prestigious knife brands. 

      Moreover, there should be a range of colors, types of steel, handle types, and blade lengths to choose from. This is for you to measure what would work best for you and your culinary needs. 

      Brands like Dalstrong are known for their flashy, but also sophisticated blade choices for different personalities and aesthetics. Dalstrong also offers blade lengths from 2.75 inches to 14 inches. 

      And, if you’re a professional cook or seasoned home chef working with large batches of meat and fish, there are some knives that go all the way up to a staggering 17 inches. 

      Blade Material 

      While both Shun Cutlery and Victorinox Knives have etched their names into the culinary world, they only offer one blade material for their knives which limits their collection. 

      However, with brands like Dalstrong, you can choose from a variety of blade materials such as Japanese super steel, stainless steel, high carbon stainless Steel, German ThyssenKrupp Steel, and harder steels like Damascus steel and carbon steel blades. 

      Community Presence 

      Let’s be honest. When we purchase or as I like to call it, ‘invest’, in kitchen tools, we want it to be more than just something we bought on the internet – It should feel like an experience. I’m impressed at Dalstrong’s ability to provide an experience to its users from the ground up. Let me elaborate. 

      Their Knife Series Comparison is an excellent way to determine the knife that best suits your needs. Then, until the very moment, you receive your knife in Dalstrong’s packaging with fast and free shipping, it is all so worth it! 

      Moreover, Dalstrong publishes chef blogs regularly to educate their culinary community about how each of their kitchen tools can be used to their best potential. The chef blog consists of product guides, recipes, and other interesting facts to help both, home cooks and professional chefs.

      Blade Type

      Choosing the right blade is the crux of owning a knife. And, you want to pick a knife brand that uses forged knives instead of stamped knives. Stamped blades are cheaply manufactured, extremely brittle and coarse, and have an overall tacky appearance. 

      Forged knives on the other hand are designed for durability and sturdiness. Dalstrong only produces premium-quality forged knives for durability and sturdiness.

      Bonus: Pitmaster’s Picks

      BBQ Knives are a huge part of knife collections, regardless of which brand you decide to go with. These knives are a part of a professional’s knife collection. And hey, if you’re big on BBQ or are a pitmaster yourself, this is something you should consider without a doubt. 

      Although Dalstrong is a young contender in the world of cutlery, they’re the top choice of many pitmasters which is a huge accomplishment for the top knife brands in the world. Read more about it here.

      4. Top Dalstrong Knives For You

      1Chef Knife - 8" Olive Wood Handle 

      Chef Knife - 8" Olive Wood Handle

      Who doesn’t like a knife that is precision-forged and wear-resistant? I sure do! Made with high carbon German ThyssenKrupp Steel that is hardened at 56+ Rockwell, the sharp edges of this chefs knife are hand-sharpened to 16-18 degrees for all the resilience that you need. 


      • Hand-polished for a stunning satin finish on the blade.
      • Full tang for a sturdy hand as you chop, core, dice, and slice. 
      • Low in maintenance, and super easy to clean. 
      • The durable olive wood handle on this knife has a comfortable pinch grip. 


      • If you’re not well-versed with knives, the blade length could be slightly intimidating. I suggest a blade length of 6 inches.  
      • You may want a traditional-looking knife, and I couldn’t suggest the Gladiator series enough. 

      2. Boning Knife 6" Crimson Red ABS Handle

      Boning Knife 6" Crimson Red ABS Handle

      A boning knife that has a scalpel-like sharpness is one for the books, and this knife from the Shogun series is no exception to that rule. With tremendous edge-retention, the hollow divots on the blade are perfect to minimize friction. You can not cut longer and go further without any dragging movements. 


      • Made with an AUS-10V Japanese super steel core and 67 layers of Damascus, this knife didn’t come here to play. 
      • Rust and corrosion-resistant, so say hello to durability. 
      • Cryogenically tempered for strength and flexibility. 


      • Not big on large roasts or cooking big batches of meat? Then, this knife might not be the best purchase. 
      • If you’re a professional cook, you may want a boning knife with a longer blade. Go big or go home, right? 

      3. Santoku 7" Phantom Series

      Santoku 7" Phantom Series

      The phantom series was designed to challenge your culinary skills. The blade on this Santoku knife is made with premium quality Japanese AUS-8 that is hardened at 58 HRC. The divots along the blade prevent stuck-on food particles from slowing you down. Ruthlessly sharp, and precisely tapered for minimal surface resistance. Slicing vegetables has never been savvier. 


      • Low in maintenance and cleans easily. 
      • Full tang for all the support you need. 
      • Ice-tempered blade for superior edge retention. 


      • Not big on Japanese knives or slicing precise cuts of sashimi, nigiri, and other herbs? This knife could be overkill. 
      • You may prefer a steel or fiber-resin handle on your knives instead of wooden ones. 

