BBQ Tools Every Pitmaster Should Have

slicer in front of cut of beef

BBQ Tools Every Pitmaster Should Have 

All pitmasters can agree on one thing: you must have the right barbecue tools. While people may think it's all about the smoker or gas grill or even charcoal grill, they tend to forget the most important tools such as knives, meat claws, and aprons which make a pitmaster's life much easier. 

In this article we will cover a few essential tools outside of the standard grill and smoker, along with pros and cons for each barbecue tool. 

1. What is a Barbecue Knife?

Man uses black bull nose butcher knife to slice raw meat on a wooden cutting boardBull Nose Butcher Knife 10" | Delta Wolf Series

A barbecue knife is an essential tool for the pitmaster, to say the least. The perfect barbecue knife could be a chef’s knife, boning knife, paring knife or a carving knife, depending on the necessity. However, the choices don’t end here at Dalstrong.

There are knives that are multifaceted and versatile which help you at the grill and deliver a perfectly carved piece of meat. A barbecue knife is usually razor sharp, made with a stainless steel handle and will help you maneuver through all kinds of meats. 

A boning knife is the kind you would find in every household. A great, affordable and agile addition to it would be the Boning Knife 6” in particular from the Valhalla Series. It is my personal favorite, and undoubtedly the sleekest knife out there right now, thanks to its ultra-sharp, and wear-resistant nature. The best part about it? It is within budget for most and requires low maintenance. 

The right knife would save you from hand fatigue and make the job of trimming and slicing meat seamless. The barbecue knives in our catalogue are durable and provide agility. If like most pitmasters you prefer a military grade handle, we’ve got that too! In fact, those are the barbecue knives with utmost power and grip. 

Now that we’ve established the significance of paring knives, check out some of the most savvy looking ones here: 

A paring knife is commonly used for removing excess membrane in chilies. It is the kind of knife you would use to discern bell peppers from the seeds inside it.

Once those tasks are well and done, the most commonly made dish is the widely known and devoured, hot sauce! Here’s a recipe you can follow! Remember to bottle plenty of it for the future. It would be a travesty not to. 

2. Types of BBQ Knives Pitmasters Use

carving knife from Dalstrong with sliced meat

    You could be a pitmaster at the patio or a college looking for the right tools to whip up a storm with your pals – as long as you have a penchant to get your hands on the grill, we’ve got a variety of BBQ tools to encourage that affinity of yours. Some of these include pitmaster’s slicing knives, carving knives and cleavers.

    At Dalstrong, we take great pride in offering a range of slicing knives and knife sets to best fit your experience and intent for your BBQ tool set. If you’re a pitmaster, we’ve got the right knives to set the tone for you on the barbecue grill as you begin cooking away. 

    Butcher Knives

    1. Bull Nose Butcher Knife 10" | Shogun Series 

    Bull Nose Butcher Knife 10" | Shogun Series

    Expertly crafted to masterfully slice through flesh, break through cartilage and trim fat from beef, pork, poultry, fish and other meats, the Shogun Series 10” Bull Nose Butcher’s Breaking Knife is an essential addition to any butcher’s arsenal.

    The rounded-tip of this breaking knife is engineered to perfection and serves to increase the strength of the blade tip, while the additional length and curved nose afford longer, cleaner cuts and effortless skinning abilities. Sail through beef, pork and chicken like butter, trim briskets masterfully, and break down large game (moose, deer, elk and more) without getting lost in the meat.


    • Premium quality knife with a Japanese Super Steel.
    • Impervious to heat and moisture offering durability.
    • Encourages agility and comfort for the culinary pro.


      •  May not be the best fit for budgeteers. 
      •  Could be an overkill for the novice. 

      2. Bull Nose Butcher Knife 10" | Delta Wolf Series

      Bull Nose Butcher Knife 10" | Delta Wolf Series

      When was the last time you felt truly bold? Like you could cut through anything? With this machete-like, 10" Bull Nose Butcher Knife in hand, you’ll be ready to rampage. Crafted of high-carbon steel, this formidable blade is strong and durable enough to handle any challenge thrown its way. The rounded front edge of this knife extends its razor-sharp length — hand-sharpened to 8-12 degrees — to new extremes for longer, cleaner cuts.

