Ultimate Guide to Cooking Knives

chef's knife laying on top of rack of ribsKiritsuke Chef's Knife 8.5" | Crusader Series

Ultimate Guide to Cooking Knives

      If you’re a knife aficionado like me, you probably have a knife block, polished and sharpened, sitting on your kitchen countertop. To be honest with you, I grew up in a ‘one knife fits all’ kind of a home. I’m talking, butter knife for cutting soft cheese or having kitchen shears being the only tool on the lengthy list of kitchen accessories. The process of learning about the value of a bread knife or a chef’s knife came with experience. 

      I’m amped to walk you through all of it with my personal experience about some of them! 

      1. Different Types of Cooking Knives 

      chef's knife laying on cutting board surrounded by food and vegetables

      Chef’s Knife

      When you need versatility in the kitchen, a chef’s knife should be your ideal choice. Slicing, dicing, and chopping come easy for this one. The razor-sharp blade on this knife is simply perfect as it saves you from hand fatigue and makes the oscillating movement from knife to food, easy. The blade usually runs from 6-14 inches, depending on your requirement. Undoubtedly, it is a great investment if you’re a novice or a seasoned chef. 

      Paring Knife

      Whether it’s dicing shallots or coring tomatoes, a paring knife is here to make the rounds to ensure an effortless process for you. Available in various styles such as spear point, its specialty is to slice and cut through fruits and vegetables on a smaller surface. A sheep’s foot paring knife would allow you to do just that, on a cutting board over a sink! The curve on a paring knife’s blade is an added benefit as it allows you to peel most fruits too. If you opt for a paring knife with a serrated blade, it is ideal for slicing through larger fruits and vegetables.

      Steak Knife

      While these knives are helpful for eating, more than cooking them, they’re an essential tool to have whenever steak is involved. The classic wooden handle, accompanied by the sharpness of its blade can ensure precise cuts on your steak and decrease arm fatigue significantly. 

      Utility Knife 

      I am convinced that this one could be the reason why I grew up in a ‘one-knife-fits-all’ kind of home. True to its name, it is slightly larger than a paring knife because of its scalloped edges medium-short blade. It can take on all your cutting and slicing duties like a pro, enhancing its versatile qualities. 

      Bread Knife

      The best thing to exist since sliced bread is a bread knife. That’s not controversial, is it? A bread knife is known to have sharp edges and an ergonomic handle to protect your fingers while you slice through thick loaves of bread or fruits and vegetables, too. 

      Boning Knife 

      Though uncommon in most kitchens, they’ve rightfully made their place in my kitchen, and I’m hoping, in yours too! Do you want restaurant-worthy slices and cuts on your meats and fillets? Boning knives are perfect to do all of the heavy-duty work for you. It is also quick and easy to use. Stainless steel blades on boning knives are a great choice to ensure longevity. 

      Carving Knife

      Briskets or roasts, a carving knife will work through it all for you. The small surface area on the knife is perfect to achieve thinly cut slices of massive roasts, and sometimes, even act as a bread knife. Have to love the creativity on this one. 

      Japanese Knife

      I’ve always pictured Japanese knives to be a tool for professionals because of their strong and opulent make. The Santoku proves my point. But, did you know that they are much easier to maintain than European knives? I know, total game-changer. Take a minute. If you’re a knife aficionado like me, you’ve probably heard of the famous Japanese knives. Santoku knives are often deemed as important as a chef knife. The razor-sharp blade can pierce through almost any meat, and deliver the thinnest slices on your cutting boards. 

      I always thought that these were the knives used for cutting sashimi and sushi. But, that’s when the Yanagiba knife comes into the picture to do just that. The Gyuto knife is a double beveled utility knife in a traditional Japanese kitchen. Whereas, a Nakiri and Usuba knife have a single beveled blade. They are perfect for slicing through vegetables. 

      2. When to Use Each Cooking Knife

      paring knife on cutting board with fruits and vegetables

      Chef’s Knife

      These knives usually are known for their razor-sharp, high carbon, and stainless steel blades. A knife with these three components is usually deemed as a chef knife. A chef’s knife is ideal for:

      • Dicing and slicing fruits and vegetables.
      • Smash and toss ginger and garlic for the ultimate G&G paste. 
      • Chopping herbs such as dill, cilantro, and parsley.
      • Precisely cutting through meats.
      • Cutting meat. 

