Is A Magnetic Knife Block A Good Idea?

Dalstrong Wooden Magnetic Knife Block on a huge countertop with a knife and spatula attached to it.
Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block

Storing your knives properly is just as important as getting good knives in the first place. You want to keep them in excellent condition for longer, while preventing accidents in the kitchen at the same time. 

Then why is it that too many times, kitchen knives end up in a drawer with your other cutlery, even knowing that this will dull and chip the blades? (not to mention the safety concerns).

Among the several options in the market, magnetic knife blocks are among the most modern, safe and efficient. So I will answer the question right away: YES, THEY’RE A GREAT IDEA. But please allow me to explain why!

1. What is a magnetic knife block?

Side view profile of a Dalstrong Wooden Magnetic Block with Crusader Series knives attached.
A magnetic knife block is a knife storage solution that works with a magnet holding knives in place. They usually come as magnetic strips for the wall or a magnetized block that holds the knives securely and firmly.

Magnetic knife blocks can come in many forms, such as:

  • A block with visible magnetic strips on the sides.
  • A block with hidden magnets inside.
  • Rotating wooden blocks.
  • A magnetic knife stand, usually rectangular.
  • Drop down magnetic knife block, a block with permanent magnets that is placed under the kitchen cabinet to keep knives out of reach or out of sight (especially for children).
  • Vertical magnetized columns.

2. Benefits Of Using A Magnetic Knife Block

Dalstrong white magnetic knife block on a wooden surface with Shadow Black Knife Series attached to it.

I already stated that a magnetic knife holder is a great invention, and these are my reasons:

  • Magnetic knife blocks can accommodate knives of different sizes, brands or styles; they are not limited to the slots and compartment dimensions, as it usually happens with traditional blocks.
  • Their design is open and the blades are completely visible, instead of hidden inside the block. That means you know which knife to pick up each time. 
  • If you are proud of your favorite knives, a magnetic block is also a way to elegantly display your knife collection.
  • They are easier to clean and stay clean because they do not have grooves or deep areas that can collect dust, debris and bacteria, like it sometimes happens with conventional knife blocks.
  • They dry quickly so they do not retain moisture on the surface.
  • Most models have space for at least 5 large chef's knives.
  • They come in a variety of styles and designs, but overall they have a clean, minimalist concept that can adapt to many kitchen decors.
  • Magnetic knife blocks allow you to store and organize your knives in an accessible and convenient way, optimizing counter space and drawer space.
  • You can also use them for other metal or steel kitchen utensils such as scissors, shears, spoons, spatulas, pizza cutters and in some cases even sharpening steels.  
  • They help to keep the blades sharp as they are not exposed to the friction of block slots and they don’t touch other blades or objects.
  • A magnetic block is easily placed on the countertop, and you can change your mind about the location at all times. A magnetic knife strip, on the other hand, needs to be fixed to a wall.
  • Another advantage, in comparison to magnetic strips, is that there is no risk of knives falling while being picked or handled.
  • They are overall pretty safe, with less risk of cuts or injuries. 

3. Dalstrong Magnetic Knife Storage Solutions

1. Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block

Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block  

Whether you already have a knife set or you are building your own collection, you will dream of a storage option like this stylish magnetic wood block with space for up to 12 knives.

The dramatic design is made of walnut wood, simulating a spiral of ascending columns that you’ll definitely want to display somewhere visible as a work of art. Each column is embedded with extra strong magnets on both sides so your knives are assured a strong and secure hold.


  • Cutting-edge, open-concept design that leaves knives in full view.
  • Knives are not exposed to dirt and bacteria.
  • Space-saving design that frees up the countertop surface.
  • Columns have various sizes to accommodate different types of blades like paring knives, chef knives, bread knives, boning knives and even more specific specialty knives.
  • You also have the option to purchase this double-sided magnetic block as part of a 6 Piece Knife Set from the Phantom Series
  • The wooden columns are smooth and airy, so cleaning and disinfecting the block is quick and easy.


  • The price tag in this holder is the only con I can think of, especially if your budget is tight or if you’re looking for a solution for a few knives only.

2. Double-Sided Magnetic Blade Wall

Frost White | Double-Sided Magnetic Blade Wall | Dalstrong © 

This double-sided magnetic wall is a super practical magnetic knife stand. A minimalist geometric design in the form of a slim, rectangular board, mounted on a stainless steel base with two magnetic sides.

