Why Stainless Steel Tasting Spoons Are Better Than Wooden Tasting Spoons

Professional Chef Tasting & Plating Spoon DalstrongProfessional Chef Tasting & Plating Spoon | Dalstrong ©

Say goodbye to tasting food off of your spatulas! Whether or not you’re a professional chef, you want to make sure that the food you cook tastes great consistently. So, let’s talk about an indispensable cooking utensil that surely belongs in your kitchen – A tasting spoon. Better known as one of the most precious chef tools out there. 

If you’re a home cook or a professional chef, consistency is key. Tasting spoons help ensure the quality of your food as they can be used as stirring spoons, too. They are great for corporate gifting or to surprise cooking connoisseurs you know. 

There is a myth that tasting spoons are the same as serving spoons, and that is entirely untrue. However, they can be used when serving hot or cold food or as an appetizer spoon for hors d'oeuvre. They are perfect spoons for a miniature dessert, as well. 

Professional Chef Tasting & Plating Spoon Dalstrong ©
Professional Chef Tasting & Plating Spoon | Dalstrong ©

1. What Is A Tasting Spoon?

A tasting spoon is yet another kitchen essential along with aprons and a cutting board. When you invest in a premium quality knife, you want to make sure that your efforts are up to a certain standard. 

You can conveniently ensure the quality and taste of your food with it too. In fact, it can also be set down on a dining table as an appetizer spoon or a teaspoon. They're perfect for dessert sampling. 

These spoons can not only be used for tasting sauces, soups, and rice while they are simmering on the stove but while mixing dry or wet ingredients, too. 

Doing this gives you a good idea of every single ingredient that has been used in your mixture – It is the perfect way for tasting sauces and appetizers before serving them.

Chef tasting spoons will help you understand intricate ingredients like salt and pepper – Do you need to add another pinch of salt, or should you bring it down a notch? Tasting spoon sets can help home cooks and professional chefs taste many foods at once when cooking large batches of food. 

2. Different Types Of Tasting Spoons

There are various types of tasting spoons out there such as reusable and metal ones. The most common types of tasting spoons are wood tasting spoons and stainless steel tasting spoons, while some are made with copper, silicone, porcelain, plastic, and bamboo. Generally, wood kitchen utensils such as tasting cups or handmade wooden spoons aren’t durable or resilient. 

Before we dive into a quick comparison between disposable wooden spoons and stainless steel spoons, here’s a little insight into some of the other materials commonly found. Comparatively, stainless steel kitchen spoons and tasting spoons still come up trumps. 

Copper Tasting Spoons

Copper is an excellent metal that can be a great alternative to stainless steel tasting spoons, however, they do tend to leave a metallic taste in your mouth which is why most home cooks and professional chefs pick stainless steel as their preferred choice of metal when they shop for tasting spoons. 

Silicone Tasting Spoons

While silicone tasting spoons are stain-resistant and non-corrosive, their rubber-like texture makes it difficult to pick up and taste a frozen dessert.

Porcelain Tasting Spoons

White porcelain tasting spoons coatings are not good conductors of heat. They are not on par with metallic-tasting spoons at all. Fragile and delicate in build, they break far too quickly and are just not durable. 

For these reasons, porcelain spoons aren't a great choice. Porcelain spoons can't be used to taste a frozen dessert as they can chip and break quite easily.

Plastic Tasting Spoons 

Let’s start by acknowledging how harmful plastic, in general, is to the environment. Is plastic disposable? No, it isn't. While there are heavy-duty plastic tasters for small sampling that are more durable than averagely-designed plastic tasting spoons, they are simply not sustainable. They also cannot be used for tasting hot or cold food as they tend to melt and break. 

In a nutshell, plastic sampling spoons are not disposable, biodegradable or eco friendly. They also hold onto oil stains and strong smells that never wash away, which is quite unhygienic as well. 

Bamboo Tasting Spoons

Out of the five materials we’ve spoken of here, bamboo seems to be the most sustainable option there is. However, it does have more cons to it than you’d think. 

​​However, bamboo cookware products are treated with chemicals that release and leach even more chemicals into your food which causes migraines and allergies in some individuals.

