Why You Need A Pair Of Kitchen Shears 

Dalstrong Kitchen Shears
Dalstrong Kitchen Shears

Just like cutting boards and super sharp knife sets, a pair of sharp shears can make all kitchen tasks feel like a walk in the park. For starters, kitchen shears are slightly different from a standard pair of scissors, thanks to the micro-serrated blades and soft grip. 

Made with a sharp stainless steel blade, they offer more agility as you go. The steel blades can help cut paper and even the toughest parts of meat. 

Dalstrong Kitchen Shears
Dalstrong Kitchen Shears

1. What Are Kitchen Shears And Why Do You Need One?

If you’re all about snipping herbs for hearty meals, then you need a pair of shears, also known as herbs scissors. They can be used for chopping up quick, elegant garnishes on soups and rice, as well as cutting through dense and thick poultry bones. 

If you’re big on Korean BBQs, then you may have noticed a pair of poultry shears with the meat tray. They’re perfect for easily opening shellfish meat and clamshell packages. They’re also excellent for portioning large batches of food during family get-togethers or during the grilling season. 

But, that isn’t all a pair of kitchen shears can do. If you’ve got a number of challenging plastic containers or packages lying around, the ultra sharp, steel blade can get it opened in very little time and frustration. Sounds like a win to me. 

The micro-serrated blades not only make for easy cleaning but also as a makeshift can or bottle opener. As a bonus, they can act as jar openers, too! 

Bonus Kitchen Tips: 

  • If you require some maintenance in the kitchen, your favorite multipurpose kitchen shears can be used as a screwdriver, too! 
  • All-purpose shears are great for when you want to lay out a charcuterie board! You can open the plastic packaging with these scissors, crack open nuts, open bottles and jars of jams and honey, as well as chop up large pieces of cured meat and cheese blocks for convenience! I love using them to snip bog bunches of grapes into more manageable sections.
  • Looking for more ways to use your kitchen shears? Check out this article on 15 Ways to Use Your Kitchen Shears.

2. The Difference Between Kitchen Shears And Kitchen Scissors

Kitchen Shears 

There are various types of kitchen shears (poultry shears, herbs shears, all-purpose shears, and more). Each one of them is perfect for taking on multi-purpose kitchen tasks. 

On heavy duty kitchen shears, the blades come apart, thanks to the sharp stainless steel blades. All-purpose shears on the other hand offer an incredibly comfortable grip with super sharp micro-serrated blades. 

These essential kitchen tools are used for snipping herbs and cutting through the stubborn points of meat and poultry bones, making them perfect for home cooks. Shears also have comfortable handles with a small finger hole and a large finger hole to easily accommodate three or four fingers – This also calls for thorough, yet easy cleaning.

Kitchen Scissors

Kitchen scissors on the other hand are used to cut cold cuts, and cheeses, crack open nuts, and prep herbs before placing them in a blender or food processor. Scissors are equipped for cooked meats and are a great alternative to poultry shears, too. Kitchen scissors can be stored in knife sets or the drawer. 

The blade length usually runs from 3 inches to 6 inches – Making them an excellent kitchen tool for evenly cutting pizza slices, quesadillas, or cutting strips of bacon and even seeded fruits and vegetables. 

3. Why Stainless Steel Makes The Perfect Blade Material For Kitchen Scissors

A super sharp blade material is quite essential when it comes to kitchen shears because your food comes in contact with the blade before it reaches your plate. Stainless steel blades are an excellent choice. The blades come apart for easy, thorough cleaning. Heavy duty kitchen shears are made with stainless steel as it is as robust and durable as it is to clean. 

Stainless steel blades are ultra sharp and perfect for snipping herbs not just swiftly, but with extreme control. This is also an excellent material as it doesn’t require you to whip out your knife sharpeners often, thanks to the sturdy and durable nature. 

If you’re a Dalstrong Pro, you must know that stainless steel has chromium added to it. It also has an enhanced endurance to high temperatures and does not release toxic chemicals either – Which makes it perfect for cooking Korean BBQ or hot pots! 

Looking for kitchen tips? I’ve got a good one for you! Did you know that you can test your shears to see how effective the ultra sharp stainless steel blades are? Cut paper, specifically parchment paper to see whether or not the shears glide right through it. 