This magnetic knife block is crafted from premium acacia wood and finished in three different shades to suit both your personal style and the décor of your kitchen:

  • The Sequoia Brown magnetic wall exhibits the beauty, warmth and elegance of natural wood and adapts to all decorative concepts, from the most traditional to the most modern. It will also match your wooden cutting boards! 
  • The Frost white magnetic wall adapts very well to more minimalistic or contemporary kitchen styles. If you are one of those who prefer simplicity and appreciate immaculate beauty, you will surely love to show off this knife holder in your kitchen.
  • The Vader black magnetic wall looks like a screen with the shiny blades being the stars of the movie. This finish makes it a piece that conveys luxury, distinction and exclusivity, ideal for the most modern and daring kitchen styles.    


  • Extra strong magnets on both sides of the wall to hold knives securely. 
  • Elegant, modern and eye-catching design.
  • The construction favors air flow for superior hygiene. 
  • Solid, sturdy base to keep the holder securely in place.
  • Takes up very little space on your countertop.
  • The block is covered with a transparent polycarbonate layer that protects the wood from cracks or scratches. 
  • Large enough to accommodate larger knives, like steak knives for example.
  • You can easily move it around the kitchen as you please.


  • If you have limited space on your countertop, you could consider a wall mounted magnet.
  • The price is once again something to consider, but only if you don’t have that many knives (or that much money). Otherwise it is a perfect price-quality deal.

3. Magnetic Bar Walnut - Wall Knife Holder

Magnetic Bar Walnut - Wall Knife Holder  

A wall mounted magnet is a formidable knife storage solution, as long as it features a high-end quality like this Dalstrong magnetic bar. You can easily mount it on the kitchen wall or a cabinet. The design is discrete and minimalistic. 


  • Made of rare-earth magnets, which are among the strongest types of permanent magnets.
  • Very practical way to keep your knives in sight at all times. 
  • Being 18" long and 2.5" wide, there is plenty of storage space so your kitchen knives won’t be touching any surface and losing their edge. 
  • This magnet knife strip has an aluminum frame that gives it extra strength for wall mounting.
  • It will save you space on your countertop and drawers.
  • It can be installed either vertically or horizontally, according to your preferences.
  • It is an impressive and elegant visual complement to your kitchen decor.


  • It requires an installation process that involves drilling the wall. 
  • Some will prefer the portability of magnetic blocks.

4. How Do You Use A Magnetic Knife Block Holder?

A Dalstrong wooden magnetic block with a knife next to a Dalstrong Whetstone with another knife on top.

No installation is required for a magnetic knife block holder. Simply place it on the countertop and the knives adhere directly to the magnetic sides.

However, it’s important to place and remove the knives correctly:

  1. To store them, place them with the handle facing upwards and the blade facing downwards, towards the worktop. Press the blade gently until you feel a click and the magnet is strongly attached.
  2. To remove the knives, gently twist and pull, making sure that the sharp edge comes out first.

5. How To Care For Your Magnetic Knife Block

Dalstrong Wooden Spiral Magnetic Block on a white surface with knives attached to it and another one on the surface.
Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block
Magnetic knife blocks are generally very easy to care for and maintain, which is one of their great advantages. But still, there are some things you can do to preserve their qualities:
  • Wooden magnetic knife blocks don’t tend to accumulate food or debris, which makes the cleaning process very easy: warm water and mild soap will do. 
  • After washing and removing excess moisture with a clean cloth, allow it to air dry completely. 
  • Once in a while, rub mineral oil on the surface of the block with a cloth.
  • Keep the magnetic knife block in a safe, stable location, preferably away from the sink and the stove. 
  • Don’t overload the block with knives. Leave some space between the blades. 
  • Don’t drop it or hit it. Permanent magnets embedded in your magnetic block may lose their magnetism if the block is dropped or hit.
  • Avoid constant exposure to very high heat, as this can permanently alter the properties of the magnets.  
  • Last but not least, try not to place wet or dirty knives on the magnetic knife block.

        6. Frequently Asked Questions About Magnetic Knife Blocks

        Can all types of knives be stored in a magnetic knife block? 

        Although magnetic holders are compatible with most knives, some materials will not adhere to the magnets, like a ceramic knife, for example. 

        Can a magnetic block be used for Japanese knives?

        Yes, actually, a magnetic knife block holder might be the best option for Japanese knives because it will not damage or dull the blade of the ultra-sharp Japanese models.

        How many knives fit in a magnetic block? 

        It depends on its size, design and shape. There are, for example, magnetic blocks suitable for 4 chef's knives, but there are other designs 8, 10, 12 and even 16 knives, ideal for those who have a whole collection.

        Is it safe to use a magnetic block for knife storage? 

        Yes. The best magnetic blocks have the magnets built into them. They also have a solid base to stay firmly in place, so that knives can be placed and removed confidently. However, when children or pets are present, it’s best to keep the knife block out of their reach.

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        Is A Magnetic Knife Block A Good Idea?

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