The Case for Owning a Knife Case

California Brown Full Grain Leather | Vagabond Knife Roll | DalstrongCalifornia Brown Full Grain Leather | Vagabond Knife Roll | Dalstrong

A knife case (or a knife bag, or knife roll) is a simple, stylish way to transport your precious kitchen knives from one location to another. In this blog post we’ll talk about what to look for in a knife case, give you some tips on proper knife storage, and share our selection of the very best knife cases around.

1. What is a Knife Case?

Here’s something that might rub some folks the wrong way: picking the best culinary tools isn’t just about function. It isn’t just about looking for the very best performance. It isn’t just about studying up on different types of steels, finding out which ones are best for the type of knife you need, and searching for the best combination of handle and blade.

No. Sometimes, picking the best culinary tools is also about style.

When I say this might rub some folks the wrong way, it’s because many of us are averse to the notion of picking something out just because it looks good. Like it’s some sort of mortal sin to prioritize style when searching for something that is, essentially, utilitarian in its function. Like there’s something slightly less than legitimate about selecting a tool that way.

If I sound like I’m being oddly specific here, it’s because I’m largely talking about myself. Yep, for the longest time I was that guy who would brush off any aesthetic considerations as merely superfluous, focusing only on the practicality of whatever it was I was looking for. This was before growing up a little and realizing that I was facing a false dichotomy. Style is not the enemy of practicality. Not by a long shot.

Knife cases are a perfect example. If you’ve never used a knife case, knife roll, or knife bag, you might be wondering what I’m even talking about. In a nutshell, a knife case is a tool designed to carry your kitchen knives around. If you’re the kind of person who likes to attend cookouts and actually relishes the opportunity to take over the grill, a knife case is your best friend. Same if you’re a chef working a catering gig, or if you simply need a way to transport your knives from one place to another.

And sure, knife cases are meant to be used primarily for safe knife storage. But there’s no reason why they can’t also be stylish, elegant, and reflect the personality of their owner. Ultimately, that’s what we want in any kind of fashion accessory (or even in our kitchen tools): we want to show off a part of ourselves to the world. 

Thankfully, the very best knife cases around have personality to spare. They can be stylish and fun while also serving as a top-quality knife carrying tool. After all, if you’re the type of person who likes to carry their knives around, you’ve probably put a lot of thought into your knife collection. And if that’s the case, you certainly don’t want to risk that gorgeous Damascus steel chef knife to be damaged because it was clanging around in an unsecured knife bag.

Let’s talk about what makes for a good knife case, how you should go about properly storing your knives, and give you our recommendations of the very best knife cases available to buy.

12oz Heavy Duty Canvas & Leather Blue | Nomad Knife Roll | Dalstrong12oz Heavy Duty Canvas & Leather Blue | Nomad Knife Roll | Dalstrong

2. The Best Material for a Knife Case

Knife cases are made of a pretty wide array of materials, everything from plastic to high-end leather. The truth is, in terms of both style and practicality, leather is widely regarded as the very best material for a knife bag. This is because they’re sturdy and durable, they age into a very appealing and rugged look, and they feel extremely pleasing to hold.

Of course, there are downsides to a leather knife case. For instance, leather does retain moisture. Moisture can then make contact with your knife, resulting in rust. This can happen if the leather isn’t treated properly, causing it to degrade over time. But there are leather protection products you can use to mitigate this issue. 

Additionally, high quality leather knife bags are designed in such a way that your precious knives will be shielded from any moisture that manages to be retained by the material. This is where the quality – not just of the build, but also of the design – comes into play. So take extra care to pick out a good one when you’re searching for knife rolls to buy.

Another great option for a knife roll is canvas. Canvas comes with the advantage of being highly durable, resistant to tears, and it ages really well. Additionally, it is a very attractive material, working best when used along with leather straps and accessories. This creates a stylish and functional accessory. 

3. Qualities of a Good Knife Case

Speaking of picking out a good one, let’s talk about what you should be looking for when searching for knife cases. You don’t want to spend a bunch of money on a tool that will damage your knives in any way, let alone one that will quickly fall apart after a few months of use (both true knife roll horror stories from trying to buy the most affordable products in the market).

The main things to take into consideration when searching for a good knife case are:

Size and capacity

When searching for a knife case or knife holder, you need to think about how many knives you’ll be transporting in the first place, not to mention their sizes. Your knife roll needs to have enough space for all of the tools you want to transport, with enough pockets to handle the different shapes and lengths of your cooking equipment.