      The weighted nose gives the hand stronger support and control, while the sloping lines make skinning and serving both easier and more efficient. 


          • Minimizes hand fatigue.
          • Created to encourage flexibility and resistance.
          • Ergonomic G-10 handle for maneuverability.


            • The powerful build could be off-putting to the novice.
            • May not be the best fit for budgeteers.

            3. Butcher & Breaking Cimitar Knife 8" | Gladiator Series

            Butcher & Breaking Cimiter Knife 8" | Gladiator Series

            The Gladiator Series 8” Curved Butcher & Breaking Knife is a master in nose to tail sectioning and portioning allowing you to glide through steak like butter, trim briskets effortlessly and break down large game without getting lost in the meat.

            Featuring a slightly more conservative blade length over it’s larger counterparts, this blade offers superior control and maneuverability to expertly slice through flesh, break-through cartilage and trim fat from beef, pork, poultry, fish and other meats. Improving this blade further are the rock-hollow divots, which minimize adhesion, prevent stuck on food and reduce friction for a more seamless cutting experience.


            • Tall blade height gives knuckle clearance to assist with food preparation and chopping activity.
            • Military grade G10 handle for life-long durability.


            • If you prefer a fancy knife for your kitchen, you might want to look at the other knives in our range. 
            • The blade is a little shorter for some people who prefer a longer blade. 

            Carving Knives

            Carving knives are used to cut large pieces of meat, as well as breads and cakes, but most importantly help in carving briskets, roasts, harms, turkey, salmon and other meats. 

            4. Slicing & Carving Knife 12" | Shogun Series

            Slicing & Carving Knife 12" | Shogun Series

            This knife in particular is an excellent tool to achieve precision and help you become a master at slicing. The ultra premium Japanese high-carbon steel provides an angular and contoured effect on delicate foods. With the sharpness of a scalpel and a hand-polished spine, it is certainly to last you a lifetime. The finger protection and pinch grip enhances its robustness to the maximum. The handle has a non-slip grip and ergonomic control for complete agility. 


            • Incredible Edge Retention at 62+ Rockwell.
            • Rust/Corrosion resistant.
            • Tapered blade for minimal slicing resistance.


              • May not be the best fit for budgeteers.
              • The blade might be larger than what you might be looking for.

                5. Slicing & Carving Knife 12" | Phantom Series

                Slicing & Carving Knife 12" | Phantom Series

                In need of an absolute powerhouse of a slicer? We’ve got you. This razor sharp carving knife with exceptional performance, honing in beauty, power and robustness. The perfect instrument for briskets, sides of salmon, and large roasts. Equipped with a Japanese high-carbon steel, the blade ensures precise and smooth cuts, effortlessly.

                The D- shaped handle is made of black, Spanish pakkawood and is polished and laminated to provide durability and control after each cut and slice. This carving knife from the Phantom series is stain resistant with a mirror polish. While it might feel like arms day with all the carving and slicing, this knife is comparatively easier to clean and calls for low maintenance. 


                • Full tang enhances the robustness.
                • Cleans easily and is low maintenance.
                • Supremely high quality knife for a mid-range price.


                  • Could to be too much knife for the novice.
                  • Some prefer a knife with a military-grade handle.

                    6. Slicing & Carving Knife 12" | Delta Wolf Series

                    Slicing & Carving Knife 12" | Delta Wolf Series

                    Equipped with finesse and quality, this slicing and carving knife was custom-built for agility, quick trimming, and slicing of meats. The G-10 camouflage handle brings forth a touch of ruggedness and is perfect for prepping large fruits, vegetables, breads and cakes.

                    The reduced friction and enhanced resistance against corrosion comes as an added benefit. This slicing and carving knife is low maintenance and can be cleaned easily. The edge is shaped at an 8-12º angle to achieve the best results. 


                    • Sanitary build – perfect for busy grilling stations.
                    • Withstands erosions from chemicals, acids and harsh conditions.
                    • Tactical multi-purpose hand loop. 
                    • High tensile strength for maximum stability during rigorous action.