      Paring Knife 

      The right paring knife would slice and cut through fruits and vegetables with ease, as well as some meats. It is ideal for: 

      • Coring tomatoes.
      • Mincing and peeling fruits and vegetables.
      • Deseeding small and large fruits or vegetables.
      • Trimming certain foods as per your preference. 

      Steak Knife 

      Made with a serrated blade and an incredibly sharp and pointed tip, a steak knife is essential if your family is big on steaks or if you own an establishment. It is considered a part of cutlery if you own a restaurant where burgers and meaty foods are a common find. Today, if you check out cookware stores, you’ll notice that steak knives are part of a knife set. Additionally, they are great for: 

      • Slicing a sandwich into two halves. 
      • Trimming the fat off of meats.

      Utility Knife 

      A utility knife looks similar to a chef knife. However, it offers more precision when cutting fruits, vegetables, or meats. Sure, there are many similar qualities it shares with a chef knife. A chef knife is typically a couple of inches longer and has a wider blade. But, this is why you should get yourself a utility knife! It is shorter in length, has an ergonomic handle, and serves the same purpose, without your knife being too big for the job. Moreover, it can be used to:

      • Slicing burger buns.
      • Chopping vegetables.
      • Slicing through most meats. 

      Bread Knife

      Known for its long blade and serrated edge, a bread knife is probably the most common knife apart from a chef knife that you can find in any home. When the holidays come around, you bake more than usual. Hence, a bread knife can:

      • Slice cleanly through bagels.
      • Cut evenly through baguettes. 

      Boning Knife  

      A boning knife is usually slim in its appearance, but with a very sharp edge. Its tapered build gives it a pointed tip, whereas the slim blade keeps the flesh intact without causing too much friction. Don’t take this knife for a fool though. It can: 

      • Cut past cartilage and tougher bones.
      • De-bone large roasts.
      • Its flexible blade is perfect for slicing poultry. 

      Carving Knife 

      A carving knife, also known as a slicing knife, is right up there with a bread knife, as one of the longest knives you’ll find in a kitchen. It is ideal for plating thin and evenly sized pieces of meats. It is the ultimate tool to work with for larger fruits and vegetables. Moreover, it can be used to:

      • Used as a piece of cutlery to cut and carve cakes or cupcakes.
      • Safely cut through melons or papayas. 

      Japanese Knife

      Japanese knives such as Santoku, Yanagiba, Usuba, Nakiri, and Gyoto are great for a variety of purposes. Some of them include: 

      • Preparing fish for sushi or making sashimi
      • They are large in width, hence, can be used to scoop up vegetables from the cutting board. 
      • Shredding vegetables like cabbages or lettuce. 
      • Cut tougher vegetables such as butternut squash or sweet potatoes. 

      3. What to Look for When Purchasing Cooking Knives

      Charcuterie & Cheese Knife Set | Gladiator Series | Dalstrong ©

      There are plenty of checkboxes to tick when you’re choosing a cooking knife. The right kitchen knife would showcase its versatility and is made out of premium materials, such as carbon steel or stainless steel. 

      Dalstrong is known for its extravagant variety of cutting boards and the best Japanese knives such as Santoku. We’ve narrowed down a list of criteria that you must check for before you purchase a kitchen knife, which would also make an ideal cooking knife. 

      Stamped Knife VS Forged Knife 

      Stamped Knife

      A stamped knife is made from a single sheet of steel. Although it is quite easy to create stamped knives, it is wise to note that they are less durable and harder to sharpen, since they undergo a cheaper manufacturing process which inevitably decreases their longevity. They are much lighter in weight and are not as great as forged knives are, in maintaining an edge. However, since the manufacturing process has become much more refined, some chefs prefer stamped knives due to their light density and easy hand-feel. 

      Forged Knife 

      A forged knife is made from a large piece of metal. It is constructed by hammering a block of steel under a powerful press. When this process takes place, the blade becomes exceptionally sharp and strong. Additionally, this means that you wouldn’t require a knife sharpener from time to time, as it has a well-balanced blade, as well as a handle. Sure, forged knives are more on the expensive side, but this also indicates that they are manufactured and crafted well over time, with intensive labor, to make them sturdy. 