As you well know, kitchen knives come in a pretty wide array of sizes. Some kitchen knives are tiny little tools, such as this small 2.75” bird’s beak paring knife. Some kitchen knives are much longer, such as this 14” extra-long bull nose butcher knife. Take the time to confirm the dimensions of the knives you’ll be carrying, and which will fit, before you buy your knife case.

Choose a bag that has special pockets in addition to the knife slots. For instance, if you need somewhere to stash your phone while you work, or some pens, or some meat claws, or even a kitchen apron. This “additional storage” is guaranteed to get you out of a bind when you really need it, so be on the lookout for it when you’re seeking out your knife case.


As mentioned earlier, the very best material for your knife cases will be leather. It just looks, feels, and ages like nothing else, feeling shiny and beautifully new at first before developing into a more rugged and matured version of itself. We highly recommend getting a leather knife case. The second best option is canvas, which works best when combined with leather straps and accessories. 


This one is entirely in the eye of the beholder. When you’re buying a knife case, you’re not just buying a tool to perform a simple task (knife transportation), you’re also buying what is essentially a fashion accessory. Your choice should communicate something about who you are and what you like. Take your time to really explore the designs and choose the one that speaks to you the most.

4. How to Store Knives Properly

Storing your knives properly is of utmost importance. You need to make sure you’re not damaging your knives, especially as you’re out there in the world moving about. Having them clanging around with no separation will inevitably lead to chipping or other damages. Not only that, but poor knife storage can also lead to personal injury.

These are the most important tips to properly store your knives in your knife case.

  • Slide your knife in by the handle. You want to make sure that you’re storing your knives blade-side-up. Otherwise you risk damaging the knife case itself during bag travel, as well as injuring yourself when it’s time to pick your knife out from your knife case. 
  • Use a blade guard. This is optional, of course, but if you want to be super-safe when it comes to not having your knives have direct contact with each other, a blade guard is a nifty little accessory that can be slid down the blade and boom, you have easy and immediate protection from any potential issue that might arise.
  • Keep your knife roll clean. This is extremely important. Ensuring that your knives and knife holder are clean is almost as important as having those tools at all. When you’re done using your knives, spray them with a bit of sanitizer, and dry them off with a cloth. This will keep your knives from dirtying up the inside of your knife roll; just make sure you fully wipe them dry before storing them. 

5. The Very Best Knife Cases to Buy

Now let’s take a look at the best knife cases you can find out there.

1. 12oz Heavy Duty Canvas & Leather | Blue | Nomad Knife Roll | Dalstrong

12oz Heavy Duty Canvas & Leather | Blue | Nomad Knife Roll | Dalstrong

I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t immediately want to purchase this 12oz heavy duty canvas and leather knife bag. It’s the ultimate marriage of form and function, serving both as a tool for safely lugging your knives around and as a fashion accessory that would make everyone in the party wildly envious. 


  • Constructed of 12oz heavy duty hard waxed canvas, featuring ultra-premium 100% genuine top-grain Brazilian leather straps and accents.
  • It’s meant to blemish and wear out over time, slowly developing into a gorgeous, rugged, aged look.
  • Features a lot of space, equipped with 10 interior knife pockets that can securely accommodate knives that are up to 15” tall, as well as an additional 3 interior pockets to stash away notebooks, sharpies, pocket knives, thermometers, etc.
  • Custom molded brass buttons featuring the Dalstrong insignia.


  • The blue denim color might not be for everyone, so check out some of the options below for some alternatives.
  • This knife holder is made of heavy duty canvas with leather accents, but if you’re looking for an all-leather knife case, read on…

2. 12oz Heavy Duty Canvas & Leather | Crimson Red | Nomad Knife Roll | Dalstrong

12oz Heavy Duty Canvas & Leather | Crimson Red | Nomad Knife Roll | Dalstrong

Who doesn’t like a deep, deep red? This gorgeous piece of kitchen carry equipment is also constructed of 12oz heavy duty hard waxed canvas, with ultra-premium top-grain Brazilian leather straps and accents. This time around the color is less “blue jeans” and more “bright red,” with a stunning design that will only get more and more attractive as time goes on.


  • Has 10 knife pockets, each holding knives of up to 15 inches in length.
  • Has a detachable, fully adjustable, extra-strength cotton webbing strap.
  • Finished with a double stitch technique to make it even more sturdy and durable.
  • Features 3 additional interior pockets to store all kinds of accessories. 


