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Premium Grill Kit - 4 Piece - Tongs, Spatula, Fork, Silicone Basting BrushPremium Grill / BBQ Kit (4 Piece) | Dalstrong

Summer’s just around the corner and that means most of us are getting ready to fire up the backyard grill. While grilling meat and veggies are not very difficult, some techniques and grill tools can make the whole process quick, fun, and hassle-free.

Barbecue and the tools used to assist with it have evolved over the years. There is a wide range of tools that you can put to use to help with your grilling. Yes, you can buy the grilling accessory separately, but that might burn a hole in your pocket. The most cost-efficient way to invest in BBQ grill tools is to buy them as a set.

Finding a good grill set may seem like an intimidating task but once you know exactly what you need out of the grill set, the decision-making process becomes so much easier. If you are new to grilling, you must keep in mind that while getting low-quality tools could help save some bucks at the moment, it could prove to be more costly in the long run. They may break easily, start melting due to high heat temperatures of the grill, or might need a replacement. 

Also, using these sub-par tools can result in terrible tasting food. However, using the right, high-quality tools can make grilling much more joyful and satisfying.

BBQ Pitmaster Knife 9” | Shadow Black Series - DalstrongBBQ Pitmaster Knife 9” | Shadow Black Series - Dalstrong

1. What Are BBQ tools sets? 

Grilling takes a lot more than just flipping burgers on a grill. To be a true bonafide barbecue master, you will need the right grill tools, whether you’re cooking up some hot dogs, poultry, meat, seafood, or vegetables. 

A high-quality, uniform grill set of BBQ tools will typically have 4 essential tools:

  • Spatula
  • Barbecue Forks
  • A Basting Brush
  • A Set of Grill Tongs

This efficient and versatile quartet can carry out a wide range of grilling tasks and can also be used easily with a few specialized tools like knives, tongs skewers, tongs fork, corn holders, and more. Quality grilling tools generally boast durable stainless steel construction that can handle the rigors of grilling and is paired with an ergonomic metal, rubber, or wooden handles. 

A small BBQ grill tools set usually proves 3 to 5 grilling tools while a more extensive set could include up to 30 pieces that will cover all your grilling needs. 

2. How Can BBQ tools set Make Cooking Easier?

The best set of grilling tools consists of silicon or durable stainless steel equipment that enhances your cooking experience by maneuvering the food without piercing, disintegrating, or letting it slip while allowing you to create unique flavors with sauces and marinades.

They also maintain the correct temperature for thorough cooking, easily hold food like cobs and meat when grilling, and even scrape off sticky food from the grates to keep the grill clean. 

Some BBQ sets also come with tools that can help improve visibility especially if you’re outdoor cooking at night. 

3. Things To Consider When Purchasing a BBQ tools set 

When looking to invest in a stainless steel bbq set or silicon grill set, there are many brands that you can pick from. However, factors such as quality and features play an important role. One of my all-time favorite brands to pick up grilling tools is Dalstrong. Not only do their products come with a lifetime warranty but also provide excellent customer service when needed. 

Other than the fact that every tool designed by them is an absolute stunner, the premium quality of the tools makes them very durable, lasting you a lifetime. No matter where you decide to pick up your BBQ tools set, here are a few things you must consider before making a purchase. 

Number of Pieces Included

Every grill tools set comes with different numbers of pieces, ranging from 2 to 10 tools. However, you may not use all of these. When making a purchase, pick a BBQ tools set with fewer but essential items. This will make it easy for you to store the set and will help you save a few bucks. 

    Knowing the right tool to use for a particular task will avoid melting the tools, food slipping from a loose grip, meat drying out from losing juices after piercing, food breaking up when flipping or burning your hands. 

    Here are a few tools you must look out for in your set: 