      Full Tang VS Half or Sub Tang

      When you look at the anatomy of a kitchen knife, you’d notice a portion of the blade extending into the handle. That is what we call the tang. 

      Full Tang

      A knife with full tang would have a piece of the blade extending to the butt of the knife. This gives it strength and improves its sturdiness. Not to mention, the grip you would have on such a knife is improved tremendously. It can also withstand pressure from the user, or hard foods such as carrots and melons. Forged knives have a full tang, making them all the more desirable. 

      Half or Sub Tang 

      Similarly, the words ‘half tang’ would indicate that the blade is shortened for a cheaper cooking knife or a less durable kitchen knife. This, in turn, makes the knife weak and prone to breaking under pressure. 

      Types Of Blade Edges

      Straight Edge

      This is commonly known as a ‘flat ground edge’. It is found on a chef’s knife, as well as on a paring, and utility knife. Japanese knives such as the Santoku kind, has a straight edge, too. 

      Serrated Edge 

      A serrated edge entails grooves and ridges along the blade that are sharpened to cut tougher foods. They also help maintain the shape of certain foods without crushing or squeezing them. Bread knives, as well as steak knives, will have serrated edges. 

      Scalloped Edge 

      I love me some dimples! Especially the ones you can find on a kitchen knife. A scalloped edge blade helps in stopping food from sticking to your blade, as well as decreasing friction between your vegetable/meat, thanks to its hollow dimples alongside the side of the blade. They are found on Japanese knives, like the Santoku, as it helps cut raw and sticky foods like sashimi or sushi. Don’t be confused if you come across a blade edge called the ‘Granton Edge Knife’, after the very first manufacturer of the scalloped edge blade. They’re both the same. 

      Hollow Ground Edge

      Used mainly to chop meat, this knife tapers down from the middle of the blade to create an extremely sharp and fine edge. This is the perfect blade if you’re looking for something that decreases the hand dragging motion as you cut down your meat into smaller chunks and pieces. This too reduces friction. A Nakiri knife is a perfect example of what a hollow ground-edged knife looks like. 

      Knife Blade Material 

      Just like with determining the best pots and pans set, it is crucial to know what material works best for a durable, sturdy, and safe knife. And, if you’re what I call, a ‘Dalstrong pro’ in the kitchen, let’s find you the perfect chef knife! 

      Carbon Steel Blades 

      Carbon steel is made from carbon and iron. It lacks chromium, which is added and present in blades with stainless steel to resist and repel stains. If you have a close look, you would notice that most forged knives are made with carbon steel. This is because they are extremely durable and sturdy. If maintained well, such blades can retain sharp edges. Additionally, they’re a great choice in material for a meat cleaver or peeling knife.

      Ceramic Blades  

      Ceramic blades are made using hardened zirconium dioxide. Don’t worry, we’ll spare you the chemistry. Such blades are non-metallic and non-magnetic. They’re much more light in weight compared to other materials, which is why a ceramic knife is often deemed as a chef's knife. They’re also a fan favorite because these blades come in many designs and prints. The two downsides to ceramic blades are one, its fragility. A bad fall can crack or break them. And two, they can only be sharpened with special knife sharpeners, as whetstones will cause significant damage. 

      Stainless Steel Blades 

      Speaking of fan-favorites, a stainless steel blade is arguably the most popular material for knives. It comes to the table (quite literally, might I add) with its highly durable nature, as well as resistance to corrosion and rust. The downside of stainless steel is that it is widely available, so you may not always land the perfect knife and blade duo. It really can depend on the supplier. I may be biased, but Dalstrong won’t do you dirty. Our knives with stainless steel make are of premium quality. 

      4. How to Keep Your Cooking Knives Sharp

      Gladiator Series 10" Bull Nose Butcher Knife

      Keeping your cooking knives sharp is the only other thing apart from the material of your blade, that will encourage its durability. Let me walk you through some of these tips and tricks. 


      If you’re all about that precision, you know that your slicing knife can need it from time to time. Whetstones make it a point to maintain your knife’s razor-sharp edge. All you have to do is make sure the edge of your blade is held at an angle and then drawn down towards the stone until it is as sharp as you you’d like for it to be. 

      Manual Sharpeners 

      As an alternative, manual sharpeners are impressively affordable. You can always run your knife through the device’s little slits and sharpen it up. 