3. What Makes A Good Tasting Spoon?

The advice and information that we provide through our content are by keeping sustainability in mind. This is why stainless steel takes the cake for being the finest material used to design tasting spoons and cookware and utensils. It has various benefits such as not altering or impacting the taste and texture of your food negatively. 

Tasting spoons made with wood are easily available too, so we’ll be comparing these two materials closely. Here’s everything you should know before purchasing one.


Reusable Tasting Spoon

Metal Tasting Spoon

Resistant To Rust and Corrosion

Wood spoons don’t rust, but they do rot rather quickly.

Metals such as stainless steel are excellent choices to make tasting spoons as they are rust, corrosion, and stain-resistant. 

Durability & Maintenance

Not durable & can’t be maintained as they need to be discarded after one usage. 

Highly durable and low in maintenance. 

Dishwasher Safe

Wood spoons cannot be placed in dishwashers as the soapy mixture strips the wooden spoon off its natural oils.

Stainless steel spoons are polished for a dishwasher-safe experience. 


Wooden spoons are hard to clean as they trap aromatic flavours and scents from strong-smelling foods such as coffee.

Stainless steel tasting spoons can be cleaned easily by handwashing them or popping them over in the dishwasher so you also don’t have to worry about the smell of tea or coffee trapping into the spoon.


Wooden tasting spoons are difficult to maintain over time as they are prone to cracking or wearing. So, you have to handle wooden spoons with care. 

Stainless steel cookware in general is built to last for generations, so they do not crack or wear too easily. 


While wooden spoons can handle the heat, they do absorb oil and liquids from the food you’re cooking which strips them away from their natural oils.

Stainless steel is a metal and a good conductor of heat. So, you don’t have to worry about your tasting spoon latching liquids and oils onto it. 

4. Copper Tasting Spoons: An Alternative To Stainless Steel Tasting Spoons

If you’re unable to get your hands on a stainless steel cooking spoon, copper is an excellent metal alongside it and offers bountiful benefits, especially when it comes to the nutritional value of the food you eat or your health. They make excellent chef-tasting spoons as well since they’re sturdy, can handle high heat,  and clean easily. Copper cooking spoons are perfect for tasting sauces or maintaining the standard in large kitchens and restaurants. 


Copper Tasting Spoons


Eating in copper cookware is proven to boost your immunity by increasing the growth of red blood cells. Using copper-based dessert spoons or soup spoons in your home is an excellent practice as it enriches your food with many minerals and nutrients. 


Using copper spoons to cook is a brilliant practice as it is the perfect cookware material to fluff up the rice that you’re cooking. 

Using copper spoons for eating or tasting enriches your food with nutrients that increase metabolism. 

Health Benefits 

If you fill up water in a copper glass and leave it overnight, it becomes rich in collagen and is an excellent way to begin your day when you drink that water. 

If you’re looking to pair a copper-tasting spoon with copper cookware, you’ve made it to the right place. Chefs all across the world have started to use this metal as saute pans, stockpots, frying pans, skillets, and all other pieces of cookware. 

At Dalstrong, we have an incredible range of copper-forged products that you can pair with your tasting spoons. Have a look at them here

5. Stainless Steel Tasting Spoons And Sustainability 

While wood is an easy-to-find and eco-friendly material, it has many disadvantages which we’ve just discussed. So, what do you opt for? 

Well, the myths must be crushed – Stainless steel is, in fact, 100% recyclable and perfectly alright for the environment. They’re also durable and safe when used as cooking spoons. Did you know that more than 50% of stainless steel products manufactured today actually stem from recycled scraps. 

If you’re a Dalstrong Pro, you must know that stainless steel has chromium added to it. This makes stainless steel tasting spoons robust, durable, and resilient while being completely green for the environment. It has an enhanced endurance to high temperatures and does not release toxic chemicals either.

Stainless steel and other metals are proven to have no adverse health effects on individuals and are not hazardous at all. There are a couple of myths that surround stainless steel in regards to sustainability. 

Such as, manufacturing stainless steel affects the workers’ health, or welding stainless steel increases the chances of lung cancer. These statements have been proven to be completely false. 