                      • May not be the best fit an occasional barbecuer. 
                      • May not be within budget for some.
                      • Could be a little too much blade for new chefs.


                        7. Cleaver Knife 7" | Phantom Series

                        Cleaver Knife 7" | Phantom Series

                        Masterfully elegant, perfectly balanced, razor sharp and with exceptional performance, the Phantom Series 7” Cleaver is a statement in refinement, beauty, purity and power. Perfect for breaking down smaller cuts of boneless meats and poultry as well as slicing, dicing, mincing and chopping tough vegetables, this is THE knife for serious chefs, pitmasters, home cooks, and knife enthusiasts.

                        Mercilessly sharp, the Phantom Series edge is painstakingly honed by experts craftsman to 13-15° and nitrogen cooled for enhanced hardness, flexibility and corrosion resistance. Carefully tapered for minimal drag, the agile blade ensures swift, precise cuts with effortless ease.


                        • Highly impervious to heat, cold and moisture.
                        • Ergonomic handle shape for comfort and maneuverability. 
                        • Priced in a mid-range for budgeteers looking to expand their cooking skills.


                          • On the heavier side for those looking for a minimalistic tool.
                          • Some folks may find it to be a big commitment for occasional usage.

                            8. Cleaver Hybrid & Chef's Knife 8" | Shogun Series

                            Cleaver Hybrid & Chef's Knife 8" | Shogun Series

                            The Shogun Series 8” "The Crixus" is a uniquely engineered chef knife and cleaver hybrid designed for meat lovers, BBQ enthusiasts and those looking for something different.   Named after the infamous Gladiator "Crixus", this specialty blade honors its namesake by making quick work of any challenge. The curved profile allows for clean, perfect slices through flesh, skin and sinew, while the width and weighted front half let you chop like a cleaver for easy sectioning and portioning.  

                            The classic cleaver hole near the nose allows for hanging the knife, or store in the included PerfectFit sheath. Poultry, beef, pork, fish, wild game and even fruits and veggies easily fall prey to this blade, which is versatile enough to handle much more beyond proteins. This highly-functional knife is a must-have for those who prep meat and want to have fun while doing so. 


                            • The hybrid is the perfect balance of versatility and durability.
                            • Made of high-chromium Japanese AUS-8 stainless steel.
                            • Hand polished, premium quality Spanish pakkawood handle.


                              • Hybrid knives may not have all the functionalities of a full-fledged cleaver knife. 
                              • Knives from the shogun series could prove to be a little too much of a knife for you. 

                                9. Cleaver & Butcher Knife 12.5" | Devastator | Gladiator Series

                                Cleaver & Butcher Knife 12.5" | Devastator | Gladiator Series

                                Something massive this way comes. Kitchens tremble before the mighty Gladiator Series 12.5” Devastator Butcher Knife. Engineered for wreaking total havoc on large cuts of meat and bone, this is the super-sized must-have for the butcher or huntsman who doesn’t back down. Weighing in at a colossal 1.5 lbs, with a 4mm thick blade measuring over a foot long, this knife is a menacing cross between a chef’s knife, slicer, and cleaver.

                                With a uniquely designed protruding belly, the Devastator’s blade geometry makes deboning, chopping, and breaking down beef, poultry, pork, and other animals look like child’s play. Make quick work of splitting squash, pumpkin, and watermelon with a single annihilating stroke. No challenge is too daunting for this giant kitchen warrior.


                                •  A polished and elegant appearance owing to its titanium-nitride coating. 
                                • Hand sharpened and superior angular precision.
                                • Low maintenance and affordable for those looking to branch out their barbecue skills within a budget.


                                  • The knife might call for a more professional approach, hence not necessarily the best fit for the novice.
                                  • The titanium-nitride coating requires additional care. 

                                  3. Essential BBQ Tools for Pitmasters

                                  sliced brisket with slicing knife

                                  There are plenty. Let’s start there. To tick off some of them, I would say that an apron, a cutting board, meat claws and carving forks are quite the essentials. 