      Honing Steel Rods 

      These long, metal rods exist to correct the edge of the blade on the knife before and post usage. It is the perfect gadget for aligning and repositioning your knife. It is commonly used to correct a chef knife. 

      5. Best Cooking Knives Including Chef, Paring, Bread, Utility, Block Sets, And Budget-Friendly Knives

      Isn’t this like a lovely little nomination? Also like picking your favorite child. But, I’ve successfully done it! Let’s look at some of our best knives. EVER. 

      Best Knives Overall

      1. 4 Piece Charcuterie & Cheese Knife Set - Gladiator Series

      4 Piece Charcuterie & Cheese Knife Set - Gladiator Series

        This 4 - piece charcuterie and cheese knife set from the Gladiator series is an all-inclusive set perfect for your next picnic by the lake or dinner party. It is ideal for slicing gouda, cheddar, and other hard cheeses and acting as a piece of cutlery. The 3.75” forked tip cheese knife has a dual prolonged tip, which is also great to slice soft cheeses such as feta, mozzarella, ricotta, and brie. The blade is made with wear-resistant Thyssenkrupp German Steel at 56+ Rockwell. 


        • This inclusive set of 4 piece charcuterie and cheese knives is a rare find and one of Dalstrong’s best-selling sets. 
        • All 4 knives have a military-grade G 10 handle, ensuring life-long durability. 
        • With added chromium, every single knife in this set is stain-resistant. What more could you possibly want? 


        • If you’re looking for a one-stop shop, you could be more inclined towards a cleaver knife for your cheeses.
        • The price point could prove to be overkill for someone that doesn’t experiment with charcuterie boards or cheeses daily.

        2. Vegetable Knife 8" The Deflector - Gladiator Series

        Vegetable Knife 8" The Deflector - Gladiator Series

          Suited to its name, this deflector knife does exactly that as it glides through wet and dry and vegetables and fruits. It has precision and speed, the two great qualities all vegetable knives should have. It has a full tang with a razor-sharp blade and a polished edge, which tells you all about its high endurance and durability. Tapered intricately, it is created with 56+ Rockwell and a satin finish. 


          • Keep no doubt, this is one quality knife in terms of its material, make, and price.
          • The tall blade of this knife provides a lot of knuckle clearance and makes food preparation a breeze. 


          • From experience, I’ve observed that some people tend to choose smaller vegetable knives, so if you’re one of them, this may not be the best fit for you.
          • You might want something that is a little less blade. Downsizing to 6” or 7” is perfectly alright. It is all about preference. 

          3. Professional Oyster & Clam Shucking Knife 3.5" - Shogun Series

          Professional Oyster & Clam Shucking Knife 3.5" - Shogun Series

            This professional oyster knife is meant to pry-open and shuck oysters with ease. Given that the recommended size for an oyster knife is 3” and above, it is perfect for the smallest and toughest ones. Hand-polished with ‘Tsunami Rose’ – a classic visual pattern by Dalstrong. It is angled at 8-12º degrees per side for a smooth shucking process. 


            • Made with AUS-10V Japanese super steel, this 3.5” knife is designed with cryogenic tempering. 
            • Excellent Edge Retention at 62+ Rockwell for precise, longer, and deeper cuts. 


            • If you aren’t a hotpot or seafood-loving individual/family, this price might be a little high for a one-time event. 
            • While the recommended size of an oyster knife is 3”, smaller oysters may require a smaller blade. 

            4. Fillet Knife 6.5" - Crusader Series

            Fillet Knife 6.5" - Crusader Series

              When we speak of razor-sharp knives, a fillet knife is optimal, to say the least. The blade is made with Thyssenkrupp German stainless steel at 58+ Rockwell. The edge is hand-sharpened to perfection with 16-18º which is vital for an efficient knife. Sometimes, it is even provided in luxurious dining spaces as cutlery. 


              • It is stain-resistant and tempered for resilience, alongside having a full tang. 
              • Its fuller groove on the spine reduces friction significantly and stops raw food such as sashimi and salmon from sticking to the blade. 


              • If you’re like me and bring a giant fish home after a day of deep-sea fishing, you might need a knife with a longer blade. 
              • If you’re buying a fillet knife, chances are, you might prefer a knife that is slightly more high in maintenance to ensure a safe process after many uses. 

