5 Kitchen Accessories You Should Take Very Seriously

Dalstrong Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron - Sous Team 6" on a wooden table with the Dalstrong Santoku Knife 7" and Dalstrong Shadow Black Series Chef Knife.Dalstrong Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron - Sous Team 6"

There are a million things involved in the daily operations of a kitchen. From the big ones like the fridge or the oven; to little items or details we take for granted even though they are essential for achieving our foodie goals (like, say, a humble bottle opener).

It’s time you look around and start paying attention to the whole enterprise: read on to discover the kitchen accessories you should take seriously from now on!

1. What Are Kitchen Accessories?

Professional Slotted Spatula on a black table next to a pan of freshly cooked pancakes, and plated pancake with raspberries and honey Professional Slotted Fish Spatula 7.5" Dalstrong ©

The term kitchen accessory includes all those tools, items, kitchen gadgets and utensils that are needed in the kitchen. Kitchen accessories may be multi-purpose or very specific. They are involved in kitchen processes like storage, cooking, serving, eating or even decoration. Some examples include:

  • Cooking utensils
  • Kitchen apparel and aprons
  • Cutting boards
  • Jars and containers 
  • Mixing bowls
  • Measuring cups and other measuring tools
  • Spoon rests
  • Scissors, spatulas
  • Vegetable slicer
  • Wine tools
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Colander
  • A lot more. 

2. Must-Have Kitchen Accessories

A plate of sliced cucumber and cheese next to a black cutting board with full tomatoes and a black paring knife on it

Infinity Series Medium-Sized Fibre wood Cutting Board

There are, however, a number of kitchen accessories that are more important and necessary than you think, within the infinite inventory of kitchen accessories in the market today. Here is our list:

Knives (and knife sharpeners)

A knife is essential for cutting, slicing, chopping, dicing, mincing and peeling food. There are hundreds of knife models, sizes and variations out there.

Knives are prehistoric tools. They were invented by our ancestors the homo sapiens and were first used as weapons. They have changed and evolved until becoming elaborate kitchen tools, but their importance in everyday life has remained unchanged.

Among the wide array of kitchen knives in the market, you could start by gathering the most essential kitchen knives in a small knife set. These beginner knife sets often include a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and maybe a serrated knife or a Santoku knife. 

With these blades, you can cover most of the cutting tasks (although ideally, you would widen your stock with more specialized blades).

Of course, a knife is no use if it’s not sharp. So, as you start paying more attention to the blades you keep in your pantry, you should also get a knife sharpening tool (such as a sharpening stone or a honing rod).

Cutting boards

A cutting board is a surface on which food can be safely cut. It is likely that you will use a cutting board at any point when cooking something for lunch or dinner, so it’s a non-negotiable in any household or restaurant.

Cutting boards come in several sizes and materials. The most common materials for cutting boards are wood (maple, walnut, cherry, beech, teak), bamboo cutting boards, plastic cutting boards and, less commonly, glass cutting boards.

The best choice for cutting boards is arguably wood. Wood is safe, beautiful, hygienic, and highly durable. Besides, end-grain wooden cutting boards protect the sharp edge of your knives, which is a nice advantage! Other materials will eventually dull your knives. 

It is recommended that you have several cutting boards for different purposes. Or at the very least, one for raw meat and another for bread or vegetables. Professional kitchens usually have several in different colors to avoid possible cross-contamination.

Mixing Bowls

A mixing bowl is a deep, round recipient used for preparing and mixing ingredients in meal preparation. Every kitchen needs to have a mixing bowl set in different sizes!

Mixing bowls can come in different materials like stainless steel, glass or plastic. Bowls can also be used to store food or ingredients in the refrigerator, and some of them can even double as serving bowls for salads. 

Cooking utensils

A cooking utensil is a kitchen tool that is actively useful during the process of meal preparation and cooking. 

Of course, the most common cooking utensils include all types of cookware like skillets and pans, the aforementioned bowls and cutting boards; and even knives, even though they overlap with the “eating utensil” category.

However, other underrated cooking accessories are just as important and include graters, whisks, spatulas, tweezers, kitchen shears, tongs, a colander or colander set, measuring cups, and even a food thermometer.

Kitchen storage

Kitchen accessories that are meant for storage are not just nice-to-have, they really make everyday life easier around the kitchen.

Containers, storage jars, lunch boxes, kitchen stands, knife blocks and holders, trays, etc. These are all items that you will eventually need, so you better start building your kitchen storage arsenal soon!


An apron is a protective garment that covers the front of the body, mostly from stains and splashes. They are essential in households and restaurants and have been for centuries (they appear in paintings from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance).

There are several types of aprons, in many styles and sizes. The most popular is the bib apron, considered the classic chef's apron around the world. It comes with straps that loop around the neck and waist. Other styles include the waist apron or half apron and the bistro apron (from the waist down, covering all the leg area).

Whatever style you choose, it’s important that you have at least one in your kitchen. Aprons are not a fashion accessory (although they could be), they protect the cook against fire, heat and splatter. They also protect your clothes.