                                  I know, wearing a scrappy old piece of clothing at home as you work on those marinades and spices with your carved out meats is oddly comforting. But, if you’re going to be, as I like to call it, ‘Dalstrong pro’, with fancy knives and all of those other grilling utensils, it only makes sense to invest in a good apron. That would really call for a full-circle moment, wouldn’t it?

                                  There are half-coverage, smock, and cross-back strap bib styles, as well as the classic loop neck bib styles. Too many options? Let me elaborate a tad, and you make the call. 

                                  The fabric matters. If you’re going to wear something on your body for a couple hours and want to look like a pro at that family barbecue of yours, it only makes sense to have some body protection from all those sizzling hot meat juices and unnecessary stains.

                                  If you’re fighting the flour or grilling some pork chops, might I suggest an apron that is light-weight. Cotton blends are the right material to go for. However, if you’re a butcher, something heavy-duty is going to be of need to you. If that’s the case, a heavy denim apron is ideal.

                                  An added bonus, a tantalizing pork chops recipe that can be found here

                                  The half coverage style

                                  These aprons, like their name, quintessentially only cover your bottom half. They usually start from the waist and run down as far as your shin. They tend to over your leg, more so. We recommend this apron style for bartenders who require a little more pocket space for muddlers, corkscrews, etc. If you’re a professional at the grill with little to no splatter, this may be perfect for you. However, if you’re still perfecting yourself, continue to read on and discover the other styles that may better suit you. 

                                  American Legend

                                  Dalstrong Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron - American Legend

                                    This apron is an asset to have owing to its light-weight and smooth design. It has an adjustable neck strap, a neck accent made out of genuine leather, as well as an easy-tie waist. It is highly durable and requires low maintenance. It is made of 100% genuine leather and blue denim cotton. It is perfect for those in culinary spaces requiring ample storage for quick notepads, meat thermometers, and small utility tools to be stashed. 


                                    •  Made out of ultra-premium genuine leather and 100% blue denim for durability. 
                                    • Compliments industry-style décor in restaurants and is a tried and true classic. 
                                    • Adjustable straps and bountiful pocket space, giving it a savvy look as you’re grilling away. 


                                      • Its southern stylishness may not be up to the liking of all. 
                                      • People may prefer something more high maintenance which encourages the apron’s longevity. 

                                        The Smock Style

                                        Smock style aprons are perfect for those who are looking for a lighter and looser fit around the body, but want an appropriate amount of coverage. On a rather cutesy end of the spectrum, it is commonly seen being used by home bakers that prefer a ‘dress’ style apron. Might I add, reigning in from the 60s, the smock style aprons are deemed a fashion statement. 

                                        The Night Rider | Black Denim

                                        The Night Rider | Black Denim | Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron

                                        This light-weight apron is designed to function as smoothly as it looks Featuring an adjustable neck strap, easy-tie waist, genuine leather neck accent, 3 front pockets and one stash pocket, the Dalstrong Workshop “Night Rider” black denim apron is built to last, feel good and work alongside you in the kitchen all day, every day.


                                        • Plenty of chest coverage and loosely fitted. 
                                        • Fashionable yet comfortable.
                                        • Easy to wash, owing to its linen material. 


                                          • Might not be the right fit for someone looking for bountiful pocket space.
                                          • Wouldn’t offer the protection you’d commonly receive from a strapped-in apron. 

                                            The cross-back strap bib style

                                            This apron is a fan favorite and I can absolutely understand why that is the case. For starters, it has the ability to offer full coverage, and is extremely comfortable to wear for long hours without causing soreness in the neck like other bib aprons usually do. 

                                            The Culinary Commander

                                            The Culinary Commander Top-Grain Leather Apron

                                              This apron is designed to withstand the toughest and roughest culinary environments. It is the ultimate apron to have around as a pitmaster, since it’s been engineered with three chest pockets, an extra-large knife pocket, easy access towel and a tong loop which only makes sense to carry basting spray bottles. Additionally, it has an interior stash to access personal belongings such as cell phones or wallets. It is built with maximal comfort, but keeping functionality in mind. 


                                              • Made from genuine top grade leather and crafted to perfection with Brazilian leather. 
                                              • It is the ultimate chef and grilling apron.
                                              • Prevents neck strain and soreness. 