              5. Bull Nose Butcher Knife 10" - Shogun Series

              Bull Nose Butcher Knife 10" - Shogun Series

                Now, I think that a butcher’s knife should belong in a knife set. This butcher knife can easily slice through flesh, cartilage, and trim any fat from pork, beef, poultry, and other meats. This knife is the perfect little addition to any butcher’s arsenal. 

                Price: This butcher’s knife has a lifetime warranty, so it makes complete sense for it to be priced at $169.99


                • Made with Japanese AUS-10V super steel core. It has tremendous Edge Retention at 62+ Rockwell, too. 
                • Its rust and corrosion-resistant cladding mean that it will last longer and stay cleaner than other knives, too. 


                • If you’re not a professional at butchering, this knife could be quite the commitment that you may not be prepared for. 
                • If you identify as a professional at butchering, chances are, you’re ready to experiment with longer and sharper blades! 10” may not ‘cut it’ for you. 

                Best Chef Knives 

                6. Serrated Chef's Knife 7.5" - Shogun Series

                Serrated Chef's Knife 7.5" - Shogun Series

                  Created to replicate culinary perfection, this chef’s knife has ultra-sharp serrations along the blade for a clean and precise cut on your sandwiches or fruits and vegetables. The blade is made from a single piece of ultra-premium Japanese high-carbon AUS-10V steel and Damascus cladding for stain resistance and durability. 


                  • You will rarely find a serrated knife that is made from premium Japanese steel and Damascus cladding, so, this knife is an absolute steal.
                  • If its high-end quality wasn’t enough, it has full-tang which enhances its sturdiness and robustness, providing complete strength to the user.
                  • It might be a tad difficult to sharpen serrated knives due to the edge of the blade and the serrations along it.
                  • If you’re looking for a knife that is sublime in its versatility, perhaps, a chef’s knife or a utility knife is better for you.

                  7. Chef's Knife 6" - Gladiator Series

                  Chef's Knife 6" - Gladiator Series

                    The blade on this chef’s knife is precision-forged from a single piece of premium quality and high-carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel. Made with 56+ Rockwell hardness. The appearance and hand-feel make this one of Dalstrong’s best-selling chef’s knives. 


                    • The blade is wider than most knives, which makes it a great transitioning tool from the cutting board to your pot and pan set.  
                    • This knife is a great tool for both, home cooks and professional chefs. 


                    • If you think it is the perfect time to upgrade to a slightly bigger knife in terms of length and height, continue reading! But, this knife may not be ideal for a seasoned cook/chef. 
                    • If you prefer a chef’s knife with slightly higher maintenance, other knives in our collection may be better suited for you. 

                    8. Chef's Knife 8" - Phantom Series

                    Chef's Knife 8" - Phantom Series

                      This knife is loved by professional chefs, thanks to its Japanese AUS-8 steel. The handle is made with premium quality pakkawood. Undoubtedly, a great addition to your knife block. 


                      • A premium quality knife at a mid-range price. 
                      • Full tang for strength and robustness. 


                      • Although it is affordable, it may be better suited for a professional home cook, if not a chef. 
                      • This knife’s handle is purely stainless steel, so if you’re on the lookout for a knife with another material, a carbon steel knife may be more ideal. 

                      9. Kiritsuke Chef's Knife 9.5" - Phantom Series

                      Kiritsuke Chef's Knife 9.5" - Phantom Series

                        Featuring a gorgeous Japanese AUS-8 steel, the blade is painstakingly hand-sharpened, making it razor-sharp with the blade being angled at 13-15º. Made using a single piece of ice-tempered steel, this knife is also stain resistant. 


                        • Full tang for robustness and safer chopping.
                        • The blade is tapered to provide flexibility and durability. 


                        • The main purpose of this knife is to slice through raw fish to prepare sashimi or sushi, so it may not serve as an all-purpose knife. 
                        • This knife is low in maintenance, so if you’re looking for a knife on the higher end of quality and durability, this may not be the one. 

                        10. Barong Chef's Knife 7" - Gladiator Series

                        Barong Chef's Knife 7" - Gladiator Series

                          Uniquely designed knife with culinary versatility, the Barong Chef’s Knife is handcrafted with a single piece of high-carbon and forged ThyssenKrupp German stainless steel. 