Stainless steel remains one of the strongest contenders for sustainable living while providing the highest quality. So, is a stainless steel spoon eco friendly? Absolutely. 

It is the perfect paper and plastic alternative. Thanks to their sturdy build, they're much more sustainable than disposable tasting spoons or disposable plastic spoons.

6. A Little Insight Into Dalstrong’s Cookware And Community

Before we dive into knowing more about the ultimate tasting spoon that there is, let’s talk a little about Dalstrong and its community. In a nutshell, Dalstrong is a culinary revolution where function meets form. 

It is fresher and younger compared to other professional knife brands but has tremendous customer service and quick shipping to offer. The team behind the scenes at Dalstrong works efficiently to re-stock products that are best-sellers and ensures that you find knives and other related products that are the perfect size for your kitchen arsenal. 

Customer reviews often speak of Dalstrong’s easy checkout, quick shipping, and delivery. All major credit and debit cards are accepted when you’re at the checkout, including American Express. 

In fact, did you know that when you place an order at Dalstrong, your product is dispatched within 24 hours? All while offering free 2-day shipping. Sales and special offers are an added bonus! Whether it is a chef knife or a tasting spoon made with premium quality steel, Dalstrong is all stocked up. 

Dalstrong is currently shipping products internationally, and while their products are top-of-the-line, if there is an event in which you need to return your product, they can be reached out via a quick email. 

Now that you know a little more about us, let’s tell you all about our tasting spoon that is launching very, very soon on our website, and will be shipping very soon to your house should you buy it.  

7. The Ultimate Dalstrong Tasting Spoon

Tasting Spoon Dalstrong ©

Professional Chef Tasting & Plating Spoon Dalstrong ©

Whether or not you’re a professional chef, this spoon is an absolute need in the kitchen. If you cook professionally in large kitchens or just for yourself, consistency and quality still matter, and you want to make sure they’re cooked to perfection. This kitchen tool can be used as a salt spoon or a soup spoon, too!

Made with premium quality, corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel, this spoon offers you every inch of sophistication with the iconic Dalstrong Lionshead logo engraved on it. It is easy to clean, low in maintenance, cost-friendly, AND stain-resistant! 

It is resilient, sturdy, and elegant. So lay it out on your dining table as a dessert spoon or a soup spoon. Bag a couple of them at once, and you have yourself a spoon set.


  • Built to last for generations on end, if not a lifetime. Use it for tasting sauces, and all of your favourite dips without it being stained.
  • It is tremendously sturdy, thanks to its 2.5mm thick stainless steel, which makes it compatible with hot foods. 
  • This stainless steel spoon encourages a standard of hygiene as you can transfer foods from serving spoons to tasting spoons with ease.  
  • This appearance and material of this spoon makes it perfect for corporate gifting, too.


  • If you’re slightly partial to another metal such as copper when it comes to tasting spoons, this one might not give you a ‘spoonful’ of satisfaction. 
  • If for instance, you're looking to taste different portions of ice cream or any other mini desserts and want a one-time use and throw spoon, this may not be perfect for you.

    8. Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a tasting spoon?

    A tasting spoon is used to taste foods while they’re simmering, sauteing, or nearly ready to eat. They are used for tasting sauces, dips, and spreads. 

    Do chefs reuse tasting spoons?

    No, they do not. The FDA states that the same utensil may not be used more than once to taste. This encourages hygiene levels in large kitchens and restaurants. 

    What are mini tasters?

    Mini tasters, also known as mini tasting spoons, disposable tasting spoons, or mini dessert spoons are much smaller in size compared to a metal spoon. They are used for tasting samples of desserts and appetizers such as fresh fruits, portions of ice cream, and appetizers. Mini tasting spoons are used for tasting sauces and dips as well. Disposable mini tasters are commonly used as ice cream spoon, cake spoons, and other mini desserts, or to taste an appetizer sample.

    What is a French tasting spoon?

    A French tasting spoon, also known as Cuillère à goûter, is a tasting spoon used to taste the seasoning of the food you’re cooking while it is in preparation. 

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