  • Well, it all comes down to taste, especially when it comes to style. Personally, I’m a big fan of the red color, but some folks might prefer something a little more muted.
  • If you happen to own any knives that are longer than 15 inches, you might need something like the next knife bag in this list…

3. Midnight Black | Full Grain Leather | Vagabond Knife Roll | Dalstrong

Midnight Black | Full Grain Leather | Vagabond Knife Roll | Dalstrong

Now this is pure class. This elegant, pitch black bag made of full grain leather is the only knife roll you will ever need. The ultra-premium, extra durable midnight black leather knife roll looks (and feels) like serious business. With top quality materials and craftsmanship, not to mention the coolest design in this entire list, this excellent product is top-notch construction and design. 


  • More space for everything you need: features 14 standard knife pockets and 2 extra-long pockets for knives up to 20” long. 
  • Handcrafted with ultra-premium, fine-pored, 100% top and full grain Brazilian leather; durable and powerful while also being extremely soft and non abrasive. 
  • The bag features thick, extra strength, military grade buckles to help secure your kitchen tools firmly in place.
  • It also has easy access to a zip closure rear pocket, where chefs can keep note pads, labels, thermometers as well as other small tools or belongings.


  • One thing to keep in mind is that this is a premium product, made of premium materials and featuring top-of-the-line craftsmanship. As such, it is at the top of the price range represented in this list. If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, we have other options available.
  • The pitch black look may not be for everyone.

4. Premium 4 Pocket Knife Bag | The Culinary Commander | Dalstrong

Premium 4 Pocket Knife Bag | The Culinary Commander | Dalstrong

Want even more storage capability? This impressive knife bag is more than equipped to handle your knife collection. In fact, it’s designed with 45 interior knife pockets, easily accommodating knives of up to 15” in length. Made of 100% premium and genuine top-grain Brazilian leather and showcasing Dalstrong molded fixings, this is the ultimate knife bag for the discerning chef.


  • Premium and genuine top-grain Brazilian leather exterior for extreme comfort, strength, and longevity.
  • Its interior is made of lightweight, fast-drying 100% nylon fabric, built to last.
  • A mind-blowing amount of storage, including 3 additional zipper pockets to store small to medium sized tools such as a spatula or a pocket knife.
  • With two detachable shoulder straps, with extra-large black vegan leather pass.


  • Some folks may not be into the velcro straps on the inside.
  • Another stunning product that is a steal considering the top-quality materials it’s made with, but some might consider to be inaccessible budget-wise. 

5. 2 Pocket Knife Bag | Gaston | Compact | Dalstrong

2 Pocket Knife Bag | Gaston | Compact | Dalstrong

Love a bag with a name. This awesome compact 2-pocket charcoal black knife bag, nicknamed “The Gaston,” is a fantastic choice to keep your kitchen tools and ensure their longevity. It features 15 knife slots and a lot of interior storage space for more items, as well as a sleek and stylish finish made of premium ballistic nylon. 


  • Has 15 interior knife pockets where you can slot knives up to 15” in length.
  • Handcrafted with ultra-premium materials for maximum durability, with an interior made of 100% nylon fabric.
  • Each pocket is securely fastened with an extra-thick zipper pull tab and slider for a tight grip, your slot knife won’t move around when you’re on the go.
  • Also features a detachable shoulder strap and extra-large black vegan leather shoulder strap pads.


  • This impressive tool is one of the more compact options in this list; if you’re in need for more storage, check out some of the options available above.
  • As opposed to the other options shown here, this knife bag is made of ultra-premium ballistic nylon exterior for tear resistance and maximum durability; if you’re looking for canvas or leather, check out some of the other options.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

What is a knife Case called?

Knife cases are also sometimes called knife holders, knife rolls, knife pouch, or knife bags. They are tools designed to help cooks safely and easily transport all their kitchen knives from one location to another without risk of damaging them.

What is a knife storage called?

There are various types of knife storage. For instance, there are knife blocks (or knife holders), which are made of a hardwood and contain multiple slots to sheath and protect the knife from damage to the blade. There are also knife cases you can carry around with you.


Written by Jorge Farah
Born on the coast of Colombia and based in Buenos Aires, Jorge is a cooking enthusiast and kitchenware obsessive with a tremendous amount of opinions.

The Case for Owning a Knife Case

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