                          • The blade is hardened with 56+ Rockwell, which adds strength and robustness to this chef’s knife.
                          • The military-grade G10 handle ensures life-long durability. 


                          • Some folks may find its unique appearance a hindrance in terms of blade sturdiness. 
                          • Low maintenance for seasoned cooks or professional chefs. 

                          Best Paring Knives 

                          11. Serrated Paring Knife 3.5" - Shogun Series

                          Serrated Paring Knife 3.5" - Shogun Series

                            This knife is the perfect knife for large fruits and vegetables, as well as thick loaves of bread. The blade varies from 3.5” to 5” inches in length. Made with a Japanese AUS-10V steel cutting core, this knife allows for improved knuckle clearance. 


                            • The serration along the knife provides improved grip. 
                            • It is rust and corrosion-resistant. 


                            • These knives are tough to sharpen due to the edge of the blade. 
                            • The blade is comparatively shorter than others, so opting for a longer blade is recommended. 

                            12. Paring Knife 3.5" - Frost Fire Series

                            Paring Knife 3.5" - Frost Fire Series

                              Coming in with an icy-cold appearance, this paring knife is known for its precision. It is engineered with 7-layer high-carbon and 10CR15MOV steel and added cobalt and expert heat treatment. 


                              • scalpel-like sharpness at a 16-18º degree angle on each side of the blade. 
                              • Full tang for maximized robustness and usage for a lifetime. 


                              • Some individuals may prefer a minimalist approach in terms of its appearance. 
                              • The blade is notably shorter than the ones found on other paring knives.

                              13. Paring Knife 4" - Delta Wolf Series

                              Paring Knife 4" - Delta Wolf Series

                                This new product at Dalstrong has already become a best-seller, thanks to its sleek appearance and its razor-sharp, high-carbon stainless-steel blade. Angled at 8-12º degrees, it is the ultimate kitchen weapon. 


                                • Precision-forged and ultra-sharp, this wear-resistant paring knife has zero friction. 
                                • Alongside its comfortable hand-feel, it is a very savvy-looking knife. 


                                • Paring knives are great regardless of their blade size, but I recommend a longer blade for the most precise cuts. 
                                • Its non-reflective titanium-nitride coating may not be something you’re keen on. 

                                14. Serrated Paring Knife 3.75" - Gladiator Series

                                Serrated Paring Knife 3.75" - Gladiator Series

                                  Yet another great serrated paring knife, but this time, from the Gladiator series. Its ergonomic and ambidextrous qualities make this a total game-changer in the kitchen. The black G10 Garolite handle is imported from Spain and comes with a BPA-free protective sheath. 


                                  • The beautiful finish on the blade is marvelous after being hand-polished with satin. 
                                  • Made with high carbon German ThyssenKrupp Steel and hardened at 56+ Rockwell. 


                                  • This knife may pose a difficulty when it needs to be sharpened due to the serrations along the blade. 

                                  Bread Knives

                                  15. Bread Knife 9" - Shadow Black Series

                                  Bread Knife 9" - Shadow Black Series

                                    This aggressive and sharp knife is bold and can make quite the statement without ruining the shape of your thick loaves and helps you plate clean slices of bread. 


                                    • Its Titanium-Nitride non-reflective coating makes it corrosion and stain-resistant.
                                    • Low maintenance and can be cleaned easily. 


                                    • If you’re on a budget, this knife may not fall into your category. 
                                    • Some individuals may choose a wood or stainless steel handle over a fiber-resin one. 

                                    16. Bread Knife 8" - Crusader Series

                                    Bread Knife 8" - Crusader Series

                                      This hygienic and razor-sharp bread knife offers a minimalist aesthetic to the user. It is stain-resistant and has a full tang to encourage its existing sturdy and robust nature. 


                                      • Blade transitions seamlessly into a stainless steel handle.
                                      • Ergonomic handle makes it easy to maneuver this knife. 


                                      • Some may not prefer a hollow-spine handle as it could prove to be uncomfortable. 

                                      17. Bread Knife 8" - Frost Fire Series

                                      Bread Knife 8" - Frost Fire Series

                                        This lightweight, razor-sharp knife offers a cool, icy look with the efficiency of a high-quality bread knife. The 8” inch blade is perfect on occasions such as a birthday, to cut equally halved and clean slices of cake, or when you bake sensational food trends such as cloud bread or banana bread. 


