What Is A Magnetic Knife Holder?

Frost White | Double sided Magnetic Knife Wall | Dalstrong ©

As you build your knife collection, it’s important to consider storage. Proper knife storage is essential for keeping your kitchen running smoothly and your knives in top shape, while improper storage can actually damage your knives.

Picking the right storage option for you and your kitchen should take as much time and research as picking a new knife. Knife storage should be practical, safe, and efficient – and ideally, should feature a stylish flair. 

There are a wide variety of options for knife storage, all of which come with their own advantages. Slotted knife blocks are the traditional choice, while fabric or leather knife rolls are perfect for chefs on the go. Still, you shouldn’t overlook magnetic knife holders for a uniquely elegant, modern solution. 

1. Are Magnetic Knife Holders Any Good?

Dalstrong Double-Sided Magnetic Blade Wall

As the old saying goes, it’s a poor craftsman who blames his tools. Sure, it may be true that an excellent chef should be able to cook a six course meal with nothing but a paring knife and a frying pan, but, as anyone who loves to cook knows, good tools can make your kitchen run smoother than butter down the side of a steak and turn work into pleasure. 

Benefits Of Owning A Magnetic Knife Holder

While your knife storage is ultimately up to you and your individual needs, magnetic knife holders are a brilliant option for anyone who wants to create a clean, efficient, and elegant kitchen. Unlike a traditional knife block, magnetic knife holders keep your knives and kitchen utensils on display for easy access. The open design helps you find the perfect knife at a glance, which helps keep your kitchen running smoothly and efficiently.

1. They’re a fantastic organizational tool

Unlike a traditional knife block, a magnetic knife holder allows you to arrange your knives however you want. You can put the knives you use daily on the front, while reserving the back for specialty knives, all without worrying about fitting them in the correct slots. The slim, space-saving design, which takes up less space than a traditional knife block, helps free up space in your kitchen and keep clutter out of drawers.

There’s no need to worry about cutting yourself as you rummage through a drawer or fitting your knives back into the right slots of your knife block. Instead, your knives are readily accessible and easily visible. A quality knife holder is a simple way to streamline the cooking process and improve the experience. Thanks to the open design of a magnetic knife holder, you can organize your knives however you’d like and cut down the time spent searching for the perfect blade.

2. They Provide Additional Kitchen Safety & Hygiene

Magnetic knife holders are also a great option for anyone concerned about hygiene. The narrow slots of traditional knife blocks can accumulate bacteria if you’re not careful, and they can be tricky to clean. Cleaning a magnetic knife holder is quick and easy.

With no cracks or crevices to worry about, simply wipe down the sides with a paper towel if grime starts to accumulate. Wood and polycarbonate knife holders can be sanitised quickly and easily, which helps prevent your knives from coming into contact with the grime and bacteria that can be found in traditional knife blocks.

3. They Add Aesthetics To Your Kitchen

As practical as magnetic knife holders are, an attractive knife holder can also serve an aesthetic purpose. While traditional knife blocks keep your blades discreetly hidden away, the open design of a magnetic knife rack shows off your knife collection and lets your knives become part of your kitchen decor. For many home chefs, investing in a quality knife set means not only investing in functionality, but also form.

For the aesthetically-minded chef, a knife holder can be more than a practical tool: it can add visual interest to a kitchen and turn your knives into a stylish centerpiece. A well-crafted knife is a work of art, and a magnetic knife holder lets you put your knives on display. If you’ve invested in a damascus steel rocker knife or Nakiri knife with a hammered tsuchime finish, you shouldn’t hide them away – do them justice and give them a place of honor in your kitchen.

Note ; Which Knives Can You Place On A Magnetic Knife Holder?

Keep in mind that not all knives will stick to a magnetic knife holder. Ceramic knives and stainless steel knives made from austenitic steel are not magnetic and will not stick to a magnetic holder.

However, most stainless steel knives are made from martensitic steel, which is magnetic. All Dalstrong knives are made from martensitic stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about them sticking to a magnetic knife holder.

2. Are Magnetic Holders Bad For Knives?

Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block

    • A high quality magnetic knife holder is a safe and secure storage option that will help keep your knives sharp and functional, but you should still select your knife holder carefully and learn to use it correctly to avoid potential damage.
    • You should always avoid storing knives loose in a drawer or any container where they can rub together. This could cause potential damage and dull your knives over time. With a magnetic knife holder, you won’t have to worry about the blades of your knives from scratching against each other. You should still be careful to avoid bumping the blade of the knife against the side of the knife holder, but using a magnetic knife holder is a great way to mitigate damage.
    • To prevent knives from falling and creating safety hazards, it is important to pick a knife holder with a powerful magnet, but the magnet should not be so powerful that it could bend or damage your knives when you remove them. A good magnetic knife holder should strike the right balance. That’s why investing in a quality knife holder helps keep both you and your knives safe for years to come. 

    3. How Do You Remove A Knife From A Magnetic Knife Holder? 

    • While magnetic knife holders are a safe and secure option for knife storage, it’s important to know how to remove and replace your knives correctly. Removing knives is simple if you use the correct technique.
    • To remove your knives, grip the handle and twist the blade away from the magnet, so that the sharp edge leaves the flat surface of the knife holder first.
    • To replace the knife, simply reverse the process: place the knife against the magnet, spine first, then gently let the blade fall into place. Remember, you should be careful to leave space between the knives so that they don’t scratch against each other. 