More than that, the best aprons come with several pockets and trust me, these make life easier in the kitchen. You can keep other kitchen accessories at hand at all times.

3. Recommended Kitchen Accessories

1. Chef's Knife 8"- Delta Wolf Series 


Chef's Knife 8" Delta Wolf Series | Dalstrong


Obviously, the first thing to catch your attention is the black coating on the blade. This Titanium Nitride addition makes it stand out from the rest. You won’t take this knife accessory for granted. The coating is not purely aesthetic: it reduces friction and protects the knife against corrosion.


  • One of the most important items you can own in the kitchen, it will help you cut, slice, chop or mince almost any food.
  • High carbon steel blade, hand-sharpened and coated with Titanium Nitride.
  • The handle offers a comfortable rugged grip.
  • The blade has non-stick properties.
  • It comes with a leather sheath for safe storage.


  • The blade is ultra thin (1.6mm). Some people are more comfortable with a heavier knife (it’s all about how it feels in your hand).
  • The “all-black” may be a turn-off if you like more traditional kitchen styles. Consider a more conventional design like the Gladiator’s Chef Knife.

2. Lionswood Colossal Teak Cutting Board 

Lionswood Colossal Teak Cutting Board | Dalstrong

Having already stated the advantages of teak wood cutting boards, I rest my case with this (truly) colossal cutting board from Dalstrong, destined to become your primary board for cutting, slicing or chopping or even serving any food (yes, it makes a great serving platter!)


  • Hand-crafted from end-grain wood (your knives will stay sharp).
  • Naturally resistant to water, bacteria, and staining.
  • The surface will stay hygienic and bacteria-free for longer.
  • It can be used as a butcher's block.
  • Two side steel handles to easily move the board or to use as a charcuterie board. 
  • Curved cut-out at the bottom side to accommodate a plate.


  • This is a big-sized, heavy-duty board. You should consider kitchen - and counter space before buying.
  • The board is substantial not only in size, but also in price. You can find more affordable options, but beware: you will not find a cutting board like this one.

3. Professional Slotted Spatula 7.5" 

Professional Slotted Fish Spatula 7.5" Dalstrong

The only stainless steel spatula you’ll ever have to buy! Even though it’s officially a fish spatula; you can actually use it for your other favorite recipes: pancakes, burgers, omelets, steaks or a grilled cheese sandwich. Definitely a must-have kitchen utensil.


  • Excellent materials and construction: Premium stainless steel and G-10 fiberglass resin handle.
  • Anti-corrosion.
  • Flexible and lightweight to handle delicate foods, and at the same time, sturdy enough to lift heavy foods or crusts.
  • The angled front edge and the thin lip slide easily under any food.


  • It’s not the best option for non-stick cookware since it’s made of metal and could scratch the surface.
  • Not as comfortable for left-handed people.

4. “ The Night Rider” Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron In Black Denim 

The Night Rider Black Denim | Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron | Dalstrong

Cook in style with this denim apron. It feels and looks so good you’ll end up wearing it just to spread butter on toast. It’s somewhere in the middle between lightweight and thick enough to offer protection and durability.


  • 3 front pockets and one stash pocket to store anything from a sharpie to your cell phone.
  • 100% cotton black denim and genuine leather.
  • Classic design, yet modern.
  • Water repellent.
  • Versatile, lightweight and low maintenance. Perfect for the practical chef.


  • Some cooks are not fans of the whole denim look and prefer another material like the leather of the sous team 6”.
  • The opposite may also be true: some may be looking for something flashy and controversial. The night rider, elegant as it is, is more discreet.

5. Professional Fish Tweezers 

Professional Fish Tweezers Dalstrong

Professional chefs are used to these kinds of specialized tools and are aware of their importance in certain recipes. Home cooks, however, always realize a little late how a pair of professional tweezers can change the game. The fact is, if you like seafood, you’ll want a tool like this to remove bones delicately.


  • Extremely useful when it comes to deboning fish, removing scales, plucking feathers from poultry and placing garnish.
  • Forged from 304 stainless steel.
  • The textured grip prevents unwanted slips.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Granted, if you’re a vegetarian chef, you may not find many uses for this particular kitchen tool.
  • In case of garnish placement, you may want a more delicate model like Dalstrong high-precision tweezers

4. Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Accessories

What are the most important kitchen gadgets?

Kitchen gadgets and home gadgets come in many forms! From a state-of-the-art blender to a vegetable slicer or a bottle opener, it all depends on your kitchen routine. Some will be used more often than others, like a kitchen knife.

Which measuring tools are used in the kitchen?

When cooking food, you may need to use measuring tools like measuring spoons, measuring cups, a digital kitchen scale, thermometers, and timers.

What is the most essential kitchen knife?

The most essential kitchen knife is probably a chef’s knife, because its versatility allows you to use it in most cutting tasks.

What is a kitchen utensil set?

A kitchen utensil set is a group of kitchen essentials based on what you need. Make sure the set includes the perfect kitchen utensil for your lifestyle: for example, special wine tools if you like wine; or a digital kitchen scale if you need to measure ingredients constantly.

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5 Kitchen Accessories You Should Take Very Seriously

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