                                        • 7-layer high-carbon, high-chromium 10CR15MOV steel with added cobalt and expert heat-treatment. 
                                        • An aluminum mesh design for extended durability and improved grip. 


                                        • The strong build of this knife along with its blade could scare the novice. 

                                        Best Utility Knives 

                                        18. Utility Knife 5.5" - Shadow Black Series

                                        Utility Knife 5.5" - Shadow Black Series

                                          Did someone say precise, sharp, and sleek? Because the utility knife from the Shadow Black series just walked in. Providing great maneuverability and a razor-sharp cutting edge, this one makes quite the statement. 


                                          • Tempered and tapered for maximum resilience. 
                                          • An affordable knife while providing perfection on a plate. 


                                          • The handle may not be comfortable for folks that prefer a traditional, wooden or stainless steel kind when it comes to a knife handle. 

                                          19. Serrated Utility Knife 6" - Shogun Series X 

                                          Serrated Utility Knife 6" - Shogun Series X

                                            I can guarantee you, this 6” inch serrated utility knife is exactly what you’re looking for. That’s because, I’ve been looking for something like it, too. It’s a rare find, considering its ‘all-purpose’ nature. Create precise slices with this knife and enjoy all of its perks. 


                                            • This knife is a master at slicing pastries, sausages, cheese, and soft and hard fruits. Such as kiwis, oranges, avocados, and tomatoes. 
                                            • The blade’s spine has an enhanced pinch grip comfort, thanks to its hand-polished qualities. 


                                            • The serrations along the blade make the knife’s edges tough to sharpen. 

                                            20. Serrated Sandwich, Deli & Utility Knife 6" - Gladiator Series 

                                            Serrated Sandwich, Deli & Utility Knife 6" - Gladiator Series

                                              This is the ultimate utility knife as explained by the title itself. It has an ergonomic and ambidextrous G10 Garolite handle which has been directly imported from Spain. The blade is a high-carbon German ThyssenKrupp Steel which has been hardened to 56+ Rockwell.


                                              • Tall blade provides knuckle clearance. 
                                              • Tapered design with a full tang to enhance its quality. 


                                              • Serrated edges decrease their durability as they lose their razor-sharpness over time due to being unable to sharpen. 

                                              Best Knife Sets

                                              21. 12 Piece Knife Block Set - Shadow Black Series 

                                              12 Piece Knife Block Set - Shadow Black Series

                                                As you’ve read our articles through this year, you may have noticed a popular knife series. That is, in fact, the Shadow Black series. Offering razor-sharp blades and long-lasting handles, this 12 Piece Knife Block Set is a bestseller at Dalstrong. Let us tell you why. 


                                                • The blade is wear-resistant and ultra-sharp. The vacuum-treated steel is hardened at 58+ Rockwell. 
                                                • The edge is hand-sharpened to 16-18º degrees on each side. 
                                                • Tapered design boosts flexibility and decreases hand fatigue. 
                                                • It is low maintenance and cleans easily. 
                                                • Fiber-Resin military-grade G10 handle. 


                                                • Some may withdraw due to its intimidating build or sleek black appearance. 
                                                • The price point may outweigh their need for a knife set. 
                                                • It doesn’t include basic cutlery-like knives if that is something you’re looking for. 

                                                Additionally, this knife set includes: 

                                                • 9" Honing Rod
                                                • 9" Carving Knife
                                                • 9" Bread Knife,
                                                • 8" Chef Knife,
                                                • 7" Santoku Knife,
                                                • 6" Filet Knife,
                                                • 5" Utility Knife,
                                                • 5” Steak Knife (4pcs)
                                                • 3.75” Paring Knife
                                                • Storage Block (Dalstrong PerfectFit sheath NOT included)
                                                • Neatly Packed with Dalstrong’s Renowned Packaging
                                                • Dalstrong Support

                                                22. 18-piece Colossal Knife Set with Block - Gladiator Series

                                                18-piece Colossal Knife Set with Block - Gladiator Series

                                                  This 18-piece knife set with block from the Gladiator series is yet another best-seller at Dalstrong. And, we get it. Who can resist this full tang, stain-resistant, satin-finished blade? Made with single-piece, high carbon, German Thyssenkrupp Steel which is hardened at 56+ Rockwell. 