4. Everything You Need To Know About Dalstrong’s Kitchen Shears 

Professional Kitchen Scissors 420J2 Japanese Stainless Steel

Dalstrong Kitchen Shears

Looking for a pair of kitchen scissors that are excellent jar openers, too? Then, these professional kitchen scissors are all you need! Designed for versatility, you can slice, cut, and trim bacon, homemade pasta, and egg noodles to serve with your favorite appetizers. 

All The Features You Need To Know About

Undeniably elegant in their appearance, these kitchen scissors are forged with premium quality 420J2 Japanese stainless steel to keep the blades ultra sharp on your favorite shears set. These pairs of scissors are built in a way that calls for easy cleaning, as the blades come apart quickly – Making it just as easy for your sharpening stones to do their magic.

The premium blade quality is outstanding and worth the purchase as it is made with stainless steel which boosts its resistance and sturdiness, thanks to the high amounts of chromium in it. When it comes to multipurpose kitchen shears, you want to make sure that they’re ambidextrous and ergonomic, too – And, Dalstrong has ticked these points. 

What’s Included? 

So, not only are you rewarded with a comfortable grip or a soft grip, but you also have a firm grasp on the comfortable handles of these scissors. To top it off, at your next BBQ, you can gloat about the ethereal Dalstrong logo that is engraved on the scissors and leave it on display at the grill. 

At Dalstrong, we’re known for our show-stopping cookware, so you’re in for a treat with Dalstrong’s renowned packaging. You also get access to Dalstrong’s support should you require it at any time. Until then, enjoy the 2-day priority shipping within the United States and get snipping! 


  • It has a built-in nutcracker that is ambidextrous and stain-resistant. 
  • Designed with Japanese stainless steel for robustness and longevity. 
  • Detachable blades for when you’re on the go and prefer easy cleaning. 
  • If you prefer cutting open meats like lobster tails and shrimp in one go, these scissors are perfect for you!


  • If you prefer using a paring knife to make incisions on raw shrimp, then this may not be what you’re looking for. 
  • You may not need these scissors if you like to use professional kitchen knives for all things cutting and slicing. 

5. How To Care For And Maintain Your Shears

Steps To Clean: 

  1. Begin by cleaning with a soft and clean cloth to remove dust, stuck-on particles, and, debris, and grit. 
  2. After hand washing each piece of the blade with warm water, use a dry cloth or paper towel to pat it dry. (Remember, you don’t want to ever leave your blades with water as this makes them more prone to rusting). 
  3. Once the blade is dry, apply some cooking oil and rub it on the blades carefully. This will help when you’re snipping a large batch of herbs or meat and are on a time constraint, as the blades are greased to work with ease.

Steps To Sharpen:

  1. If your shears aren’t gliding past food and cutting them with ease, you need a knife sharpening stone with a grit of 1000-3000. 
  2. Detach the blades and clean them with a little warm water and pat them dry with a paper towel so the sharpener can work without debris getting in the way.
  3. Then, gently place the blade on the knife sharpener and glide them back and forth. 
  4. Alternate each side with intervals of 5-7 minutes. 
  5. If you think you’ve revived the sharp edges, place the blades back into the shears set and try cutting through a piece of parchment paper. If it glides right through it, you’re all set!

6. Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of kitchen shears?

Kitchen shears are used for snipping herbs and cutting open clamshell packages, and other shell foods. Most shears sets are also used as jar openers or bottle openers. 

Which are the best kitchen shears?

The best kitchen shears are made with stainless steel blades and work as nutcrackers, bottle openers, or jar openers. There is a reason why kitchen shears are better known as multipurpose kitchen scissors! 

What is the difference between kitchen shears and scissors?

Kitchen shears and scissors are slightly different from one another but are often called by either name. Some of the differences include a detachable and sharp blade which can often be found on kitchen scissors that are medium to large in size. Some scissors also have micro serrated blades and a soft grip. 

What is the name of scissors in the kitchen?

Scissors are often called kitchen shears. A pair of shears or a pair of ‘scissors’ can decrease meal prep time significantly, as it allows you to chop and cut herbs and meat quicker than some knives. If you’re big on barbecues and hot pots too, then you need shears sets to help you speed up the kitchen tasks to host the perfect barbecue get-together! 

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Why You Need A Pair Of Kitchen Shears 

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