                                                    • Might not be within budget for folks that are beginning their career in the culinary space.
                                                    • Might be a little too much high maintenance of an apron for a quick barbecue night in the outdoors. 

                                                        The classic loop neck bib style

                                                        The ‘classic’ in its name stems from its true and tried nature. Being the most commonly used style of apron, it is used by chefs as it looks sleek, is quite practical and light. The pinafore on it gives a little more leeway and support. This apron style withstands harsh environments, owing to its highly durable attributes. With its easy-to-tie waist and adjustable neck straps, it can be adjusted to most body types. 

                                                        The Gandalf

                                                        The Gandalf | Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron

                                                          This light-weight apron thrives through its functionality and easy pocket access. Featuring three front pockets, one stash pocket, adjustable neck strap and an easy-to-tie waist, wearing this will make you feel good and work alongside you. Its thick denim material boosts its longevity. It has double stitched pockets with a striking grey stripe, thick top and bottom hems. All of which contribute to holding the apron’s shape. 


                                                          • Designed with Poly-Cotton, Genuine Leather.
                                                          • Front chest pocket and a hidden interior pocket. 
                                                          • Made with 100% cotton black denim adding to its durability.


                                                            • The denim may not be as heat-resistant as a leather apron would be.
                                                            • Not as lightweight as cotton, which may prove to be a tad dense. 

                                                              Other BBQ Tools

                                                              Meat claws are a core essential once you’re done grilling your precisely carved and delectable slices of meat. They are designed to anchor large pieces of meat and are perfect barbecue utensils to make a pulled sandwich or wraps. They are used to tear through the flesh of pork, beef, chicken and more. To give you a better idea on the role of meat claws, read on about this excellent food shredding tool available on Dalstrong’s website. 

                                                              Meat Shredding Claws

                                                              Meat Shredding Claws

                                                                This meat claw is perfectly capable of shredding past the flesh of popular meats such as pork, beef and chicken that have been smoked on a grill gate with charcoal . Each one of the four claws is razor sharp and is made from tempered stainless steel to provide power and strength. The meat shredder claws are ideal for folks looking to achieve slices of roasts or steaks, as well as transferring heavy cuts from the hot grill to a plate. The slip-proof, G10 handle is heat and stain resistant. 


                                                                • Low maintenance, yet durable. 
                                                                • Budget friendly.
                                                                • The copper mosaic enhances beauty.


                                                                  • Might not be considered an essential by those who are just beginning their culinary passion. 
                                                                  • Folks could find this to be an intimidating tool in their grill tool set.

                                                                  Carving Knife & Fork Set 9" | Shogun Series

                                                                  Carving Knife & Fork Set 9" | Shogun Series

                                                                  The Shogun Series 9” carving knife and fork set ensure every roast, every brisket, every turkey, every side of salmon and every ham is perfectly sliced, with effortless motion and seamless maneuverability. The ultra-sharp blade works alongside you, enhancing your speed, precision and endurance.

                                                                  The contoured shape ensures meat can be easily separated from bone in even hard to reach places, while the accompanying carving fork with ergonomic design and matching handle confidently secures meat in place.


                                                                  • Low maintenance, yet durable. 
                                                                  • Resistant to heat, cold and moisture. 
                                                                  • Cleans easily. 


                                                                    • Could be out of budget for some folks. 
                                                                    • Its strong and masculine build may be a tad intimidating for some. 
                                                                    • You could be looking for a single meat carving fork and this set may not be the best fit for you. 

                                                                    Lionswood Colossal | Teak Cutting Board

                                                                    Lionswood Colossal | Teak Cutting Board

                                                                    This Tropical Teak Wood cutting board is an all-purpose board which is exceptionally functional. It can be used for slicing, chopping, and serving food. It is handcrafted to be apt in size and weight and filled with rich moisturizing oils and is naturally resistant to water, bacteria and staining.

                                                                    The Lionswood Colossal cutting board offers a hygienic surface and is resistant to warping, too. The two steel handles on either side are structured to carry and serve. 