                                                  • Featuring 18 different knives, there is one for each task that you could carry out in the kitchen. 
                                                  • High-quality blade, hand-sharpened to 16-18º per side. 
                                                  • The sanitary build is perfect for busy kitchens. 


                                                  • This knife set calls for commitment, which also means that it would need to be sharpened from time to time. 
                                                  • Though it is priced in an affordable range, this knife set could be quite the investment for an occasional cook or an individual living by themselves. 
                                                  • It is wise to note that it doesn’t come with cutlery knives if you’re particular about that. 

                                                  This set includes: 

                                                  • (1) Carving/Slicer 9"
                                                  • (1) Bread Knife 9"
                                                  • (1) Kiritsuke Chef Knife 8.5"
                                                  • (1) Chef Knife 8"
                                                  • (1) Santoku Knife 7"
                                                  • (1) Nakiri Knife 7"
                                                  • (1) Boning Knife 6"
                                                  • (1) Utility Knife 6.5"
                                                  • (1) Serrated Utility Knife 6"
                                                  • (6) Straight Edge Steak Knives 5"
                                                  • (1) Paring Knife 3.5"
                                                  • (1) Bird's Beak Paring Knife 2.75"
                                                  • (1) Gladiator Series Honing Steel 10"
                                                  • (1) Exquisite Gift Packaging
                                                  • (1) Handmade Acacia Wood Block 

                                                  Best Budget-Friendly Knives 

                                                  23. Chef's Knife 8" Army Green Handle - Gladiator Series

                                                  Chef's Knife 8" Army Green Handle - Gladiator Series

                                                    This stylish piece of art is quite the essential workhorse for any chef or home cook. The handle is strong and sturdy, as well as water and stain-resistant. It is made with a single-piece ThyssenKrupp German steel at 56+ Rockwell. It even comes with a BPA-free protective PerfectFit sheath by Dalstrong! 


                                                    • Full tang blade.
                                                    • Low maintenance and cleans easily.
                                                    • Tall blade provides knuckle clearance.


                                                    • Although this knife is perfect for an individual to use too, the blade might be overkill if you’re just putting your foot in the kitchen. 

                                                    24. Chef & Cleaver Hybrid Knife 8" Crixus - Phantom Series 

                                                    Chef & Cleaver Hybrid Knife 8" Crixus - Phantom Series

                                                      Everyone loves a hybrid knife! This chef and cleaver hybrid is the ultimate weapon to hand on your kitchen wall once you’re done using it, thanks to the cleaver hole at the top of the blade. It is made with Japanese AUS-8 at 58 HRC. 


                                                      • Hand polished spine for pinch grip comfort.
                                                      • Low maintenance and cleans easily.
                                                      • Ice-tempered blade for resilience.


                                                      • Some folks may want individual knives for efficiency and convenience instead of a hybrid knife. 

                                                      25. Rocking Herb Knife 7" - Gladiator Series

                                                      Rocking Herb Knife 7" - Gladiator Series

                                                        This herb knife doesn’t just help you chop, but also mince, slice, and dice your vegetables and meat. The ambidextrous handle is a futuristic gift to all knife lovers. Its razor-sharp blade is key to multitasking in the kitchen. 


                                                        • Made with single-piece, high carbon German Thyssenkrupp Steel and is hardened at 56+ Rockwell. 
                                                        • Hand-sharpened to perfection with 16-18º per side. 
                                                        • Stain-resistant blade which strengthens its durability. 


                                                        • It has quite a muscular build which could intimidate some home cooks. 

                                                        6. Frequently Asked Questions

                                                        What are the 6 types of cooking knives?

                                                          Chef’s Knife, Paring Knife, Boning Knife, Utility Knife, Bread Knife, and Santoku Knife. 

                                                          What are the main 3 types of knives used for cooking?

                                                            This depends on your preference and usage! But, the most common ones are paring, serrated and chef’s knives. 

                                                            What are the 4 main knives used in culinary?

                                                              Nearly all tasks in your kitchen can be completed using the chef, paring, long serrated, and carving knives. 

                                                              What are the 3 most common cooking knives?

                                                                Once again, if you use a certain kind of knife the most, it is common in the kitchen for you. Paring, serrated, and chef’s knives are almost always ideal. 

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