    • Tongs: This very important tool acts as an extension of your hands and is mostly used to handle and transfer food between the plate and the grate because they place, turn, lift and remove the grilled food. Some might even use it to place or rearrange charcoal grills.  When picking tongs, make sure they align well to provide a good grip and are easy to open, easy to clean and close to prevent soreness on your forearm and jerky movements which could be dangerous when gripping hot food or coal. Grilling tongs skewers feature silicon or stainless steel serrated edges to lift, turn or place food on the grill without tearing it. 
    • Spatula: Just as important as a pair of tongs, these tools make turning and flipping delicate food like fillets and burger patties very simple. Spatulas generally feature offset handles, sharp serrated edges on the sides to cut and tenderize meat or scrape off sticky food, and thin tapered edges which easily slide under burgers, filets, and steaks to flip them without any damage or disintegration. 
    • Fork: This tool is used to move the food on the charcoal grills or check whether the meat is cooked evenly. Some stainless steel forks even come with built-in openers making them a versatile, 2-in-1 tool. However, you can risk puncturing the meat and drying it out when the juices escape. 
    • Silicone Basting Brush: Apply sauces and marinades to enhance the flavor of the meat easily with this tool. With the help of a silicone basting brush, you can also ensure that the food does not dry out. 
    • Grill Brush: Grill grates can be challenging to clean, especially if you have burnt food, fat, and sauces sticking to them. A grill brush will help gently scrape this off. 
    • Digital Meat Thermometer: This will show you the actual cooking temperature of the meat and helps you maintain the desired settings to prevent the food from burning or undercooking. You can get this easily at your local store or invest in a more sophisticated one by brands like Williams Sonoma or Alpha Grillers. 
    • Grill Light: While this might not be available in all sets, it proved to be a useful tool, especially if you’re cooking outdoors at night. This light illuminates the grill and improves visibility in dim environments. 
    • Skewers: This grilling accessory is a must, especially for hot dogs and kebab lovers. Stainless steel skewers are inserted through pieces of food, mostly meat, for grilling. 
    • Corn Holders: This makes it easy to hold cobs from grilling crunchy corn. 

    Materials Used for Tools and Case

    Determining the most suitable material for the best BBQ grill tool set, you need to be mindful of the grilling process and the weather conditions in which you choose to grill. Grilling involves vast amounts of heat, so you need to get tools that are resistant to heat to avoid bending, melting, and deformation.

    Heat-resistant material will also protect your hands from the flame like using wooden handles. Silicone and wood are the most common materials used to make the handles of grill tools.

    Backyards and camping sites are popular grilling spots, but if your tools are not made of rust-resistant material, they may not fare well outdoors due to the harsh natural elements. That is why a lot of people also use stainless-steel tools as they are sturdy, durable, and resistant to rust and corrosion.

    For the best barbecue grill tool set with a case, you want to look for a case that is made of aluminum that is sturdy enough to provide storage for the tools and lightweight to improve portability.  

    Dimensions of the Tools and Case

    Using short-handled tools that are close to the flame can cause burns and have a slightly uncomfortable grip. To keep your hands safe from the flame, look for tools that are longer than 13 inches. A length range of 16-18 inches would suit most barbecuers as it protects your hands and still allows you to access food from any corner of your grill, including the back.

    You must also make sure to avoid very long tools as they are more tricky to control and are prone to bending. They may also make your arms ache. The most suitable length will depend on the size of your grill. Larger grills will require longer tools.

    Additional Features

    While the construction and material of the tools are important, some other features must also be considered: 

    • Dishwasher safe: Silicone, rubber, and stainless steel can be tossed in the dishwasher for convenient cleaning, however, materials like wood may crack, rot or become weaker and less stiff. The high temperature of dishwashers also kills bacteria, making it a more hygienic and simpler way to maintain tools. 
    • Warranty: It is always better to get a warranty on your grill tools as it ensures that any damage to the tools will be fixed or will have a money-back guarantee. 

    4. How to Clean BBQ Tools? 

    BBQ tools can get greasy, sticky, and stubborn to clean, especially if they are made of extra thick stainless steel. However, it is very important to make sure you use clean and hygienic tools when cooking. Here are a few simple and effective solutions that are guaranteed to leave your grilling utensils shiny and fresh: 

    Soap it Up 

      Simply soak all the stainless steel utensils in a bowl of hot water and some bubbly, grease-cutting dish soap. Once the grease begins to lift, you can cut through with a rough sponge and it will wipe clean fast. You can also use an old toothbrush to get into strange little nooks and grooves so it's easy to clean. 

      All-Natural Solution

        Mix 4 cups of warm water, ¼ cup baking soda, and juice of ½ a lemon in a bowl. Lemon juice is a natural grease-cutting solution and disinfectant, and baking soda provides the perfect amount of abrasion to loosen the stuck-on stuff. Allow the utensils to sit in this and then wash them clean. Sprinkle a little dry baking soda on a sponge during the final wipe-down to get rid of any stickiness. 

        Wipe Away

          Take a cloth that is dampened with white distilled vinegar at your grilling station. Use it intermittently to clean juices, marinades, and bacteria from the grilling tools during use. This method is convenient for thermometer probes, which are often removed from the food and forgotten. This technique works if you are alternating between meats or debating if the bacteria from the raw chicken you flipped earlier is still present when you’re ready to pull the meat off the grill. 

          Boil As You Cook

            Fill a pot of water with a dash of vinegar, heat on low while you grill, and dip the utensils into the hot water to sanitize as you go. Not only does it cut down on after-dinner clean-up and grease build-up but also helps kill bacteria.  