                                                                    • It is an ideal buy for those with limited counter space.
                                                                    • The opposite side of the board features a curved cut-out for a side plate to easily scrape and transfer ingredients from Lionswood Colossal cutting board to pots, pans and ovens. 
                                                                    • A great buy for folks looking for an expedient and sustainable purchase. 


                                                                      • Could be out of budget for some folks.
                                                                      • Designed for professional culinary spaces, it may come off quite the commitment for beginners. 

                                                                      4. Best BBQ Grill Accessories Set to Buy

                                                                      Cue the pitmasters, please... it's BBQ season! Let’s discover the toolbox under your bed. Okay seriously, I hope it isn’t under your bed, but rather in an enclosed, designated BBQ box as one should have. Having the right utensil and knife is of utmost importance to the pitmaster.

                                                                      However, there are some barbecue utensils that are just as much a necessity. Dalstrong has an incredibly useful grill kit that works well with both gas grills and charcoal grills, which consists of four core items. A razor sharp grilling fork, grill tongs, silicone basting brush, and a bottle opener. Enticing, right? Let me elaborate! (P.S: A delightful recipe of homemade BBQ sauce can be found here!) 

                                                                      Premium Grill Kit - 4 Piece - BBQ Tongs, Grill Spatula, Fork, Silicone Basting Brush

                                                                      Premium Grill Kit - 4 Piece - Tongs, Spatula, Fork, Silicone Basting Brush

                                                                       This kit isn’t deemed ‘premium’ for nothing. The barbecue tongs, grill spatula, fork and basting brush all have G10 handles and are crafted with premium food grade stainless steel which is a great benefit in regards to the kit’s life-long durability. It also makes the tools heat resistant, water, and stains. 

                                                                      The grill spatula has a serrated edge which is simply right to taste the meat for doneness. It only made sense to have a bottle opener intact with the grill spatula for a quick visit to quench-town by popping open some beer bottles. The razor sharp grilling fork is one of the best additions to this grill kit since it wont pierce through your food and keep its juices where they belong, enhancing its flavor.

                                                                      Moreover, the barbecue tongs assist you in the tossing and turning of fruits, vegetables and any and all delicate meats. What’s a barbecue without robust flavor? This is where I let the Silicone Basting Brush do the job of coating the delicious meats with all of the barbecue flavor. 

                                                                      It is a great tool to cook the juiciest burger patties, never letting them run dry. An excellent recipe for the same can be found here


                                                                      • An excellent combination of grilling essentials for an affordable price. 
                                                                      • Dalstrong’s lifetime warranty on defects. 
                                                                      • Military grade handles on each piece of the kit ensures its life-long durability.


                                                                      • Could be out of budget for some folks and is missing a grill brush.
                                                                      • Might not be considered an essential by those who are just beginning their culinary passion. 

                                                                      5. Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                      slicing a ham with a slicing knife

                                                                      What is the best knife for BBQ?

                                                                      The best BBQ knives are the chef’s knife, boning knife, paring knife, carving knife, and butcher's knife. All are BBQ knives you will want to have with you before and after grilling. If you deal with a lot of heavy duty meat, then a cleaver is also a good option. 

                                                                      What knives do the BBQ pitmasters use?

                                                                      A Chef's knife, Meat Cleaver, Paring knife, boning knife, and carving knife are the top knives that BBQ pitmasters use on a daily basis.

                                                                      What are the best barbeque tools?

                                                                      Essential barbeque utensils include meat forks, a heavy-duty apron, meat shredding claws, and a durable cutting board. Grill brushes come in handy for easy clean up. 

                                                                      What comes in a grill tool set?

                                                                      The standard grill tool set comes with BBQ tongs, a spatula, meat fork, and basting brush. Some grill tool sets include a grill brush. 


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                                                                      120 Day Full Money Back Guarantee with ALL Dalstrong Knives. 

                                                                      Written by Ananya Tiwari

                                                                      Ananya loves the fine things in life. When she isn’t penning down poetry or song lyrics, she spends her time cooking and creating recipes while also enjoying new cuisines.

                                                                        BBQ Tools Every Pitmaster Should Have

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