    4. Will A Magnetic Knife Holder Stick To My Fridge?

    Dalstrong Double-Sided Magnetic Blade Wall

    • While some magnetic knife strips (also known as a magnetic knife bar or magnetic rack) are designed to attach to a refrigerator, it is not necessarily an ideal solution. Remember: refrigerators are hotspots of activity in a kitchen. They’re the place your kids go when they’re trying to sneak the last cupcake, and the spot you stumble through the dark to at 3 AM in an attempt to find a midnight snack.
    • This means that they’re easily jostled, resulting in potential damage or injury. Instead, try to find a storage spot that is both convenient and easily accessible, but not so heavily trafficked that your knives could be knocked down. It’s best to choose a spot that is stable, secure, and not easily accessible to kids, pets, or sleepwalkers.

    5. What Are The Best Magnetic Knife Holders?

    Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block

    Knife holders can seem like an extraneous accessory, but proper knife storage is essential to anyone who values quality knives. You should avoid the temptation to buy something cheap, keeping in mind that not all magnetic knife holders are created equal. If you’ve spent time and energy investing in a collection of well-curated, high quality knives, it’s worthwhile to invest in a proper knife holder, too. 

    The best magnetic knife holders will keep your knives securely in place without causing potential damage. Remember, a cheap knife holder might not have the right magnetic balance to keep your knives safe. You should also make sure that your knife holder is constructed out of high quality materials, and is sturdy enough that it won’t get knocked over or fall down.  

    While wall mounted knife strips are a popular choice and widely available on the internet, countertop magnetic knife holders, like the ones listed below, have their advantages, too. They’re easy to integrate into your kitchen – there’s no need to try and DIY a magnetic knife holder with complicated mounting hardware.

    Unlike narrow wall mounted knife strips, the wide, flat surface of these knife holders means that the blade has extra room to stick, providing additional stability and reducing the possibility of accidents. Plus, the double-sided design means that you have two times the storage space. The slim base takes up minimal counter space, and, unlike a wall mounted knife strip, a countertop knife holder can be moved throughout your kitchen for added convenience. 

    1. Frost White | Double-Sided Magnetic Blade Wall | Dalstrong ©

    Frost White | Double-Sided Magnetic Blade Wall | Dalstrong ©

    A feat of both aesthetics and engineering, the Dalstrong magnetic knife wall is a uniquely elegant solution to knife storage. The slim, double-sided design takes up minimal counter space, while the sturdy stainless steel base helps keep the knife wall from tipping over.

    The sleek, modern design features powerful magnets embedded in a solid block of hand-crafted Acacia wood. The wood block is covered in a transparent sheet of tough, food-grade polycarbonate, which is hygienic and resistant to cracks or scratches. At 14.5” long, the knife wall provides enough space to hold up to twelve large kitchen knives or utensils, like metal spatulas or kitchen tweezers

    The knife wall comes in three finishes, so you can pick an option that best suits your kitchen. Vader Black provides a striking backdrop to highlight the shape and finish of your stainless steel blades, while Frost White is perfect for an avant garde kitchen with a chic, clean aesthetic. Sequoia Brown showcases the natural beauty of the Acacia wood block for an earthy yet modern look. Whichever finish you choose, the Dalstrong Magnetic Knife Wall is an excellent investment for the serious home chef, and will doubtlessly become a conversation piece in your kitchen.

    2. The Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block 

    Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block

    Featuring six walnut columns that provide enough room for twelve knives or utensils, the Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block offers a rustic alternative to the sleek, modern design of the Dalstrong knife wall. The gradated spires showcase the natural beauty of the walnut’s grain, which complements the stylish minimalist design.

    Powerful, premium magnets are embedded in each side of the six columns, keeping your knives secure and easily accessible. The sturdy, half-moon base helps save counter space, and the artistry of the eye-catching design serves as a fitting showcase for your favorite knives. 

    6. Conclusion

    Frost White | Double sided Magnetic Knife Wall | Dalstrong ©

    Ultimately, only you know what type of storage will best serve you, your knives, and your kitchen needs. Of course, if you’re serious about your kitchen knives, you should be serious about their storage, too. The logical benefits of owning a magnetic knife holder – their efficiency, their hygienic design, their stylish flair – are clear. There’s another element though: the pure satisfaction of owning one. 

    There’s a certain primal element to knives: the meticulous, ritualistic preparation of food links us back to our earliest ancestors, and the glint of a freshly sharpened blade sets off something in the deepest parts of the caveman brain. It’s the same part of the caveman brain that recognizes the mundane magic of magnets, even though, as twenty first century adults, we know that there’s a scientific explanation.

    Seeing your knife collection suspended from the sides of your magnetic holder almost as if by magic is inspiring. Whenever you walk into your kitchen, you’ll be greeted with the sight of your blades, poised and ready to dice an onion or whip up a platter of sushi. And once you’re done, you’ll get to hear the satisfying clink of your favorite knife falling back into place on your magnetic knife block. 

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    What Is A Magnetic Knife Holder?

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