            5. Top BBQ Tool Recommendations For You

            1. BBQ & Pitmaster Meat Knife 8” | Gladiator Series - Dalstrong

            BBQ & Pitmaster Meat Knife 8” | Gladiator Series - Dalstrong

            Every barbecuer needs one of these in their arsenal. This full-tang, stainless steel knife comes with a razor-sharp blade that is ideal for slicing, butchering, and serving all your favorite meats. 


            • The blade features a unique forked front end, ideal for flipping meat directly on the grill and for transferring foods from the hot grill to a plate. 
            • The handle is highly impervious to heat and moisture, giving you the confidence to grill with ease and convenience. 
            • The hook-like dent on the blade is a bottle opener, which makes this knife perfect for flipping burgers and opening bottles of chilled beer. 


            • If you are handling huge chunks of meat, you might want to go for a longer blade length to slice meat in one swift motion. 
            • If you are working with a big grill, you could go for a BBQ knife that has a 9” or longer blade length as it will make it easier for you to get to every corner of the grill, even the back. 

            2. BBQ Pitmaster Knife 9” | Shadow Black Series - Dalstrong

            BBQ Pitmaster Knife 9” | Shadow Black Series - Dalstrong

            Here’s a knife that features exceptional grip, screamingly sharp cutting edge, and provides optimal maneuverability. 


            • The knife doubles up as a fork so you can slice the meat and securely transfer it from the grill to the plate. 
            • The knife comes with a built-in bottle opener, perfect for anyone that enjoys a cold beverage with their sizzling hot straight-off-the-grill meal. 
            • The titanium nitride coating makes the blade very durable. 


            • This knife comes with a slightly heavy price tag, but it is worth the investment, especially if you barbecue often. 
            • The look of this blade can be a bit too bold for cooks who have a minimalistic sense of style. 

            3. Food Tongs 12” Scalloped Silicone Tips | Dalstrong

            Food Tongs 12” | Dalstrong

            Everyone needs a dependable set of grill tongs to be able to reach fearlessly into flaming-hot environments and this easy-to-use tool does exactly that. 


            • The 12” pair of grill tongs provide great strength and balance when handling heavy cuts of meat or veggies. 
            • The silicon heads of the grill tongs protect the coated pans from any accidental damage or scratches. 
            • The tongs snap open and shut, allowing easy storage in a compact kitchen. 


            • If you’re dealing with a big amount of slippery foods, you can go for a full stainless steel set of tongs for better grip. 
            • If you are not very confident with using a 12” tong, you can also go for a shorter 9” pair of tongs

            4. Meat Shredding Claws | Dalstrong

            Meat Shredding Claws | Dalstrong

            These razor-sharp prongs made of stainless steel are designed for tearing through the flesh of pork, beef, chicken, and more. 


            • Use both claws, or one for anchoring large cuts of meat allowing you to create perfect, uniform slices of roasts or steaks. 
            • This tool works very well when you need to leave and transfer heavy cuts from the grill to the plate. 
            • The ergonomic and slip-proof handles are heat and stain-resistant, making them durable enough to handle the heat of the grill.


            • While this is a great tool to have in the kitchen, it only makes sense to invest in one if you cook and serve large quantities of meat often. 
            • These claws are slightly pricey, however, it is worth the investment as it helps you shred meat faster than a simple fork and knife.

            5. Premium Grill / BBQ Kit (4 Piece) | Dalstrong

            Premium Grill Kit (4 Piece) | Dalstrong

            This is one of the best grill tool sets made of stainless steel, that will work tirelessly by your side as you work the BBQ like a pro. Each tool is crafted for maximum performance and life-long durability. 


            • This set consists of 4 essential tools you would require for any BBQ- a set of tongs, spatula, barbecue forks, and a basting brush. 
            • The tools are designed in a way that does not pierce the meat, making sure all the precious juices remain inside.
            • Not only is this set beautiful to look at but is also highly impervious to heat and moisture, making sure the set lasts for generations. 


            • While the set is slightly pricey, it is a great investment, especially if you’re an enthusiast barbecuer. 
            • While this set comes with 4 essential pieces, you might have to purchase other equipment like a digital thermometer and grill light separately. 

            6. Frequently Asked Questions

            Where do you put utensils for BBQ?

            There are multiple ways to store your silicone or stainless steel BBQ tools. You can hang items in a nearby panel, use a magnetic tool holder, use a cast or aluminum case, or a barbecue apron that has enough pockets to hold your grilling essentials. 

            What tools do you need to grill a steak?

            To grill steak, you will need a cast-iron pan, meat thermometer, spatula, tongs to lift and transfer the steak to the plate from the grill, a steak knife to slice up the meat, and a meat fork to securely transfer the juicy slices to a plate.

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