      4. Bull Nose Butcher Knife 10" Shogun Series ELITE 

      Bull Nose Butcher Knife 10" Shogun Series ELITE

      This knife from the Shogun series has a 10” blade that is perfect for seasoned home cooks and professional chefs who know their way around busy kitchens and are well-versed with cooking large roasts and briskets. 


      • The edge retention on this knife is tremendous. It’s also hardened at 62+ Rockwell.
      • Made with AUS-10V Japanese super steel core with a full tang. 
      • Triple riveted so you don’t have to worry about the knife’s resilience. 
      • Cleans supremely easily. 


      • The blade length is not for the novice. 
      • This knife has a higher price tag attached to it as it has a longer blade length and 67 layers of Damascus to keep it robust. 

      5. Bread Knife 10.25" Shogun Series 

      Bread Knife 10.25" Shogun Series

      Serrated knives have a special place in my heart. I mean, who doesn’t love a knife that could be used as a bread knife that also slices loaves and cakes? This is one enormous knife, but it’s made with an ultra-premium Japanese AUS-10V super steel cutting core, so it’s pretty much a multi-tasker. With a little practice through Dalstrong’s chef blogs, you’ll be on your way to working with large knives before you know it. 


      • The blade is cooled with Nitrogen for a corrosion-resistant finish. 
      • The Dalstrong lion head logo makes it look sophisticated and classy.
      • Designed with 67 layers of high-carbon stainless steel for exceptional strength and a stain-free slicing process. 
      • The handle has an ergonomic shape for superior hand control.


      • Well, this is a big knife. So, if you’re not well-versed with kitchen knives yet, this purchase may not be of much value for your current culinary needs.
      • The serrations along the blade on this knife are a tad difficult to sharpen. But, with a couple of extra minutes, it’s not tough to sharpen at all. 

      5. How To Care For Your Dalstrong Knives

      An oak box next to a cutting board with a portable whetstone and a black cleaver resting on itDalstrong Portable Whetstone Kit - #1000/#6000 Grit Combo - with Oak Storage Box

      The best methods to care for your Dalstrong knives are here! All you need is a honing steel rod and knife block of your choice, and whetstones, also known as water stones or knife sharpening stones. 

      Honing rods straighten and readjust or realign knives that have lost their precision. Honing your knives is crucial as an unaligned knife can cause serious mishaps in the kitchen. 

      Whetstones are made to adjust the sharp edges of your knife’s blade. Sharpening your favorite Dalstrong knives frequently will only boost their durability. 

      Knife Blocks 

      Knife blocks are a great way to care for your favorite knives as they encourage and maintain a level of hygiene for your knives. When they’re placed in wooden slots of block sets, they’re not as prone to bacteria like Salmonella, and other germs that can transfer from cutting boards

      Keeping knives in a kitchen drawer after washing them puts them at risk of rusting and growing mold. The damp environment will also make your knives less durable. That’s a good knife gone to waste. And no one wants that, right? Find the perfect knife block here.

      Now, all you need to do is follow these simple instructions. 

      How To Use A Honing Rod

      • Start by angling your knife on the honing steel rod at approximately 15-20 degrees. 
      • Then, with a very steady hand, apply pressure on the tang and oscillate back and forth. 
      • Continue this process on both sides of the knife for 5 minutes.
      • Lastly, smoothen the surface of your blade on a whetstone. 

      How To Use A Whetstone

      • Soak your sharpening stones in chilled water for a minimum of 10-15 minutes. 
      • Remove your whetstone and let it sit/rest for 10-12 minutes. 
      • Then, place your dull knife flat-side up on the surface of the stone at approximately 20 degrees, and gently sweep it back and forth until you feel it is sharp. 
      • Flip the blade and repeat the same process on the other side. 
      • Once the blade is sharpened on both sides, move towards the tip of the knife. Keep in mind, this is a sharp point on your blade, so be gentle. 
      • Swipe the tip left and right until it is sharp again. (This usually takes 5-7 minutes) And, you’re done. 

      6. Frequently Asked Questions

        What brand knives are best?

        Undoubtedly, there are some incredible knife brands in the world. What Dalstrong offers you are premium quality kitchen knives with a lifetime warranty, at an affordable price. Because, at Dalstrong, premium is the standard.

        Who makes the highest quality knives in the world?

        There are terrific knife brands to discover with rich tradition and history, but Dalstrong provides you with 15+ knife collections to choose from with a variety of blade lengths, colors, and top-of-the-line material. 

        What is the best name brand knife set?

        While one professional quality knife can make all the difference in your kitchen, knife block sets are undoubtedly a great investment, too. Dalstrong offers you everything from 3-piece knife sets to 18-piece knife sets – All you need to elevate your culinary craft. 

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